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"BonPatron" Online Spelling and Grammar Checker for French as a Second Language

"BonPatron" Online Spelling and Grammar Checker for French as a Second Language
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English to French, Italian, German & Spanish Dictionary - QUAD9 Le magazine QUAD9 est maintenant offert en format numérique! QUAD9 est un magazine pour ados traitant de sujets de l’heure. Les jeunes y reconnaîtront des visages et des lieux familiers, et y trouveront plein d’activités intéressantes. Plusieurs ressources l’accompagnent, tels un site Web, comprenant une foule d’activités complémentaires, et des feuillets d’animation de la lecture. Ressources complémentaires gratuites : Suggestions d’activités d’animation de la lecture (format PDF) Adobe Reader est requis. Pour voir des extraits ou pour commander Pour vous abonner

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The Costume Survey Online spellchecker: French speller and grammar checker Spell checker This tool is a French language grammar and spelling checker that the media have unanimously heralded as being by far the best spelling and grammar checker for the French language. Cordial-enline corrects with a single click all spelling mistakes with unmatched accuracy. Processing... Paste or type your French text here and click on the “check” button to remove grammar and spelling mistakes. HelpClear Edit Suite à la correction, le correcteur vous indique par un soulignement les fautes identifiées dans votre texte et vous donne une explication sur ces fautes par survol du texte colorisé avec la souris : Soulignement vert : fautes corrigées automatiquement Soulignement rouge : fautes signalées. Register Check French Spell Checker Cordial PC/Mac Check it out The Cordial Correction Sur 22 tests de la presse spécialisée, Cordial a été élu 19 fois meilleur correcteur. Read more... Why register Partner information News of your spell checker Le prédicat, un mal pour un bien ?

La conjugaison des verbes français - Vikidia 25 Things You Should Know About Word Choice 1. A Series Of Word Choices Here’s why this matters: because both writing and storytelling comprise, at the most basic level, a series of word choices. 2. Words are like LEGO bricks: the more we add, the more we define the reality of our playset. 3. You know that game — “Oh, you’re cold, colder, colder — oh! 4. Think of it like a different game, perhaps: you’re trying to say as much as possible with as few words as you can muster. 5. Finding the perfect word is as likely as finding a downy-soft unicorn with a pearlescent horn riding a skateboard made from the bones of your many enemies. 6. For every right word, you have an infinity of wrong ones. 7. You might use a word that either oversteps or fails to meet the idea you hope to present. 8. Remember how I said earlier that words are like LEGO, blah blah blah help define reality yadda yadda poop noise? 9. Incorrect word choice means you’re using the wrong damn word. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. Am. 15. No, really. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23.

ASL lessons - American Sign Language lessons ASL University Lessons Page: [Note to all teachers: You are welcome to use the Lifeprint Curriculum to teach your classes. Please know though that small improvements and revisions are made to the lessons frequently. - Dr. Bill] Resources: ► Quizzes (Note: Check with your instructor! Introduction: Course Orientation | Deaf Culture | ASL Basics | Fingerspelling | Numbers Unit 1: Lesson 1 | Lesson 2 | Lesson 3 | Lesson 4 | Lesson 5 Unit 2: Lesson 6 | Lesson 7 | Lesson 8 | Lesson 9 | Lesson 10 Unit 3: Lesson 11 | Lesson 12 | Lesson 13 | Lesson 14 | Lesson 15 ASL 2 (Second Semester) [First Year Spring Semester] [Public School K-12: Point five (.5) credits] [University: Four (4) Semester-Credit-Hours or Six (6) Quarter-Credit-Hours] [Continuing Education: Six (6) CEUs] [Course Contact Hours: 40 to 60]

Check My French! The 3 Best Online French Grammar Checkers You’ve put a lot of sweat and tears into your French… …but maybe you still flub your grammar sometimes. Hey, that’s okay. We all make mistakes. The good news is, French grammar checkers can rescue you from at least some of those mistakes. You may think the capabilities of automated checkers are so limited that there is simply no point in bothering. However, the best ones can actually be really handy: These checkers will flag things like gender errors, failure to use the subjunctive or article issues (like using des instead of de). And they’ll also check your spelling, of course. Plus, if you can wait a little longer, there are sites where human beings are willing to graciously fill the role of online grammar checker. For the purposes of this article, I put all of the major free online grammar checker options to the test, as well as one popular site where human native speakers correct each other’s texts. Each grammar checker had its merits as well as flaws. Scribens The verdict?

Apprendre le français avec TV5MONDE Calcul mental Règle du jeu : 1. Calculer le plus vite possible Place-toi sur la case départ. Arrête le chronomètre et regarde combien de temps tu as mis pour finir le jeu. 2. Choisis un temps. Regarde où tu as réussi à arriver dans le temps donne (aide-toi des animaux repères). Utilisation : Après quelques parties de Bondi'math, je propose aux élèves de voir s'ils réussissent à calculer très vite des opérations relevant de la même compétence. Ensuite je propose aux élèves cette activité pour les devoirs. Quand les élèves maîtrisent bien la compétences, je leur remets un exemplaire de Bondi'math pour effectuer des révisions avec leurs parents avec l'un ou l'autre des jeux.