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Windows 7 How-To Articles, Tips, and Guides

VEGA what is Windows SIM and how can I use it ? - Windows System Image Manager (WSIM) What is it ? Windows System Image Manager is a tool for editing XML files used in the deployment of Vista/Windows Server 2008. These XML files are sets of instructions telling Windows Setup how to proceed and install itself, in the past we would have edited such files (sysprep.inf, unattend.txt) using notepad, but now Windows has grown up and so has its' tools. You can use Windows SIM to create an answer file (autounattend.xml or unattend.xml) that partitions and formats a disk before installing Windows, you can create an XML file for an unattended install of Vista/Server 2008, and then automate the process by copying the finished AutoUnattend.xml file to either the root of a USB key or the root of a Windows Vista (or Server 2008) DVD. When Windows setup starts it will query these locations if present for the file and if it finds the file it will use the settings found within. Tip: How do I get it ? How can I use it ? eg: c:\source\w2k8dvd create New Answer File Validate our changes Quote

PC Support: Free Computer Support & Repair Help 175 Windows 7 Tweaks, Tips, and How-To Articles Windows 7 is being officially released on October 22nd, which also happens to be today. The team here has been furiously writing Windows 7 articles, and updating old articles for Windows 7—and we now have more than 175 articles covering Windows 7. First: Get Your Copy Yet? If you haven’t already gotten your copy of Windows 7, you can buy it now on Amazon… although if you are impatient you could also head down to the local tech store and grab it. We recommend Home Premium for almost anybody, though you can grab Ultimate or Professional if you wanted to spend more. Get Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade for $119 @ Amazon Note: If you are currently running the Release Candidate version, we’ve got a guide on how to Upgrade the Windows 7 RC to RTM (Final Release). The How-To Geek Windows 7 Category We’ve written just loads of articles, and so we’ve decided to do a roundup of most of them here in a single post. Awesome Articles About New Windows 7 Stuff Articles About Shortcuts & Hotkeys Conclusion

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