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White Label Crowdfunding Platform

White Label Crowdfunding Platform

About For the last 8 years, on an island in Fiji, a beach in Sierra Leone, in the Umbrian hills of Italy, and now in Mozambique, we have been working in partnership with villages and, together with 2500+ visiting tribe-members, have developed two communities from scratch. We’ve generated $3m in revenues, re-invested into the local villages and created over 100 jobs. Vorovoro Island, Fiji 2006-2011 In April 2006 Ben Keene (26 years, UK) put out a call for people to join a new online tribe, whose mission would be to build a sustainable tourism community on the Fijian island of Vorovoro in partnership with the local landowners and villagers. The campaign caught fire and within a few weeks 1000 people from 21 countries had joined ‘the tribe’ and paid an average of $250 each for the privilege. For the next four years the landowners, 25 local employees and an average of 15 visiting tribe-members, built the cross-cultural island community. Impact in Fiji John Obey Beach, Sierra Leone 2010-present

Fundroom VenCorps - Home Crowdfunding Trampoline Digital Garage | The place for online start ups Levée de fonds | Financement Amorçage | Création Entreprise | Cap Angel Buzzbnk - Positive People Backing Bright Ideas - Home SonicAngel - Empowering Talent Citizen Effect Peerbackers | crowdfunding big ideas Crowdfunding - Share2Start “Crowdfunding bij Share2start is investeren in ondernemers en projecten voor een hoog rendement” 1. Kies zelf je project Share2start richt zich op duurzame, innovatieve en sociale ondernemers en projecten. Op onze website vind je veel verschillende projecten. Bekijk de videoclips, lees de verhalen van de ondernemers en bepaal zelf welk project het beste bij jou past. Commerciële projectenSociale projecten (zonder winstoogmerk) 2. Per project staat precies vermeld op welke manier je het financieel kunt ondersteunen. Lenen: Je verstrekt een lening met een vaste rente. 3. Maak je vrienden net zo enthousiast over het project als jij bent en roep ze op om het project ook financieel te ondersteunen. 4. Afhankelijk van de financieringsvorm ontvang je een tegenprestatie. Lening: Je ontvangt aan het einde van de afgesproken looptijd, de hoofdsom inclusief de opgebouwde rente teruggestort op je rekening. Wat ontvangen wij? Het plaatsen van een project op ons platform kost de ondernemer niks.

Why open social collaboration platforms will disrupt the enterprise market in 2013 and beyond inShare427 Guest post by Sarah Evans (PRsarahevans), chief evangelist, Tracky, social correspondent at Sarah’s Faves and author of [RE]FRAME: Little Inspirations For A Larger Purpose The majority of businesses aren’t run efficiently and employees lack the tools and equipment necessary to do their jobs. Why? Because they lacked a fundamental commitment to launch an entire culture overhaul (more about this later). Now, predictions and estimates show that social collaboration tools will start to rule the roost in 2013. 1. 2. 3. It’s estimated that 75 percent of enterprise-level organizations will adopt a social collaboration platform in 2013. It’s time for these platforms to have their moment in the sun, not because they’re the “next big thing,” but because they are essential to the future of how business is done. Am I the only one who finds this maddening? Encourages sharing; Captures knowledge; Enables action; and Empowers people - No software. - Easy on boarding process. - Open.