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Welcome to the Possibilium

Welcome to the Possibilium
Possibilianism is a philosophy which rejects both the idiosyncratic claims of traditional theism and the positions of certainty in atheism in favor of a middle, exploratory ground. The term was first defined by neuroscientist David Eagleman in relation to his book of fiction . Asked whether he was an atheist or a religious person on a National Public Radio interview in February, 2009, he replied "I call myself a Possibilian: I'm open to ideas that we don't have any way of testing right now." In a subsequent interview with the New York Times, Eagleman expanded on the definition: "Our ignorance of the cosmos is too vast to commit to atheism, and yet we know too much to commit to a particular religion. A third position, agnosticism, is often an uninteresting stance in which a person simply questions whether his traditional religious story (say, a man with a beard on a cloud) is true or not true.

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This simple triangle will change the way you think about maths forever Okay, let's get something straight right off the bat - logarithmic notation in maths is bad and doesn't make a whole lot of sense. And on the one hand, who cares, because maths is so much more than notation anyway. But on the other hand, it makes things way more complicated than they should be. So why don't we just find a better way? In the video above by YouTuber 3Brown1Blue, we can see just how counterintuitive logarithmic notation actually is. Iktomi Iktomi depicted sitting by the fire. In Lakota mythology, Iktomi is a spider-trickster spirit, and a culture hero for the Lakota people. Alternate names for Iktomi include Ikto, Ictinike, Inktomi, Unktome, and Unktomi.

Phantom - System for generic, decentralized, unstoppable internet anonymity The Phantom protocol is a system for decentralized anonymization of generic network traffic. It has been designed with the following main goals in mind: 1. Six Easy Steps to Avert the Collapse of Civilization ALEXANDER ROSE: Good evening everybody, please take your seats. As some of you know we start these talks off with a long short, a short film that exemplifies long term thinking. This long short is one of the shortest at sixty seconds and probably covers the longest time span at several million years. STEWART BRAND: And for the next four and a half billion years.

Neuroscience of Music - How Music Enhances Learning - Neuroplasticity Neuroscience research into the neuroscience of music shows that musicians’ brains may be primed to distinguish meaningful sensory information from noise. This ability seems to enhance other cognitive abilities such as learning, language, memory and neuroplasticity of various brain areas. Scientific review of how music training primes nervous system and boosts learning

I Love You Even if We’re not Together Forever. ~ Yvette Alatorre Via Yvette Alatorreon Jun 3, 2014 There are many theories floating around trying to figure out the reason behind the human epidemic I like to refer to as the, “I want what I can’t have” syndrome. For me, it was never about the thrill of the chase. Milky Way Galaxy - Warhammer 40K Wiki - Space Marines, Chaos, planets, and more "In its hubris, mankind claims dominion over the galaxy. However, their realm is naught but a few flickering candles in a vast and hungry darkness." —A Treatise on the End of the Imperium, denounced and burned in 800.M41 The Milky Way Galaxy, commonly referred to as just the Milky Way, or sometimes simply as "the galaxy," is the galaxy that Mankind calls home and in which the Imperium of Man and all of the other starfaring intelligent species known to humanity are located. The Milky Way is a barred spiral galaxy that is part of the Local Group of galaxies.

System for generic, decentralized, unstoppable Internet anonymity Alternatively, the people who wax lyrical for 60 or so pages don't understand much either, and are compelled to pad out their document. I remember seeing this a while ago, but I didn't pay much attention to it then, because punishing those who understand the problems with a lengthy verbose soliloquy isn't a good strategy for disseminating information. The other problem is that something 60 pages long without any references or citations beyond an occasional casual link to wikipedia, smacks of reinventing the wheel. This would be why he can go for 60 pages without mentioning known terms like "Cybil Attack", or "Onion Routing".

Sexy Cosplay of The Week: Cleavage Corner Advertisement Last week, as you know we did a spotlight on the queen of cosplay Ruby Rocket . We were told “you can’t top the Rocket”. Now, were not the type to back down from a challenge but to be quite honest we agree. I’m sure we could find a super hot babe decked out in a sexy costume but for any cosplayer to follow Ms. Rocket would just be embarrassing. Is the Internet Warping Our Brains? - Technology Is this a bad thing? Not necessarily, says Sparrow. For instance, for years people in the educational community have known that rote learning—that is, forcing children to memorize facts and dates—is a poor way to educate. If that's the case, allowing computers to do some of the memorizing for us might be a way to focus more on the more philosophical aspects of learning. "Perhaps those who teach in any context, be they college professors, doctors or business leaders, will become increasingly focused on imparting greater understanding of ideas and ways of thinking, and less focused on memorization," Sparrow told Time.

Mega Combat/Weaponry/Tactics Torrent Mega Combat/Weaponry/Tactics Torrent Type: Other > E-books Quotes of Wisdom from the T.V. show " Kung Fu " ~Diogenes These are a few wise quotes from throughout the old television series " Kung Fu " ( and a few from " Kung Fu: The Legend Continues " ), starring David Carridine as a Shaolin Monk, wandering the old West of America. Though fiction, much of it's philosophy is based on Zen, and contain many truths to them. Enjoy. :) ******************************************************** ******************************************************** On Love: "Deal with evil from strength, but affirm the good in man through trust.

DE(E)SU - Liberté Linux Summary Liberté Linux is a secure, reliable, lightweight and easy to use Gentoo-based LiveUSB/SD/CD Linux distribution with the primary purpose of enabling anyone to communicate safely and covertly in hostile environments. Whether you are a privacy advocate, a dissident, or a sleeper agent, you are equally likely to find Liberté Linux useful as a mission-critical communication aid. Download Liberté Linux 2012.3, released on 2012‑09‑01 (pick binary image for full functionality): Why should you choose Liberté over alternative open-source, commercial, or military systems? Unobtrusiveness

50 Free Android Apps Every College Student Needs Saving money is paramount in college, as most students don’t have a lot of that commodity to throw around. So, you may welcome some free Android apps that can push your productivity, creativity and communication always seem welcome. You may find at least one or two apps you’ll want from this list of 50 free Android apps that every college student needs.

It's exactly the way I feel about the important stuff. A great jumping off point for a workable philosophy. by drszusz May 17

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