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The Arts – live, free and on demand

The Arts – live, free and on demand
The Space will be a place where anyone can engage with the world’s best digital art as it is created. Following a successful pilot season that ended in October last year, The Space will be launching in early Summer of 2014. The Space will be a creative laboratory, showcasing new ideas promising talent and the world’s best artists. By bringing together the worlds of art and code we hope to inspire the invention of completely new, exciting forms of creativity. You can pre-register interest here. The Space wants to unearth breakthrough ideas and talent and will be running Open Calls for the world's best emerging artists.

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Fashion design edging closer to 3D With Fashion Weeks around the globe drumming up much fanfare it’s nice to take a step back from the glitz and glamour of those perched on the catwalk front row, and think about the designers. The industry is devoutly 2D - especially the haute couture of the most desirable labels, being more art than garment - so steps into designing through 3D tools has been a slow one. Last December Dassault Systèmes launched its Fashion Lab, and the engineering software company had previously been working tirelessly with mass consumer brands such as Under Armor in introducing 3D into apparel design. This year sees a more unlikely source of 3D design influence coming from the games industry, with Marvellous Designer 2. From what we can tell from the limited information that has accompanied its UK launch by resellers bluegfx, it is a straightforward games character dresser that can be used with most professional rendering programmes to give incredibly lifelike and detailed movement.

Rotational Moulding DIY Machine by Andrew Duffy, Craig Tyler and Edward Harrison Product design students Andrew Duffy, Craig Tyler and Edward Harrison have built a machine for making plastic objects, which is powered by a cordless drill. Made of scrap materials, the device produces hollow, plastic products by rotating a mould on two axis while resins harden inside. The three young designers developed the apparatus to help them learn about industrial, rotational moulding while studying at the University for the Creative Arts in the UK. Watch a movie about the project here. 540 Free Online Courses from Top Universities Get 1200 free online courses from the world's leading universities -- Stanford, Yale, MIT, Harvard, Berkeley, Oxford and more. You can download these audio & video courses (often from iTunes, YouTube, or university web sites) straight to your computer or mp3 player. Over 30,000 hours of free audio & video lectures, await you now.

Blog: Say goodbye to unsightly STL triangle misery! Forever! I downloaded Rupert Rawnsley's OpenSCADHorizontal Spool Holder from Thingiverse and printed it on one of my Prusa Mendels. Nothing unusual about that. Except that at no point in the making-chain from Thingiverse to the finished printed object was an STL file used to do the calculations. The spool holder was printed directly from OpenSCAD's CSG representation. Introducing Maker Materials & the New Improved Elasto Plastic The backbone of Shapeways is the 3D Printing materials we offer to our community. From the versatile Strong and Flexible Plastics, to the beautiful, hand-polished finish of Premium Silver, materials inspire everyone to create new products that no one ever dreamed of before. Our mission at Shapeways has always been to enable anyone to make anything they want. First, we built a system to allow Makers to design and purchase models for themselves.

Proxxon disc sander works horizontally or vertically My homemade second-hand 1" belt sander gets a lot of use in my shop, but I could use something a little more precise at times. This bench sander fits the bill perfectly. I'm adding this to my wish list. I have two Proxxon benchtop tools -- the table saw and miter saw. These tools are, in a word, awesome.

On-Campus & Online Classes for Career & Professional Development You’ve got a goal, a drive, a passion. We’ve got over 600 courses to choose from. Courses are offered online or on campus at Harvard. Blog — TRXL 1. The Trippy ’60s, Courtesy of a Master On a recent morning in a townhouse office on East 32nd Street in Manhattan, reality was treading closely, and somewhat strangely, in fiction’s footsteps. The client sitting in the conference room, waiting for his real-life ad man, was the show’s creator, Matthew Weiner. Philosophy Explore. Watch, listen, debate & discover with our experts Free OpenLearn courses. Free extracts from OU course materials