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Danah boyd

Danah boyd
I am surrounded by people who are driven by good intentions. Educators who want to inform students, who passionately believe that people can be empowered through knowledge. Activists who have committed their lives to addressing inequities, who believe that they have a moral responsibility to shine a spotlight on injustice. Journalists who believe their mission is to inform the public, who believe that objectivity is the cornerstone of their profession. I am in awe of their passion and commitment, their dedication and persistence. Yet, I’m existentially struggling as I watch them fight for what is right. I find it frustrating to bear witness to good intentions getting manipulated,but it’s even harder to watch how those who are wedded to good intentions are often unwilling to acknowledge this, let alone start imagining how to develop the appropriate antibodies. But this is where I think we’re going to get ourselves into loads of trouble. The Good Intentions of Media Literacy

Sheep Gal Let me tell you about lambing season. It has been quite an intense time. Things got off to a rolicking start a full week earlier than expected and the pace is only now starting to ease up. I'm coming up for air to give you the run down. Papaya kicked off the season with an easy-peasy, "look, Barb, I don't need your help" birthing of a strapping single ram lamb.

Internet Marketing Blog How do some Facebook Pages still reach 82% of their fans? New research from Wisemetrics shows that while on average many pages have seen a drop in organic reach, the top 1% of pages still reached 82% of their fans, more than five times the average. Marketers around the globe have been making dissatisfied rumblings about Facebook organic reach for a while now. The general consensus being: You’ve got to pay to play. That doesn’t mean that we’ve got to pay Facebook though... Read more...

Comics & Anthropology « Public Space, Information Accessibility, Technology, and Diversity at Oslo University College This comic book, in both its form and content, breaks with the traditional way of presenting ethnography. Traditionally, anthropology has been a written enterprise. Writing is perceived as the most scientific form of representation of social life. However, other forms of representation exist—not only in other disciplines (like art) but also within anthropology and social sciences. Anthropological findings have been presented in such forms as photography, film, and material exhibitions. Anthropologists are becoming increasingly inspired to branch out from the written word and use other forms of expression to present their findings.

Kathy Cassidy This spring, our class has been working with other classes around the world--sharing and learning together. Several collaborative projects have resulted. The book below is one of the products from that collaboration and contains pages created by various PreK - 2 classrooms from around the world as part of the Flat Classroom Project. Each of the participating classes focused on "A View From the Window" of their school in a different way. Our page (containing photos and text created by the students) is first, but it is fascinating to see what all of the other classes have created as well.

Shazam + Instagram = Soundtracking Shazam is great at recognizing the music you’re listening to, but when it comes to sharing those discoveries with friends, it’s mediocre at best. That’s where iPhone app Soundtracking comes in. It takes music recognition like you’d find in Shazam but adds a nice Instagram-like wrapper for sharing it with your friends.

Gone with the Family One of the things that I love about Instagram is scrolling through photos of quirky things that people stumble upon. Although many of these pictures would never make it into a blog post, they are interesting little snapshots that provide a glimpse into the places we visit. Continue reading "Public Art Appreciation on Instagram" » This is a guest post by my 17 year-old daughter, Katie Prestage (with editorial assistance from her teacher Ms. Christy Meagher), about her spring break volunteer trip to Costa Rica.

Groundswell: How People With Social Technologies Are Changing Ev Digital Disruption is on everyone's mind. Netflix is replacing people's cable subscriptions. Simple apps like OpenTable and LoseIt! are displacing businesses like Zagat's and Weight Watchers. DmiAbout Reworking method for Internet research since 2007, the Digital Methods Initiative (DMI) is a collaboration of the New Media TEMLab (room 0.12), University of Amsterdam and the Foundation, Amsterdam, with founding support from the Mondriaan Foundation. It is a New Media PhD (training) program as well as a New Media research group in Media Studies, University of Amsterdam. DMI participates in MACOSPOL (Mapping Controversies on Science for Politics) and EMAPS (Electronic Maps to Assist Public Science), the EU projects led by Bruno Latour.

My Application Video For Apple’s Distinguished Educator Program February 8th, 2011 by Dan Meyer I use a lot of Apple technology in my curriculum development + I like the people in Apple's education group + My doctoral interests include communities of practice online = I applied for membership to the ADE program. They required a video, which I'm posting because a) it's a 90-second summary of my curriculum adaptation process and b) I introduce Apple to you folks somewhere around the 1:15 mark. Why the Fashion Industry Is Betting Big on Branded Online Content Macala Wright Lee is the publisher of FashionablyMarketing.Me. Wright Lee is a retail consultant who's firm, Fashionably Digital, specializes marketing consulting for fashion, luxury and beauty brands. You can follower her on twitter at @FashMarketing. The fashion industry’s use of branded content gained momentum in 2010. In 2011, retailers will have three big shifts to consider as part of their branded content strategy.

vlog 4.0 [a blog about vogs] A common scenario witnessed this week in classes with media students. They add stuff to a new project in Korsakow, add keywords, do lots of building, and then go to save their project. The program doesn’t like that. Three possible ways to cash in on Twitter ads Twitter ads are apparently almost here. After what seems like years and years of speculation, Twitter says that a roll-out of an ad-driven business model is "imminent". The revelation came during a panel discussion at the IAB Annual Leadership Meeting 2010. One of the panel members, Anamitra Banerji, is Twitter's head of product management and monetization. In response to a question about timing, Banerji seemed to indicate that Twitter could begin a launch of some sort within the next month.

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