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Indie Game: The Movie (2012) 30+ Awesome Sites for Streaming Music Recently we brought you a list of free & legal music downloads, but we understand that not everyone wants to eat up space on their hard drive or MP3 player. So we've compiled a list of 30+ awesome streaming music sites we know you'll enjoy. Whether you're interested in general streaming music, mixtapes, music discovery, or more, the Internet offers a plethora of streaming music services. Tell us which are your favorites. General Streaming - Streaming techno and dance music, as well as a forum for you to discuss with other fans. - Search for artists you want to hear or choose from a list of stations. AOL Radio - Powered by CBS Radio, AOL Radio brings you talk, streaming music and actual radio stations. - Part social network, all music. - Digitally Imported specializes in streaming electronic and dance music from all around the globe. - Free streaming music from Napster that includes full albums. Mix Tapes Music Discovery Music Search

gamedevmap A Composer's Guide to Game Music: Winifred Phillips: 9780262026642: Books Australian Music Centre : Breaking Sound Barriers Microphone Data - Home How to Get Your First Job Composing for Video Games A lot of people have asked me how I got into composing for games (and especially how to land that first paying gig). While my career is very short so far I do think I can share a couple of pointers for people hoping to get their foot in the door. I think the plan I followed when I got started is doable by anyone, and a fantastic way of getting that first gig in the video game industry. The focus here is not just getting hired on a project no matter what. The focus here is on getting hired on a really great project that's right for you. Step 1: Know Your Forte When I decided I wanted to score a video game, I realized my endeavors would be all the more successful (but more importantly: enjoyable!) This may seem rather obvious written out like that, but I think many people looking for their first gig forget this. In my particular case, I wanted to find a game that was: - story-driven like a film - produced in a cinematic style - adventurous and larger-than-life, requiring a symphonic score