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How to Type Symbols Using the ALT Key (with Mac and PC Lists)

How to Type Symbols Using the ALT Key (with Mac and PC Lists)
Edit Article SamplesOn a PCOn a MacSymbol Alt CodesForeign Language Alt CodesMathematical Equation Alt Codes Edited by Shaiaqua, Shayes, Rob S, Steven Bluen and 135 others The ALT key can help you access alt codes, or characters that aren't readily available on a normal keyboard. These codes can be used to write in foreign languages, mathematical equations, or to add fun symbols to your messages. Below ☟ is how to do it on a PC or a Mac, then a list of symbols such as π,º, ♫ and ♥. Ad Steps Method 1 of 5: On a PC 1Learn how to key in an Alt-code.Hold down the Alt key and put in the numbers on the keypad to the right of the keyboard. 2Learn how to key in Alt codes on a laptop. Method 2 of 5: On a Mac 1Hold the Option key and press any other key to get custom characters 2To get a second set of custom characters, hold down both the Option key and the Shift key 3See this wikiHow article for more information. Method 3 of 5: Symbol Alt Codes Note:The following sections contain special characters. Tips

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Computer Symbols Are you wondering how to type computer symbols using alt key on your keyboard? The following article on computer symbols and meanings will help you learn all that you need to know. You must have noticed that your friends use different computer symbols and make their social networking site profile look really interesting. Many times these symbols and meanings help you describe your feelings visually. The Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section (CCIPS) is responsible for implementing the Department's national strategies in combating computer and intellectual property crimes worldwide. CCIPS prevents, investigates, and prosecutes computer crimes by working with other government agencies, the private sector, academic institutions, and foreign counterparts. Section attorneys work to improve the domestic and international infrastructure-legal, technological, and operational-to pursue network criminals most effectively. The Section's enforcement responsibilities against intellectual property crimes are similarly multi-faceted.

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10 Quick Tips for Posting Better Status Updates - SociallyStackedSociallyStacked Posted by Chelsea Hejny on 19 Dec 2012 / 0 Comment When it comes to posting a Status Update on Facebook, wording is everything. You might be sharing something valuable, but if your Status Update isn’t worded the right way, it won’t get the views, Likes and shares it deserves. Change the Display Language of non-Unicode Programs in Windows 7 Have you ever had problems with running applications written in languages which use special character sets like Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Romanian or Hebrew? If you have, then you should read this article about Unicode and changing the language used for non-Unicode programs. If this sounds like gibberish to you, don't worry - read on and you will understand what Unicode is, how it works and how to make Windows 7 and Windows 8 correctly display programs which use non-Unicode character sets.

Computer program allows car to stay in its lane without human control Researchers from North Carolina State University have created a computer program that allows a car to stay in its lane without human control, opening the door to the development of new automobile safety features and military applications that could save lives. "We develop computer vision programs, which allow a computer to understand what a video camera is looking at -- whether it is a stop sign or a pedestrian. For example, this particular program is designed to allow a computer to keep a car within a lane on a highway, because we plan to use the program to drive a car," says Dr. Wesley Snyder, a professor of electrical and computer engineering at NC State and co-author of a paper describing the research. "Although there are some vision systems out there already that can do lane finding, our program maintains an awareness of multiple lanes and traffic in those lanes."

Mount Nod: the almost forgotten resting place of Wandsworth’s Huguenots Marooned on an island between two busy stretches of road in south west London is a little known burial ground that tells a small part of the long and complex story of London’s immigrants. The name of one of the adjoining streets gives away this connection: Huguenot Place. The Huguenots were French Calvinist Protestants who left France in search of religious freedom after the Edict of Nantes was revoked in 1685. The Edict of Nantes had previously granted the Huguenots significant rights in a predominantly Catholic country, but under the more autocratic rule of Louis XIV this tolerance was revoked and many Huguenots saw no option other than to leave France. It is thought that around half a million Huguenots fled to other Protestant countries in Europe and further afield. Many of them settled in England, and today they are most closely associated with the Spitalfields area of East London.

Reference of Important Facebook Timeline Dimensions - SociallyStackedSociallyStacked Posted by Sara on 04 Dec 2012 / 0 Comment When Timeline went live for everyone, not everyone was thrilled with the change. One of the challenges was figuring out how to make the best use of all that real estate across the top of the page. Some people figured out quickly how to make great use of the 851×315 pixels of space but others were left trying to figure out how to work with the guidelines. Well, for those of you who are still playing around with your Timeline, ShortStack to the rescue. Our designers created a couple of templates that will make it easy for you to keep your Facebook page clever and filled with compelling images!

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Cellular Counter Brings Computer Programming to Life In an essential step toward programming cells as precisely as computers, synthetic biologists have finally learned to count. By linking a series of protein switches, researchers made prototype cell-level counters that could eventually be used to coordinate complex sets of genetic instructions running on biomolecular machines, from disease-hunting cells to intracellular computing networks. In the electronic world, basic counting functions underlie even the most powerful supercomputers. “What we’ve done is to impose some of the controls we’ve imposed in electrical engineering onto the biological cell,” said synthetic biologist Timothy Lu at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. “We hope to be able to control the cell more reliably, and have it perform more defined functions. This forms the fundamental basis for building more complicated circuits.”

You receive a "The User Profile Service failed the logon” error message When you log on to a Windows 7-based or a Windows Vista-based computer by using a temporary profile, you receive the following error message: The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded. 3 Easy Ways To Remove Backgrounds From Images Without Specialized Software I hate graphics software. There, I said it. I know I’m a tech blogger, and I should have at least some basic graphic skills, but the truth is I don’t. In fact, I shy away from these programs in apprehension, starting to sweat as soon as I hear the word “layers.”