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5 Step Guide to Growing Gorgeous Garlic

Do you know where your garlic comes from? One of the most important reasons to grow your own is to avoid toxic chemicals and irradiation (that inhibit sprouting and extend shelf life).* Garlic … how safe to eat is yours? A few years back I didn’t even think about the garlic I ate … but then I became interested in the story behind the food I was eating. The majority of the world’s garlic is grown in China and is sprayed with chemicals and bleached white with chlorine during importation quarantine processes, not to mention the thousands of food miles clocked up. But if you really want to gag on your garlic, according to the CEO of the Australian Garlic Industry Association, “some garlic growers over there (China) use raw human sewage to fertilise their crops, and I don’t believe the Australian quarantine regulations are strict enough in terms of bacteria testing on imported produce” … so you might want to think again before you reach for that perfect white bulb in your supermarket! Storage Related:  Herb GardentroubadourttGardening

Herbs For Cholesterol Top 10 Herbs For Regulating Cholesterol image to repin / shareHerbs background pic © Elena Moiseeva - Please share this page: Google + StumbleUpon Reddit Undoubtedly, if there is one factor you should consider to reduce your risk of developing heart disease, it would be controlling your blood cholesterol levels. Once there is too much cholesterol in the body, the excess accumulates along the arterial walls which eventually narrows them and obstructs the flow of blood to the heart, leading to potential cardiovascular disorders. As there are herbs for almost all kinds of diseases, there are also of course herbs for reducing cholesterol. Garlic Extensive studies have been conducted on garlic for its cholesterol regulating abilities and some studies suggest it can decrease blood cholesterol by a few percentage points. [2] Other researchers found that the more frequent the intake of garlic, the greater the reduction in cholesterol levels. Turmeric Fenugreek Ginger Artichoke Alfalfa Guggul

Print Friendly & PDF Grow your own lemongrass! I love the smell of lemongrass: fresh, clean and zesty. My favourite way to use it up is in this lemongrass drink that I learned from one of my favorite local restaurants. Back then, lemongrass was a hard-to-find ingredient and since I’d never tried it in a drink, it was difficult for me to figure what the chef had added to a mundane sweet soda. The waiter was kind enough to share the recipe, and now I can make it myself at home. Now I’m even more thrilled because I can have my favourite drink whenever I want because I finally grow my own lemongrass! And you know the good news? Just keep changing the water every day or every second day at most. Have a look at these weekly progress photos in case, just like me, you didn’t believe that growing lemongrass could be this easy: Oh, and here’s an old post I had written back in 2007 about lemongrass. Tagged as: cooking, gardening, lemongrass, thai

The Benefits of Moon Gardening - I’d like to share a secret I use in my garden to get great results … strong, healthy happy plants … and something that saves me time and money. It’s gardening by the moon! OK, that may sound a little strange if you’ve never heard of it before, but if you are already familiar with your climate zone and are planting in the right season, then you may want to maximise your gardening success by working with nature’s lunar cycles … and by that, I don’t mean getting outdoors with a shovel in the middle of the night! “Gardening by the moon has been practiced for many thousands of years and is not about planting at night but about being in harmony with natural growth patterns.” – Sheree Scott How Does Moon Gardening Work? The moon has four ‘phases’ or ‘quarters’ – each last about 7 days. You can see the current moon phase (set for the southern hemisphere) on the left hand side of this website. So why am I sharing this with you? What’s the significance of this for you? My Experiences A few last tips …

List of Herbs | Herb List with Pictures | Herbs Info Join Over 1,875,000 Fans On Facebook! Homepage Blog Individual Herbs Herbal Remedies Herbal Preparations Glossary of Herbal Terms Herbals Essential Oils Most Popular: Please Share This Page: List Of 150+ Herbs With Uses And Benefits - image to repin / shareHerbs background pic - Wikimedia Commons (public domain) On this page you will find our alphabetical list of 150+ 189 herbs! Please bookmark this page so that you can use it as a "quick lookup" when you want to learn all about a herb. Our method of organization intentionally follows the style of the old herbals, which listed the plants in alphabetical order and often compiled the writings of other herbalists from past times. The Herbs: If you enjoyed this page: Privacy Policy | About

Does God Exist - Six Reasons to Believe that God is Really There - Is There a God By Marilyn Adamson Just once wouldn't you love for someone to simply show you the evidence for God's existence? No arm-twisting. No statements of, "You just have to believe." Well, here is an attempt to candidly offer some of the reasons which suggest that God exists. But first consider this. Many examples showing God's design could be given, possibly with no end. The Earth...its size is perfect. The Earth is located the right distance from the sun. And our moon is the perfect size and distance from the Earth for its gravitational pull. Water...colorless, odorless and without taste, and yet no living thing can survive without it. It has an unusually high boiling point and freezing point. Water is a universal solvent. Water is also chemically neutral. Water has a unique surface tension. Water freezes from the top down and floats, so fish can live in the winter. Ninety-seven percent of the Earth's water is in the oceans. The eye...can distinguish among seven million colors. Why Jesus?

17 Foods To Buy Once And Regrow Forever Everyday we throw heaps of leftovers and scraps out which could actually be used to regrow fruits, vegetables and herbs completely free of charge. Not only can we save money, but also reduce our carbon footprint. With grocery prices increasing, now is the best time to get frugal in the kitchen and garden. Below are seventeen fruits, vegetables and herbs you can buy once and regrow forever… Vegetables Regrow Green Onions – Want to grow green onions indefinitely? Regrow Onions – This clever method of growing onions in an old used water bottle on a windowsill is a great way to get free onions! Regrow Carrots -This method to grow carrots from carrot tops is so simple you can get the kids involved. Regrow Celery – This is a clever idea to regrow celery from the base. Regrow Sweet Potato’s – The versatility of the sweet potato means it’s a firm favorite with any home cook, here we share a tutorial on how to grow more using nothing but a sweet potato. Fruit Herbs & Spices

Australia » Wicking Beds Also Known as Sub-irrigated Raised Beds These planters in Australia not only look good they are highly productive and most importantly they conserve precious water. In cities, they provide vital protection against toxic metal soil contamination. We call them sub-irrigated planters (SIPs). The Aussies call them wicking beds. Following is an instructable that shows you how to make these beds as sub-irrigated planters (read the comments too). Why are there not wicking beds/sub-irrigated raised beds all over New York City, all over America? via "The wicking worm bed is a highly productive growing system which not only produces more food from limited water, but also recycles waste organic material to provide plant nutrient and capture carbon. We have extreme water restrictions here in Melbourne.

DIY Mason Jar Herb GardenOne Good Thing by Jillee A couple of week ago I did a post on some YUMMY Herb Butter I made to go on corn on the cob (or just about any other savory side!) Ever since we finished it, I’ve been craving more! The only thing stopping me from making it is going to the store and buying the fresh herbs. I really hate those packages of herbs they sell in the produce department. They are WAY overpriced and the herbs are only SEMI-fresh. So when I saw this simple idea from Dimples & Pigtales (how cute is that name!?) And that’s really all you need! Although it’s a bit redundant to give you “directions” on how to make your own window sill herb garden (since I basically just did), here is a quick step-by-step with photos to make it SUPER simple. What you will need: 6 mason jars (I used 3 quart sized and 3 pint sized, just for fun)enough potting soil to fill all your jarsvarious herb seeds (choose your favorites!) Add seeds to each jar following planting instructions on the seed packet. Cover lightly with more soil.

The Light is On For You! - Personal Spirituality - The Word Among Us It had been much too long. And as the months passed by, I felt more and more guilt and embarrassment. What would the priest say? How could I explain my absence or even review my actions and sins after such a long period of time? One day, on a pilgrimage to a shrine in New York City, the gentle promptings of God’s Holy Spirit that I had been resisting on all of those Saturdays became even stronger and more insistent. After reading some psalms, I decided on a face-to-face celebration so that I could get the most help possible with my situation. A Weight Lifted I grew up in a Catholic family in which friendship with God was dearly prized. Throughout high school and college, I continued to attend Mass, pray daily, and take an active part in the Church. One day I shared with a friend about my difficulties. When the priest learned how long it had been since I had confessed, he asked, “What happened?” Nonetheless, I continued to go to Confession regularly.

Enchanted Wellness & Fitness Did you like Regrow Celery? Well, you are going to love this! You can also regrow leeks and scallions or green onions. Really. Look at these guys. This is day seven… maybe eight… in water. Look at those roots! I also planted a few more lettuce plants. Start regrowing today! Live Well! Growing Garlic I haven't purchased garlic since 1996. That's because I grow enough to eat a bulb of garlic every day, year-round. While most of my garden adventures are hobby-level attempts at self-sufficiency, my garlic crop is for real. Garlic is an overwintering crop, planted in fall and harvested mid-summer. A year's supply of garlic hanging in your garage hints at many great meals to come, but by the time you reach that milestone the rewards have already been flowing for months. As spring continues, your plants will continue to skyrocket, and in late May—assuming you planted a flowering variety—you'll be treated to a funky display of garlic blossoms curling from the plant tops. The flowering varieties of garlic are collectively called hardnecks, so named because of their woody flowering stalks. The first step in growing your own garlic stash is getting your paws on some good garlic for planting. In my case, x = 365/(5-1), or 91.25, which I round up to 92. Ask Ari: Got milk options? Q: Dear Ari,

Herbs & Herbal Uses Herbs in medicine, cooking, and magic. Find charts, planting tips, and other uses for these valuable plants below. Imagine....awakening in the morning and stepping outside to a lush and fragrant paradise....which exists to satisfy your own culinary, medicinal, and even spiritual needs..... Welcome to Herb Gardening! What is an herb? The loose definition of herb is any plant that is used for its culinary, medicinal, or fragrant properties. Please do explore the links to the left for a comprehensive index of herbs and their uses, and the links below for some creative ways to use them in your own life. Culinary Chart Common Foods and Complementary Herbs Making Gourmet Herbal Vinegars Making Gourmet Herbal Oils & Butters In gardening, herbs are an important part of what is known as "Companion Planting." Companion Planting As always with gardening, esthetics are extremely important. List of Annual Herbs List of Biennial Herbs List of Perennial Herbs Landscaping with Herbs Print Your Own Seed Packets

How to Keep Your Teeth Clean Without a Toothbrush or Toothpaste - Prepared For That In a world without a dentist, you know that keeping your teeth clean and cavity-free is an extremely important part of your overall hygiene. Many people stockpile toothbrushes and toothpaste, or seek out recipes for toothpaste that can be made out of more natural ingredients like baking soda. The problem with these methods is that eventually the materials needed run out. Enter the chew stick Chew sticks are an ancient method of keeping your teeth clean. Fortunately, history provides us with an answer to this problem. For preppers the chew stick also has the advantage of being renewable and easily made even by children. How to make one for yourself As I mentioned, a chew stick is extremely simple to make. Here’s a list of a few of the best chewing trees found commonly in North America. Sassafras is well known as the originator for root beer, but it can also be a great taste when brushing your teeth. Flowering DogwoodSassafrasBirchOakSweetgum Beginning the chewing Time for brushing! The results