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I have no idea why I picked this blog name, but there's no turning back now

I have no idea why I picked this blog name, but there's no turning back now
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Tech Transformation f(t) Math = Love Reflections of a High School Math Teacher Blog dy/dan Anseo! Walking in Mathland Yes. The answer is yes you can study mathematics. There is apparently a rumor going around telling students that math cannot be studied. This is a lie. Run from the darkness. The issue is students need to learn how to study math. Cheat Sheet (See photo to the left)Start reviewing notes, power-points, textbook, or whatever form the material being tested was presented on and on a blank sheet of paper write out problems, equations, formulas, and helpful hints on the material you do not 100% understand. Flashcards This is a fabulous tool to use with units where there is vocabulary, properties, and formulas that will tested. YouTube VideosI have written of my love for YouTube as a teaching method I use in class so it should be not surprise that I am using it again. Bottom study math you have to take time to study the math. Work with different strategies to see what works. How do you study mathematics?

Teaching Statistics: Made4Math - Function Operations It feels like it's been forever since I blogged! One of my New Year Resolutions was to find more balance in my life and while I'm happy to report that it is going well, it has meant a decrease in things like blogs and twitter. I've not had an extremely creative semester, so far, but here's some goodies from this past week :) Function Operations Last week, one of our lessons was on function operations... you know, (f+g), (f-g), f(g(x)), etc and honestly I thought it would go very smoothly since we had already done polynomials. Anyway, to make a long story short, we needed practice... and LOTS of it! We picked an f(x) and a g(x), then rolled the dice to tell us what to do. Inverses Foldable So the next day, our lesson was on function inverses. Let's just say that after a stressful week, I enjoyed coloring the foldable! Get the entire foldable HERE Don't Forget!!!!

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