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Make, How To, and DIY

Make, How To, and DIY
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Types of Skills Everyone Should Know – Video – Top 100 Important Skills 3. Split Firewood Seasoned splitters use a maul, not an ax, to prep firewood. (With its slim taper, an ax head often gets stuck in the end grain.) Don't use a chopping block—it reduces the arc of the swing, which decreases power. Instead, place the log on the ground, 5 in. closer than the length of the maul handle. Lucid Dreaming Frequently Asked Questions Answered by The Lucidity Institute Version 2.4 © Lucidity Institute (contact us) This FAQ is a brief introduction to lucid dreaming: what it is, how to do it, and what can be done with it. There are several excellent sources of information on lucid dreaming, the most reliable and extensive of which is the Lucidity Institute website ( Other sources are listed below. Stephen LaBerge presents workshops, and training programs for learning lucid dreaming. Participating with a group focused together on developing the skills necessary for lucid dreaming is the most efficient and effective way of achieving or improving your frequency of lucid dreaming (and it's a lot of fun). "I first heard of lucid dreaming in April of 1982, when I took a course from Dr. 3.4 WHAT TECHNOLOGY IS AVAILABLE TO ASSIST LUCID DREAMING TRAINING?

15 Apps That Let You Join the Sharing Economy The rise of the “sharing economy” has created a budding and earnest group of micro-business owners. These mini-preneurs are your Airbnb hosts, your TaskRabbits, and your Uber drivers. As this new frontier of peer-to-peer commerce grows, so does the list of apps that can help you take advantage of it. Here are 15 you should be aware of because they can save you time and money, or even help you make a few bucks of your own. 1. While Sidecar isn’t as well known as its well-funded ridesharing competition, it holds a distinction that neither Uber nor Lyft can claim: Winner of The Wall Street Journal’s 2014 review of transportation apps. Download the Sidecar app and enter your preferences for car type, driver, fare, and ETA. Background checks are required for all drivers and the company carries a $1 million liability policy in case there’s any trouble. 2. Yerdle is a peer-to-peer second-hand store with a unique credit system for goods changing hands. 3. 4. 5. Think Airbnb, but for dogs. 6. 7.

10 Powerful Public Speaking Tips from Some of the Best Speakers in the World I know how horrible it feels. You’re in a class, a professional position, or a situation that requires you to give a speech in public. When you find this out, the hands of the universe crank the earth’s gravitational pull up a notch. You feel like you might pass out. It’s a scary feeling that’s never invited. 1. Understanding a subject is a minimal standard for speaking. 2. There’s a common misconception in public speaking that you must build up your audience or prep them with facts and stats for a “ta-da” conclusion. 3. An inscription found in a 3,000-year-old Egyptian tomb reads, “Make thyself a craftsman in speech, for thereby thou shalt gain the upper hand.” 4. I’m not sure when, or where, or why we were taught to speak this way, but memorizing every part of your speech or relying on cards to get you through is terrible. 5. There’s benefit in having a mentor for almost every facet of life, and public speaking is no different. 6. 7. 8. This is the most common trap to fall into. 9.

5 Wise Ways To Invest Time You Have To Learn by Age 30 Our life is short, our time is limited. If we’re not spending our time in a meaningful way, we’re wasting our life. Rizwan Aseem has shared on Quora how young adults should invest their time to lead a positive and successful life. Invest your time in the following activities and you will gain more power, money, friends, love and affection. Your friends will look up to you for your courage to do the things that they’ve only just dreamed about, your family will look up to you and be proud of your many achievements. Your colleagues will become jealous of your stratospheric success. If you don’t do these things, 10 years down the line you will wonder where all your time went, and what you did wrong to become such a failure. Here are 5 things you should invest your time in everyday to become successful. But a WORD OF WARNING… If you try to do all these things at the same time, you will fail. Learn how to do it. The Power Of Creating Good Habits Think about tying your shoelaces. 1. Avoid Junk Food

Answer These Riddles and You Will Find the Answers to Life Looking for deeper meaning, trying to find patterns in everything, eager to answer life’s riddles—it is this curiosity and hunger for knowledge that has gotten us to where we are now as a species. We have built an advanced civilization by coming up with solutions to problems, and even though we may be somewhat complacent at this stage of our history, there are still a lot of little questions that every person needs to answer throughout his or her life in order to find that unique brand of happiness that will be slightly different for each of us. As I am a big fan of the Socratic method, I will play a benevolent Riddler and give you a list of brain-teasers that, when answered and understood, will help you come closer to finding answers to much deeper issues. Riddle 1 Journey without it and you will never prevail, but if you have too much of it you will surely fail. Answer: Confidence Riddle 2 Poor people have it. Answer: Adversity Riddle 3 Answer: Knowledge Riddle 4 Answer: Secret Riddle 5