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Free Online Novel Writing Software - Hiveword Perceptual Edge How to Help Your Students Develop Data Literacy Can we really measure happiness? How does educational attainment vary across ZIP codes? What does math have to do with charity? Which team has the better athletes, Yankees or Red Sox? "Looking at data needs to become part of the conversation across every classroom, not just in math," says Harshil Parikh. Start with Curiosity The idea for TuVaLabs emerged when Parikh was tutoring children in the slums of Delhi, India. But curiosity alone isn't enough to ensure that learning happens. "We want to be a bridge between schools and the open data movement," Parikh explains. Leverage Tools and Techniques What does data analysis look like in a K-12 classroom? The Global Happiness Project, designed by the New Tech Network, offers an engaging example. Since January, students have been thinking hard about how to measure happiness, exploring existing metrics such as Bhutan's Gross National Happiness Index. Connect Data to Student Interests Start Early Ask Away What do your students wonder about?

News Graphics Collection Bellingcat, for and by citizen investigative journalists by Eliot Higgins Gigaom, "Citizen journalism pioneer Brown Moses is launching a site for crowdsourced reporting" Vice, "Citizen Journalists Are Banding Together to Fact-Check Online News", "Brown Moses to launch site for open investigative journalism" Versus, "Tapping the Wisdom of the Crowd" Bellingcat is a website founded by Brown Moses that will bring together established and emerging citizen investigative journalists to investigate, collaborate, and write about undereported issues using open source information. Bellingcat focuses on two main objectives: First, it will unite a group of writers and activists who through using open source tools have transformed journalism and solidified themselves as experts in their fields. Second, Bellingcat aspires to be a place that will attract others to learn how to use open source tools, techniques, and processes. The name comes from the Aesop Fable Belling the Cat. The practice of journalism has and is continuing to expand and broaden.

About | Designing Change I’m a design thinker who believes we can change ourselves, our organizations, our communities, our governments, and the world by design. I work at OpenText as Director of Customer Experience. My current focus is on defining what it means to deliver holistic, intelligent experiences throughout the customer lifecycle. Experiences that change minds and spark action. I’ve been immersed in the world of enterprise software for over 20 years. I grew up on the Canadian prairies, studying political science and communications at the University of Alberta, graduating with B.A. in Canadian Studies in 1986. I currently live in Kingston, Ontario, although I’m still a westerner at heart. “My job was to be loyally subversive.”

Using JavaScript visualization libraries with R This is a short tutorial on knitr/markdown and JS visualization packages googleVis and rCharts . With these packages you can create web pages with interactive visualizations just using R. This will require minimal or no knowledge of HTML or JavaScript. You need to have the following R packages and their dependencies installed: knitr googleVis rCharts (not on CRAN) The tutorial is organized in four parts. You can download the .Rmd files (or clone the repository from github) and run knit2html() on them in your R console, or if you are using RStudio you can click "knit HTML" button on the upper left corner. 1. markdown_knitr.Rmd shows basics of markdown and knitr integration. 2. 3. googleVis.Rmd shows how to use googleVis package in a markdown document.You can incorporate plots from Google Visualization API in your R markdown document, which will be converted to an HTML document by knit2html(), the HTML output is here . 4. rCharts.Rmd shows how to use rCharts package in a markdown document.

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