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Rackham Fairy and Fairy Tale Art (Arthur Rackham)

Rackham Fairy and Fairy Tale Art (Arthur Rackham)
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Warwick Goble Art Gallery tom bagshaw blog Alfons Mucha Second enfant de Ondřej Mucha, huissier de justice, son aptitude au chant lui permet de poursuivre son éducation dans la capitale morave, Brno, mais son amour de jeunesse a toujours été le dessin. Il avait commencé à dessiner avant même de savoir marcher, sa mère lui attachant régulièrement un crayon au cou. Très peu de ses dessins de jeunesse ont été conservés. Parmi ceux-ci, se trouve Ukřižováni - La Crucifixion -, qu'il dessina quand il avait environ huit ans. Adele K Thomas Daily Scribbles John Bauer Art: Trolls, Fairy Tales and Folk Tales - Swedish (18 Welcome to the John Bauer page with images from Sagovarld (Great Swedish Fairy Tales, Swedish Folk Tales), Our Fathers' Godsaga. The Swansuit, Lapp Folk will appear here as I add them so check back. Latest: and . About Art Passions: Art Passions began a tribute to artists whose work I grew up, and whose work has meaning for me personally. E-cards Click on any gallery image to send it as an e-postcard to a friend. About John Bauer John Bauer was born in Jonkoping, Sweden, in 1882, the third of four children born to Emma and Joseph Bauer. The details of John Bauer's work are accurate -- Bronze Age axes and medieval ironwork. His most famous work, the illustrations to the first of eight volumes of Bland tomtar och Troll (Among Gnomes and Trolls), a collection of fary tales written by Swedish authors, was published in 1907. In 1915, he resigned from the commission to illustrate BTT because he wanted to take his art in a different direction.

David Lanham Amchan ! Port Out, Starboard Home: Gráinne Ní Mháille Gráinne Ní Mháille, or Grace O'Malley. Just a personal piece of 'Tudorpunk' shennanigans, women in doublet and hose, swords, cigars and flintlocks! ;) I've taken a few liberties with the costume, mixing up appropriate Elizabethan with a bit of Napoleonic, and she was supposed to have trimmed her hair short, so you could see this as her a little older perhaps... Gráinne Ní Mháille was a really interesting 'pirate', clan chief and real life heroine of Ireland, who met Elizabeth 1st and generally kicked a lot of bottom in the 16th century! Photoshop CS2, drawn from scratch based on an old sketch I did for a Character of the Week challenge that I never finished. And a close up.

Gustave Doré Art Images Enigma, Gustave Doré Gustave Doré was a world famous 19th century illustrator. Although he illustrated over 200 books, some with more than 400 plates, he is primarily known for his illustrations to The Divine Comedy, particularly The Inferno, his illustrations to Don Quixote, and Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven. These art images include Doré's illustrations to The Divine Comedy, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Perrault's Fairy Tales, Don Quixote, Paradise Lost, Contes Drolatiques, Fables de La Fontaine, Tennyson's Elaine, and others. Latest additions: Added Leviathan to the Bible images. Is it or is it not Doré? E-cards While you are here, you can send a friend an electronic postcard. Where to Buy Gustave Dore Prints: You can find Dore art prints at , the links at the bottom of this page, or use the to search the net. Other Dore Stuff: Links to books, prints, and other Dore stuff are at the bottom of this page.

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