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Building People-to-People Ties

Building People-to-People Ties
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Hatewatch | Exposing hate groups and other extremists throughout the United States since 1981. Managed by the staff of the Intelligence Project at the Southern Poverty Law Center. SPLC and Bill O’Reilly: More Dishonesty From the Fox Anchor Editor’s Note: In light of the building controversy over the truthfulness of Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly, who has been accused of lying about reporting from a “war zone” and about hearing a friend of Lee Harvey Oswald commit suicide, Hatewatch has decided to republish a Feb. 27, 2014, post about the host of “The O’Reilly Factor.” The post describes two encounters between O’Reilly and Southern Poverty Law Center Senior Fellow Mark Potok, along with the details of a completely fictitious story aired by O’Reilly in 2007 that claimed the nation was being terrorized by gangs of pink pistol-toting lesbians. Oh, Really, Bill? A week ago today, I went on CNN’s “Erin Burnett OutFront” show, where I was asked if anti-black racism was on the rise. “I think the best data shows that in fact anti-black racism has risen over the last four or five years,” I told Burnett, according to her website. Not even close to being true? Ryan Zietlow-Brown.

Progressive Animal Welfare Society Animals : Animal Rights, Welfare, and Services People helping animals Charts Fundraising Events Fundraising Program Expenses PAWS is a champion for animals--rehabilitating injured and orphaned wildlife, sheltering and adopting homeless cats and dogs, and educating people to make a better world for animals. Charities Performing Similar Types of Work Highly Rated Most Viewed This charity has an official representative registered with Charity Navigator. CARE Careers In nearly all cases, CARE’s hiring process is centralized with qualified candidates screened and referred to an officer or manager with hiring authority. As a large, ever-changing organization, new opportunities regularly become available. Be sure to keep your applicant information up to date and check job listings frequently for opportunities you believe best fit your skills and goals. If there is an interest in your candidacy, someone from our team will contact you. Here you can search for new and rewarding career opportunities that align with your skills, education and preferred location. Due to the large volume of applications, only short-listed candidates will be contacted. Below each job description is a link specific to that particular opportunity. If you are a returning user, enter your email address and password in the space provided below each job posting and then click the “add to my jobs” button.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Online Animal Welfare Institute GLIDE - Executive Leadership Janice Mirikitani Founding PresidentJanice Mirikitani is recognized as a visionary, community activist, leader, poet, and editor. Mirikitani is the Founding President of the Glide Foundation where she, in partnership with her husband, Reverend Cecil Williams, have achieved worldwide recognition for their groundbreaking organization which empowers San Francisco’s poor and marginalized communities to make meaningful changes in their lives to break the cycle of poverty and dependence. Over 43 years they built 87 comprehensive programs that provide education, recovery support, primary and mental health care, job training, housing and human services. Mirikitani's passion has been to create programs for women and families as they struggle with issues of substance abuse, rape, incest, domestic violence, the AIDS crisis, single parenting, childcare, health/wellness, education, and jobs development. Mirikitani is San Francisco’s second Poet Laureate, appointed in 2000. Back to the top.

Overcoming Consumerism Citizen-Activist's Anti-Consumerism site Seva Foundation: History Seva Foundation's history of Compassion in Action The answer turned out to be Seva Foundation. In 1978, after working with the World Health Organization (WHO) to end smallpox in India, Dr. They concluded the article with an appeal to readers to find the compassion and understanding to support international health programs to benefit those struggling with poverty. Readers were moved, and soon $20,000 of donations arrived in Larry and Girija's mailbox — with the first $5,000 coming from not-yet-famous computer inventor, Steve Jobs. An Eclectic RolodexInspired by the supportive response, the Brilliants convened a conference of friends and colleagues to consider what to do next now that smallpox had been eradicated — how could they best be of service? Using their personal Rolodex of health professionals and cultural activists, the Brilliants invited an eclectic group that included the World Health Organization’s Dr. The Sight Program is LaunchedDr. Find out how you can give the gift of sight >

Program on Corporations, Law & Democracy Girls Speak Out® Worldwide Andrea Johnston and Gloria Steinem began Girls Speak Out in 1994 to bring girls ages 7 and up together in diverse ways to explore their connections, history, research, rights, strengths and strategies that celebrate their power and help overcome challenges. Original collaborators included girls and women students, teachers and mothers from the ages of 9-71 who met in Andrea's living room during the summer of 1994. The YWCA of the USA and the Third Wave Foundation piloted the program in 1995. Our founding supporters include the Ms. Foundation for Women, UNICEF, Marlo Thomas and Alice Walker. Andrea was instrumental in creating the first public forum for girls in the UN General Assembly as part of her mission to expand the places where girls belong. Gloria Steinem is one of the most influential writers, lecturers, editors, and activists of our time. In 1972, Ms.

rat haus reality: celebrating JFK's Jubilee Message at American U. calling for an end to the Cold War Online Organizer, Western Region, Beyond Coal Campaign - Careers homepage - careers Come work for the Sierra Club... the time to make a difference is now! Employees of the Sierra Club live our motto of exploring, enjoying, and protecting the planet. Please note that the Sierra Club only accepts resumes submitted for positions that are currently open. Enjoy our Benefits The Sierra Club offers a full array of benefits to our employees. Diversity at the Sierra Club The Sierra Club values diversity in our staff. Diversity is a conservation necessity and a social imperative that will enable the Sierra Club to continue as a leader of the environmental movement.Like a healthy ecosystem, our differences strengthen us in our efforts to preserve and protect the natural and human environment.Diversity fosters greater involvement of all persons and organizations that share our vision for a healthy planet. Our vision is for the staff, volunteer leaders, members, and supporters of the Sierra Club to reflect the communities of our nation.

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