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Cheap RV Living

Cheap RV Living
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Map of Free Camping Areas Ancient History Blog Fossil Gap Partially Bridged by Buck Toothed Dinosaur One of the problems with studying dinosaurs is that there are large gaps in the fossil record. This makes it difficult to tell where some of the dinosaurs evolved from. Scientists make guesses based on factors such as bone shape and tooth shape. They may find out later that two dinosaurs may be totally unrelated even though they may look the same in many ways. Now, scientists may need to do a little rethinking as one of the fossil gaps has been closed a little. Paleontologists who were working at the Ghost Ranch fossil site in New Mexico found the fossils and named the creature Daemonosaurus chauliodus which, appropriately enough, is Greek for “buck-toothed evil spirit”. It is not the only buck-toothed dinosaur to have been discovered. Scientists are still trying to piece together the fossils that have been found into one continuous fossil record. Scientists are also trying to definitively prove where dinosaurs first lived.

Families on the Road Live in your Van 2 How to convert a van (or truck, car, bicycle or ???) to live in or camp for extended stays. Do you "Live in your Van" or want to? Post ideas about how to convert standard vehicles into custom live-aboard units. More than just an RV, a personal expression of your freedom! "alternative mobile living" The following thoughts on our group comes from our member 'twokniveskatie', which we feel is a very fitting description: (*quote*) "We were an island of misfits, a family, a tribe. much like i imagine more primitive and wise cultures lived. anyhow, i feel that way about vandwellers. we are drawn to a way of life on the fringes of the common culture. some of us seek solitude, some community. we have times of incredible peace, and sharp loneliness. we are all such different individuals, bound by a passion for the adventures in life, as experienced from our little mobile dwellings. at vandwellers, we find a place to give support/get support..... a tribe of our own." (*End Quote*)

Frontline Hammock / Jungle Hammock • We dispatch all orders within 24 hours (Mon-Fri). • We offer the fastest shipping we can, normally orders arrive very quickly. • Shipping is included in the price. There is a drop down menu on the shopping basket page to select your country/ area. Once selected it will update the price in your local currency including shipping. We ship to the following countries: • UK: (normally 1-2 days but please allow 5 working days) • All European countries: (normally 3-4 days, but please allow up to 6 working days) • USA & Canada: (normally 1-2 days but please allow 5 days. Small orders under 500g can take up to 10 days) • Other countries: please contact us to check the price. • We will happily exchange or refund an item up to 30 days from the date of receipt (provided it is in unused condition). • If an item is found to be faulty we will refund or replace the item. • All items come with a one year warranty against manufacturing faults.

Montauk State Park The Basics Montauk State Park RR 5, Box 279 Salem, MO 65560 Phone: (573) 548-2201 Email: Directions: From Salem: Travel west on Hwy 32 for approx. 12 miles, then turn/south left onto Hwy 119. Travel approx. 10 miles south on Hwy 119, to the park entrance. About Montauk Located at the headwaters of the famed Current River, one of the best rivers for floating in the entire Ozarks, Montauk State Park is in a remote and secluded part of the state. Early settlers arrived in the area in the 1800s from New York, and named the first post office after Montauk in Suffolk County, Long Island. Since it became a park in 1926, Montauk has been a popular vacation spot for fishing in Missouri. Another opportunity to enjoy the outdoors here is one of the park's two hiking trails. Located along the Current River, the campground offers basic and electric sites with paved pads, fire grill, picnic tables, and lantern posts. Features & Facilities Activities Available What's Nearby Lodging

Travel full-time for less than $14,000 per year Ask anyone what they wish they could do more of, and the answer is literally always the same: “I wish I could travel more.” Yet when you remove all the excuses, few people actually do. I don’t have enough vacation days! It’s too expensive. I know I’ve been guilty of this. Today, I’ve asked Nora Dunn, a professional world traveler, to write up a detailed post with her tips on traveling affordably. Below, you’ll find a few sites you’ve heard of, some you haven’t…and the overall message: Once you remove the barrier of money, what’s your excuse? (Note: This is part of the new book, 10,001 Ways to Live Large on a Small Budget.) Travel for a living on less than $14,000 per year I “retired” from the rat race at the tender age of 30 to embrace my life-long dream of traveling the world, before life had a chance to get in the way. I am not rich. Here are my secrets (click to jump to the 11 tips below or just keep scrolling): Tip #1 – Save 80% on Airfare Words of Caution/Wisdom for Saving Airfare Library

Department of Interior Recreation Plan trips to public lands and historical sites at popular destinations across America. Destination U.S.A. Discover Our Shared Heritage The National Park Service Discover Our Shared Heritage Travel Itinerary Series features historic destinations throughout the nation to visit in person or online or to help plan your next trip. Destination Arizona Arizona—the Grand Canyon State—is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. Destination Atlanta Blessed with a mild climate, the Blue Ridge Mountains and a robust cultural history, Atlanta is the gateway to a wealth of recreation opportunities. Destination Chicago Chicago boasts acclaimed restaurants, abundant shopping, historic sites, and attracts visitors from around the world. Destination Colorado Travelers know Denver as the first stop on a trip to the Colorado Rocky Mountains, and a great place for all things outdoors. Destination Las Vegas It’s well known that Las Vegas is one of the world’s entertainment meccas.