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Digital Storytelling Project Examples - iPad Multimedia Tools

Digital Storytelling Project Examples - iPad Multimedia Tools
App Smashing! Using multiple apps to create stories! Book Trailers by using middle schoolers using Puppet Pals, Toontastic, iMovie, and more! Talking Book Characters by middle schoolers using FaceJack, Tellagami, PhotoSpeak and more! ChatterPix Kids: The Angels Speak! Talking Snowmen - combination of snowmen created in the Drawing Pad app with animation added with ChatterPix, by 2nd graders Write About This: 30 Hands: Explain Everything: All about Bats - kindergarten drawings using the Hello Crayon app, narration added with Explain Everything. At the Pumpkin Patch - kindergarten drawings using the Hello Crayon app, narration added with Explain Everything. Adobe Voice: Public Service Announcements on Technology and Self Control - by 6th graders Related:  APPZ iPAD iOSDigital Storytelling

iMovie pour iPhone, iPod touch et iPad dans l’App Store sur iTunes Appar för berättande Jag har några appar på iPaden som jag använder till många olika saker när vi jobbar med berättande på olika sätt med eleverna i åk 1-3. Det har varit till presentationer av olika slag i alla ämnen. Bara fantasin som sätter stopp. I matten har vi använt dem till att berätta räknesagor, presentera hur man löser olika problem, berättat om olika räknesätt m.m. I engelskan har vi gjort dialoger och böcker bland annat. Det är följande appar: Book Creator Book Creator 38:- Book Creator är en mycket kreativ app där man kan skapa egna digitala böcker. När man är klar med den kan man bland annat välja att spara den som pdf och då kan man använda sig av Flipsnack för att bädda in den på t.ex. bloggen. Läs med i denna guide eller hos Skolappar. Sock Puppets Gratis/Complete 28:- Finns både som gratisapp och som betalapp. Du väljer vilka strumpdockor, bakgrund samt rekvisita som du vill ha med i din ”pjäs”. Här har vi gjort räknesagor. Läs mer på Skolappar om Sock Puppets. Puppet Pals HD och Puppet Pals 2

6 Best Education Videos to Make for Your Classroom Videos are a great way to bring vibrancy into the classroom! For teachers, a video shares content in a powerful and engaging way. For students, a video encourages interaction with academic material by hand-picking images, video, music and text. Here are 6 videos you can quickly and easily integrate into your curriculum: Video Technology for Teachers Introduce yourself — You’ll look more approachable when you use video instead of the standard introduction speech. Video Technology for Students Book trailer — If you’re an English teacher, this is definitely one of the coolest projects out there. Learn more about how to create a fun and engaging education video with just a few photos and a few minutes. A List of The Best Free Digital Storytelling Tools for Teachers 1- ZimmerTwins It is all about creative storytelling. ZimmerTwins is a web2.0 tool that allows students to give vent to their imaginative powers and exercise their storytelling skills from early stages to advances ones. 2- Digital Story Telling in The Classroom This section provides resources and materials for teachers to use with their students in storytelling. 3- Story Bird This is an awesome website that allows students and teachers to create short art inspired stories to read, share or print out. 4- Someries Someries is a fantastic storytelling site . 5- PicLits This is another awesome website where students can choose a picture and start drawing or writing a text on it to create a story. 6- Generator This is a creative studio space where students explore the moving image and create their own digital stories to share with others. 7- Capzles This is where you and your students can create rich multimedia stories with videos, photos, music, blogs and documents.

With Just One iPad, Teachers Improve Classroom Lessons Contact: Katie Neal,, (336) 758-6141 Newswise — Winston-Salem, NC, Jan. 4, 2012 - While K-12 schools around the country search for funding to provide iPads to every student, an education researcher in North Carolina has found that even a single iPad can make a huge difference in the classroom. The results of her experience with student teachers at Wake Forest University appear in the December/January issue of Learning & Leading With Technology, the magazine of the International Society for Technology in Education. “Because they’re truly part of the digital generation, our pre-service teachers and the K-12 students they teach have a natural aptitude for tablet devices,” said Kristin Redington Bennett, an Assistant Professor of Education at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, N.C. Though iPads can cost more than $500 with 3G access and a budget for apps, Bennett said, “Don’t discount the device because of its price. Comment/Share

APPRENDRE AUTREMENT - Tellagami – Create Narrated Animations on Your iPad Tellagami is a free iPad that elementary school students will enjoy using to create narrated animations. If you have ever used Voki or GoAnimate, Tellagami will feel familiar to you. Tellagami allows your students to create customized animated scenes in a matter of minutes. To create a narrated, animated scene students simply open Tellagami and tap “create.” After opening the create menu students will see a default character and background scene. The characters can be altered by selecting from a big menu of customization options. Consider having your students use Tellagami to create narrated animations of their favorite scenes from books that they’ve read. Tags: Creative Writing, digital story telling, digital storytelling, free ipad app, free ipad apps, language arts

Student Media Examples » showcasing student digital work! Personification Stories Students will personify an object and write a story as part of an online book or animated adventure. The story will use conflict, experiences, and situations to help the viewer imagine what it might be like to be a particular object. 25 10Edmodo10 4863 Authentic Task Hey diddle, diddle, the cat and the fiddle…Personification is a figure of speech in which human qualities are given to objects, animals, or ideas. In this project, you will personify and animal or object and develop your story into an online book or animated cartoon. Engage Nursery rhymes, fairy tales, fables, and children‘s stories commonly personify animals. Revisit these stories or others your students may be familiar with. After exploring examples of personification, work with your students to personify an object in your classroom. What/how do you see? Create Have individual students, or a small team, choose an object to personify. Have students translate their written story into a visual map or project storyboard. Share 6.

10 Professional Development Books for Teachers Periscope permet de diffuser de la vidéo en direct depuis son smartphone Periscope est une nouvelle application smartphone permettant de diffuser en deux clics, directement depuis votre téléphone, de la vidéo sur l’interweb. Totalement fascinant. Bonne nouvelle : Periscope est désormais disponible sur Android et iOS ! — Le 4 avril 2015 Deux nouvelles applis similaires ont fait parler d’elles ces dernières semaines : Meerkat dans un premier temps, puis Periscope ces jours-ci. Periscope, pour diffuser en live en deux clics Periscope (c’est l’appli qu’on a choisie pour diffuser des streams sur madmoiZelle — suivez-nous sur Twitter !) Quand ils s’inscrivent sur Periscope, vos followers peuvent vous retrouverÀ chaque fois que vous déclenchez un live, un message est automatiquement posté sur votre compte Twitter, sous cette forme : C’était notre premier test de live en direct, cliquez sur ce lien depuis votre mobile pour lancer l’application et ne faites pas comme nous : donnez un titre à vos lives ! Faites le tour du monde depuis chez vous

E-readers prove easy on the eye for some dyslexics Using an e-reader may help some dyslexic students understand what they read, researchers at Harvard University argue. In a paper published in the journal PLOS One, the authors found that a group of dyslexic teenagers showed greater reading comprehension when using an iPod Touch e-reader than when asked to read from paper. The e-reader was formatted to display around nine lines of text on the screen at a time, with only two or three words in each line, leaving fewer visual distractions. The authors therefore concluded that this improvement is due to the reduced demands on visual attention when reading from the iPod. The dominant theoretical explanation for dyslexia involves phonological processing, or understanding the sound structure of speech. In normal reading, there is a sensitive and highly efficient link between eye movement and understanding. In skilled reading, this process is so automatic we hardly notice it. However, the study shows this is not the full explanation.