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Start to Finish Guide to Whipping Your Music's Metadata into Shape

Start to Finish Guide to Whipping Your Music's Metadata into Shape
SExpand Most of us have spent years building up our digital music libraries, along with tons of missing, mismatched, and incorrect tags on your music over that time. Here's a step-by-step guide for organizing your entire library, once and for all. Your digital music library is huge. Even if you only have an iPod nano's worth of songs, that's still a good thousand tracks—and some of you likely have closer to four or five thousand (or more). Today's media players—whether on your desktop or portable device—rely on metadata to organize and display all this music.

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Custom Windows Visual Styles @iroQuai: dude that sucks so bad, how can u use that? @pnikkosis: Hmm I think it's really a matter of personal preferences... I really like this style! The windows look a lot like the classic windows theme, but then better. Organize Your MP3's Like a Pro This article has been updated since its original publication to reflect new software releases and updates. Multiple members of the Digital Trends’ staff contributed to this guide. You know when your MP3 files are a mess. You have albums by The Beatles, Beatles , and Betles , four copies of the same song in different bitrates, and your friends are boggled by the files in your collection with names like 593_afeerb.mp3 and grtst_Hits_TRACK1_.mp3 . It’s time to clean them up, but like the junk drawer in your kitchen, the still-packed moving boxes in your basement, or the decade’s worth of old clothes in your closet, you really don’t have the time. Fortunately, unlike any of those tasks, technology can lend a hand and practically do your MP3 organization for you.

100 Amazing Futuristic Design Concepts We Wish Were Real Concept designers are also referred to as “visual futurists”. These concept designs may not be on the market yet, but they can still inspire you to create something just as futuristic and exciting online. The designs may be impractical in some cases, but the idea is to put the concept out to the world to see how it evolves and grows. How to setup a bit-perfect digital audio streaming client with free software (with LTSP and MPD) - La cocina de la información Introduction This article describes how to create a software environment on your desktop computer which will make it possible to boot a second computer from the network and use that as the interface between the desktop computer –from which the audio files and the boot environment are served– and the external audio equipment.The goal is to achieve maximum audio quality using low-cost off-the-shelve equipment and free software and at the same time offering ease of configuration and use. Of course this comes with a price; reading and understanding this article.When you simply want your PC (with a locally installed mpd) act as an audiophile transport device, please have a look at the article “How to turn Music Player Daemon (mpd) into an audiophile music player”. Background and goals I love both music and free software. After buying this set I started using xbmc on a laptop which was connected to the DAC with a cheap USB cord and really loved the sound.

Fix Windows folder unresponsive/slow behavior, green loading bar Hate that green loading bar when browsing a local folder? Makes no sense, right? An old Windows fix for an equally ancient Windows issue. This Windows Explorer "bug" goes back to the days of Windows Vista, yet unfortunately remains a glaring annoyance in Windows 7 and Windows 8. This unresponsive/slowdown behavior is typically seen when browsing the "Downloads" folder, so it's very likely it's happened to you as well.

The 10 best software samplers in the world today | 112dB Morgana If you’ve read our guide to the most important hardware samplers in history you’ll know that just 20 years ago you still had to pay an awful lot of money to get access to a relatively small amount of sampling power. Things have changed now, though: today’s software samplers do everything that their hardware forebears were capable of and much, much more - you might even be lucky enough to have one included in your DAW. Others, though, have to be purchased separately, so we’ve rounded up what we think are the nine best software samplers in the world today so you can decide where your money is best spent (or whether you actually need to spend any more money at all). First up, a sampler that definitely harks back to the past: 112dB’s Morgana.

What is an MP3 Tag and how does it work? - ID3 Tag FAQ Question: MP3 Tag FAQ: How does an MP3 tag work? In this MP3 tag FAQ we focus on the ID3 metadata container and look at how it works, the different versions, and how it works with MP3 files. Answer: The Technology: An MP3 tag is a generic term that describes a metadata container in an MP3 file. Work on Two Computers? Set Up An SSH Server to Make Things Easie Dual Monitors as A Window to Increased Productivity How to Get What You Want Without Even Asking Work on Two Computers? Set Up An SSH Server to Make Things Easier! The Almost Definitive FOURCC Definition List - Vid These are the FOURCCs I know about that refer to compressed formats (the ones that you see displayed when you don't have the right codec installed to play a given AVI file). If you know of any more, please drop me a line. If you can't find the codec you are looking for here, please take a look on the links page for other sites offering codec information and download.