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Start to Finish Guide to Whipping Your Music's Metadata into Sha

Start to Finish Guide to Whipping Your Music's Metadata into Sha

100 Amazing Futuristic Design Concepts We Wish Were Real | Webde Concept designers are also referred to as “visual futurists”. These concept designs may not be on the market yet, but they can still inspire you to create something just as futuristic and exciting online. The designs may be impractical in some cases, but the idea is to put the concept out to the world to see how it evolves and grows. Remember that these are all just conceptual, you can’t buy them yet! With that said, here you have 100 amazing futuristic design concepts that will make you crave more. 1. This is an elegant concept created by designer D.K. 2. This concept design was inspired by the curves and tapering of the Macbook Air coupled with the look of an iPod Touch. 3. iPhone 4G Concept This fantasy iPhone mimics both the look of Mac OS/X and the aluminum case of a MacBook Pro. 4. Created by designer Norio Fujikawa. 5. This watch tells time in an extraordinary way. 6. 7. Designer Balykin Pavel tells the time with digital sand in this Reddot Design Award winner for 2006. 8. 9. 10. 11.

stereomood – emotional internet radio - music for my mood and activities Master the Art of Working Remotely - Gina Trapani by Gina Trapani | 10:23 AM June 16, 2009 Over the past five years I’ve worked off-site and online for employers across the country using email, chat, and web-based collaboration apps. My work life has been the envy of my traditional nine-to-five friends. While they suit up in an office-appropriate outfit, grab the briefcase, and brave a commute every weekday, I get to work from home (and my employers get to save money on office space). But working with people in different cities and time zones with minimal face time presents a whole new set of challenges. Sharpen your email skills. Be “present” via instant messenger or Web-based chat. Collaborate online with the tools that best fit your client and project. Set up regular voice or video chat check-ins. Have you managed freelancers online only, or worked off-site yourself?

Mulsanne comments on Help, I feel like I am stuck in neutral on Your PasswordCard Nudge Select 1 of 8 different Sound Patterns from the small Matrixes icons on the right. Use your mouse to draw notes on each 16 Step Matrix. Adjust the volume of the iNudge. Click MORE for advanced adjustment abilities. For each Pattern, adjust Volume, Mute, Clear, or set Audio Pan from Left to Right. Click on the Tempo numbers and click up or down to change the overall Tempo. <div class="block"><div class="full"><div class="content info"><h3>Important information!

50 Ways to Be Romantic on the Cheap | zen habits Post written by Leo Babauta. Follow me on twitter . Often my articles on family are about spending time with your kids, but today we’ll talk about another important aspect of families: couples. If you’ve got a significant other, I highly recommend you keep the spark of your relationship alive and find ways to show you appreciate each other, every week and every day, if possible. Look for little, inexpensive ways to be romantic, and it will pay off for your relationship in innumerable ways. Why inexpensive? Before we get into the list, let’s look at a few notes on how to use the list: Weekly dates. OK, enough talk. Tell me who you are again? I’m Leo Babauta, founder of Zen Habits. Are you ready to join us in Fearless Living? Commit Yourself to Practice in the 3 Core Pillars of the Fearless Path so you can step fully into your life … to create a well-lived life of meaning: Learn more about the Fearless Living Academy

Julie Heffernan from Julie Heffernan’s Constructions of Self Julie Heffernan creates sensuous figurative painting, like co-Yale MFAS, John Currin and Linda Yuskavage, but her luminous oils are patently unique among them and most working artists today. A Victorian impetus to conjoin, edging toward pastiche, creates artfully staged Surrealist environments. They avoid the mawkish or macabre by virtue of an evocative 17th century Baroque styling and the dignity with which she handles her primary subject, herself. Good construction is essential to the success of such works, built of disparate things suggesting disparate philosophies and ages. Yet the finished product is seamless, making it easy for the viewer to willfully suspend disbelief in the face of rampant artifice. Julie Heffernan at P.P.O.W Gallery Julie Heffernan at Catherine Clark Gallery Thanks to Modern Art Obsession for finding this artist!

Work on Two Computers? Set Up An SSH Server to Make Things Easie Dual Monitors as A Window to Increased Productivity How to Get What You Want Without Even Asking Work on Two Computers? Set Up An SSH Server to Make Things Easier! I use more than one computer: I use my desktop computer for anything while I’m in the house, and my laptop for anything while I am out – usually for taking notes at a class. If you are like me, an SSH Server on your desktop computer will make your life a lot easier. Here’s what setting up an SSH server can do for you: This means you can save time by getting to your work faster. Minimize the number of steps required to access “outside data from my “inside” computer. You’ll never have to worry about sensitive data on your laptop again. Minimize the amount of data actually stored on the “outside” laptop. Find yourself rummaging through different versions of work because of all the copying that comes with working on two computers? (1) Download and install freeSHHd from . (3) We have to add a user.

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