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Classroom Icebreaker Activities

Classroom Icebreaker Activities
EdWorld's Back to School archive page offers loads of useful articles on everything from preparing for the first day to dealing with homework woes, coping as a new teacher and ensuring smooth sailing for substitute teachers. Be sure to explore our 12 volumes of icebreakers and first day of school activities that help students and teachers get to know each other. Icebreakers Archive | Classroom Icebreaker Activities Best of the IcebreakersIcebreakers: Volume 1Icebreakers: Volume 2Icebreakers: Volume 3Icebreakers: Volume 4Icebreakers: Volume 5Icebreakers: Volume 6Icebreakers: Volume 7Icebreakers: Volume 8Icebreakers: Volume 9Icebreakers: Volume 10Icebreakers: Volume 11Icebreakers: Volume 12 Coping With Parent (Over) Involvement “I’m hearing from teachers that it’s as if the kids come to school with home strapped to their backs -- or, perhaps more accurately, strapped to their ankles like house arrest bands. These parents from the 1970s have been referred to as ‘helicopter parents.’” Party!

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Ice Breakers (Icebreakers) from GamesRA Contributor2014-09-18T09:47:09+00:00 Whether you need an activity for a staff meeting or a teambuilder for your floor, this section of the site provides you with ideas and instructions to help energize groups and bring people together! Do you have a favorite icebreaker or teambuilder? Please share it today! Ice Blocking Posted by: RA Contributor Category: Ice Breakers, Program Ideas, Reviewed, Social/Community Building, Team Builders

Visual Thinking What is Visual Thinking? Visual thinking is a way to organize your thoughts and improve your ability to think and communicate. It’s a great way to convey complex or potentially confusing information. It’s also about using tools — like pen and paper, index cards and software tools — to externalize your internal thinking processes, making them more clear, explicit and actionable. Why is Visual Thinking important?

Icebreaker Questions and Speaking Activities First day of class? Students too shy? Students don’t feel comfortable speaking English? 359 FREE Warmers, Ice-Breakers and Fillers For The ESL Classroom About Our Warmers and Fillers Worksheets Planning a lesson is no easy task, especially if you're about to introduce a difficult topic. Sometimes, you need a little bit of something extra to really make your lesson flow. For this reason, ESL teachers usually use warmers and fillers. Warmers are used in lessons to ease the students into the topic you're going to present. Along the same lines, fillers are used to reinforce topics or follow up with extra practice for students.

101 Report Card Comments to Use Now Four times a year I’m given the monumental task of creating report cards that leave an accurate record of my students’ performance in the classroom without making anybody cry. As a teacher, it is our duty to be truthful, but we also need to be tactful. This week I’ll share with you some of the tried and true report card comments that I have used over the years. I’ll also give you a peek into over forty of my actual report card comments that may give you a few ideas and save you valuable time when you write your own comments this year.

Collection of games source: | 2000 Games, Ideas and more for Youth Workonly for private using skip the content and jump to the navigation Over 2000 Games - one of the world largest collections Custom Search Redfern - Two Activities for Raising Consciousness of Language Learners' Strategies The Internet TESL Journal Scott Redfern & Nolan Weilredfernscott [at] & nweil [at] English Language Institute, University of South Florida (Tampa, Forida, USA) Rationale Systematic inquiry into the learning strategies employed by second language learners captured the attention of researchers following the publication of observations by both Rubin (1975) and Stern (1975). Their articles and other follow-up efforts (e.g., Naiman et al. 1978; Rubin, 1981) suggested that more effective language learners might differ from less effective learners primarily in terms of the respective ways that they approach learning.

Activities for the First Day of School Are you looking for the perfect way to get to know your students and help them get to know one another? You'll find it here! Education World offers more than 15 creative icebreakers from our readers. Every year, creative teachers share with Ed World readers their favorite first-day-of-school activities. Foreign Language Teaching Methods: Pragmatics Sociocultural Norms Sociocultural norms, such as how to express politeness in a given context, guide pragmatic expression. For example, if someone asked you why we should say "Please" after making a request, what would you say? Your answer would be based on the sociocultural rules you are familiar with in Western societies and cultures. Role plays are an effective way to illustrate sociocultural norms.

Energizers Energizers are fun activities that get students up, out of their desks and moving around for 1-2 minutes before getting back to work. You can use them in transition times, to break up a long lesson or after a test. Make sure to ask students to reflect on how the energizer went afterwards-how did they work as a team? What could they have done better? What could they take away from the activity, besides just having fun? How could they modify it for content? Teaching Grit Cultivates Resilience and Perseverance (Research Made Relevant Series) Amy: Kenny is a student that participated in my grit program last year. Kenny: This is my evaporator. Amy: He's a perfect example of a ten year old with grit. In New Hampshire, we do a lot of sugaring, which is the term for making maple sugar and it's a whole ton of work.

Free ESL (English as a Second Language) Lesson Plans to Download This page was originally designed to share my materials with other English teaching assistants in France, especially those who have no experience in teaching ESL yet. I've also included worksheets that I used for private English lessons in France as well as some of the materials I used in my ESL classes in the United States. Feel free to use them as you'd like. Some of the lessons listed under the Assistant section can also be used for private lessons and vice versa. There is a page of English grammar if you need a review.