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Guitar Solo - Scales, Chops, Licks, Technique, Improvisation, Guitar Lessons

Guitar Solo - Scales, Chops, Licks, Technique, Improvisation, Guitar Lessons
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Giant Steps For Guitar: Simplifying The Coltrane Matrix When guitarists first begin to explore Giant Steps changes in their studies, this series of course can seem like an impossible mountain to climb, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Rather than focussing on big, two-octave scales and arpeggios right from the get go, which can make soloing over this tune very difficult, you can instead start your study of Giant steps by using triads, one-octave arpeggios, and the 1235 outline to get your ears and fingers around these changes quickly and enjoyably. This lesson will break down those three approaches, providing four practice variations for each along the way, as well as give you examples of how to turn these technical approaches into licks over the first 8 bars of Giant Steps, which is also called the Coltrane Matrix. Click Here To Download Your Free Jazz Guitar eBook Triad Outlines The first motive that we'll use to outline the Coltrane matrix is the root based triad: 1-3-5 Listen & Play Four Note Arpeggio Outlines 1235 Outline Giant Step Licks

Show Me How To Play - Love it. Learn it. Play it. Phrygian Dominant Scales | Lessons The Phrygian Dominant scales are some of the most popular scales in music, especially in the Middle East. The Phrygian dominant scale is widely used in flamenco, as the scale sounds very exotic. Many artists use the scale, including Dream Theater and Joe Satriani. In fact, Satch even once said that this is his favorite scale! The solo in Metallica's 'Wherever I May Roam' is a great example of the scale, along with Iron Maiden's whole song 'Powerslave'. Another example is the solo in Rush's 'YYZ'. The overall shape of the scale isn't that difficult to memorize, just take a few minutes and run over each scale quickly and you'll have it memorized in no time. e|----| B|----| G|-13-| D|-12-| A|-14-| E|-12-| In case this lesson didn't cut it for you, there's plenty of great videos on Youtube you can check out.

83 Jam Tracks For Guitar Download all the free jam tracks now! A lot of them anyway - 83 of the jam tracks for guitar players are available here on the one page. If you want more information on each track then go to the page that the jam track is from for music theory and other information. Taken from the Blues Guitar Jam Tracks page: 01 Slow Blues In A mp3 wma 02 E Shuffle mp3 wma 03 A Straight mp3 wma 04 Eb Slow Blues (E if you play guitar and tune down 1/2 a step) mp3 wma 05 Ab Shuffle (A if you play gutar and tune down 1/2 a step) mp3 wma 06 G Medium Blues mp3 wma 07 E Fast Shuffle mp3 wma 08 A Medium Blues Shuffle mp3 wma 09 A Medium Blues Shuffle Quick Change mp3 wma 10 Eb Straight Ahead Blues (E if you play guitar and tune down 1/2 a step) mp3 wma 11 B Slow Blues (C if you play guitar and tune down 1/2 a step) mp3 wma 01 F# Chiller Chill Chill mp3 wma 02 E Shake That Thang mp3 wma Taken from the Country Guitar Jam Tracks page: Taken from the Funk Guitar Jam Tracks page:

50 rock guitar licks you need to know | 50 rock guitar licks you need to know | Guitar Tuition For the past few weeks, Guitar Techniques have been posting sections of this bumper feature showing you how to dramatically increase your rock soloing potential, and boost your fingerboard knowledge at the same time. Here, though, are all 50 licks in the same place for the first time. Scroll down for the full tutorial, and check out the gallery for larger tab… The main focus here in terms of vocabulary is classic rock, which we're going to define for the purposes of this study as pre-Van Halen, so you'll find no eight-finger tapping, no three-octave sweep picked arpeggios and no 32nd-note legato monster licks. What you will find, however, is a choice selection of medium-tempo classic rock phrases that are stylistically diverse, melodically flexible, and display a wide range of articulation and dynamic devices. They are all also completely useable to guitarists of many levels and in a variety of settings. This study divides the fretboard into five areas, or positions. Scale diagrams

Lesson Index Complete list of lessons and pages on this site. Related YouTube videos will have an index number in the name of the video - so just look for that number below and you should find everything ok :) Or you could use the seach box above, but many times a big list like this seems to be easier! Quick Skip to Prefix Anchors Just click on the prefix below and it will zoom you down the page to that area! PR - Products PR-000 • The Products Index *** this page has all the products listed by difficulty! PR-667 • DVD Download Page (ISO Files) - burn your own DVD's from these big files! PR-099 • Bundle Packs (SAVE LOTSA MONEY HERE!) DVD PR-004 • Solo Blues Guitar PR-005 • Master The Major Scale PR-007 • Really Useful Strumming Techniques PR-008 • Really Useful Strumming Techniques II PR-033 • Blues Lead Guitar PR-050 • Awesome Guitar Licks (01-20) PR-111 • Justin's Beginner Guitar Method (4 DVD Box Set) Books (paper ones!) PR-701 • Raod Rat's Tips by Pete Cook PR-301 • Transcribing Course PLUS

Easy Lead Guitar | Guitar Scales Use a flat-pick and alternate picking techniques or just fingerpick. To economize movement and develop better speed, practice using alternate picking that means hitting a note on both the down stroke and up stroke of the pick. But a word of caution, don't get too carried away with alternate picking or your music will just sound like a machine gun firing notes to impress people. Sometimes only using down strokes creates the sound, the feel and the pace that really taps into emotions. Flatpicking Use your thumb for the lower three strings and your index, middle and ring finger for the higher three strings. Do your guitar scale warm-ups while a cd is playing. Your first few times, your scales will not have any melodic quality to them but as you continue to warm up with scales and if music is in the background you will start to be inspired to create melodic phrases. As you progress, try to get away from repeating sequential notes and bouncing around a bit more. ^ back to top Chromatic Scales

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Victor Wooten Prosessions Billion Chords GuitarLessons365 tab in the link above! In this week's free "Lick of the Week" video lesson we will take a look at a cool lick that utilizes fast open stringed pull offs. Now even though everything is flying by at a pretty quick pace, there is a pattern to it all. As always you should take it very slow in the beginning while the pattern is being memorized via muscle memory in your hands. This kind of lick can work in many different styles of music including country, rock and metal. Hopefully after getting it down you will be able to expand on it and do your own thing with it and add this lick to your own improvisations. Also, this lick can be pretty tiring in the beginning because of the rapid pull-offs, try not to overdo it and simply let the hand relax every couple minutes while practicing it. So good luck with this lick, it was a really fun one to do and it's very fun to play once you get it underneath your fingers. Thanks!

Guitar Lessons : Steve Vai's 30 Hour Workout - 30 hour path to virtuoso enlightenment or how to destroy your pop career in one easy lesson In this section, I'll explain methods to help you find your unique voice as a guitarist, and explain techniques that can aid your expression on the instrument. These laner items include vibrato, bent notes, harmonics, whammy-bar stunts and dynamics. Everything I've told you thus far will help you in your quest to become an accomplished guitar player.