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SMS Text Messaging ↔PC Texting

SMS Text Messaging ↔PC Texting
SMS Text Messaging done easier, faster, & better!Send SMS & MMS text messages from your PC, Mac, or Tablet without touching your Android phone.Named one of Time Magazine's "Best 50 Android Apps"As seen on TechCrunch, Washington Post, Business Insider, Engadget, PC World, Lifehacker, VentureBeat, PC World, All Things Digital & more.Save time; Increase productivity. Don't check your phone for every SMS notification! See who's texting you from your PC or Tablet without having to look at your phone's messaging app. Related:  Apps of Interest

Doze - Relaxing Music Sleep Ambience is a white noise app that allows you to customise background sounds to listen to while relaxing or going to sleep. If you like sleeping to the soothing sound of a river, or the beautiful songs of birds, then Sleep Ambience is for you! You can use the included tracks or make your own from scratch. You can even download tracks that others have made! • 224 included sounds • No ads! • 7 sound groups:Country, Instrumental, Forest, City, Meditation, House, Beach Customisable sounds• Create your own custom tracks from any number of included sounds• Change the volume of each sound individually• Change how frequently intermittent sounds play • Track libraryUpload your favourite tracks to the built-in free cloud library, and download tracks that others have created! • Sleep timerSo you don't have to worry about turning off Sleep Ambience when you've fallen asleep! • Wake-up alarmSo you can wake to the sound of your tracks!

Upflix - Netflix Updates Watch Movies & TV Shows for free on your Android phone and tablet!More than 25 million fans enjoy this award-winning free app. Crackle provides great new content every month. *** AWARDS & HONORS ***- Emmy Award® nomination for Original Series: Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee- Webby Award: Best Entertainment Network- Mobile Excellence Award Finalist- 20 Best Android Apps (TechCrunch) Current & Recent Content*** MOVIES ***Hundreds of hit films such as: Step Brothers, Pineapple Express, Drive, Resident Evil: Afterlife, Talladega Nights, Bad Boys, Men in Black, The Rum Diary, Joe Dirt, Baby Boy and more *** TV SHOWS ***Thousands of full episodes from television series including: Seinfeld, The Shield, Damages, Blue Mountain State, The Jackie Chan Adventures, Sanford and Son, The Three Stooges, Spider-Man and many more *** ANIME ***Home to the world’s best Anime. Interested in a film or television show but don’t have the time to watch? *** FAQ *** Thanks for everyone’s feedback and reviews.

Field Trip February 2014 - Version 4.0! We believe that you should have an unforgettable experience on your trips. That's why we have designed the most user-friendly app to plan your trip in seconds. More than 800,000 people have already traveled with TouristEye taking all the information, user tips and maps on their mobile phones without Internet. TouristEye features: ✓ Collect ideas for your trips and getaways. ✓ Plan your trips in seconds without missing anything important. ✓ NEW! ✓ Community-created Wishlists and collaborative wishlists. ✓ Texts, photos and maps 100% offline. • Discover the experiences that you have to live in each destination. ✓ Receive personalized ideas to escape every weekend. • TouristEye is now a product of Lonely Planet, a world leader in independent, trusted travel advice. • More than 800,000 people have traveled with TouristEye. • Featured on Techcrunch, Gadling, Wired, The Next Web and other prestigious blogs. ★ Hundreds of cities available ★ ✓ Europe ✓ North America ✓ Asia

PureContact Pure Rounds is an Android icon replacement pack for hdpi and xhdpi devices. It comes in 96x96 in size. Currently there are 580+ icons included however more will be added on in the days / weeks / months. If you purchase this pack, you will be eligible to send an unlimited amount of requests and I will then update your requests within hours. I will respond to your request latest by 24 hours. A comment & a review would be highly appreciated, it would help me a ton if you could just spare a few seconds and give me a review, it is very important to me. ✖ WHERE CAN I SEND YOU REQUESTS? ✖ IT SAYS THE APP IS INCOMPATIBLE WITH YOUR DEVICE? ✖ I WAS ABLE TO PURCHASE IT BUT NOT ABLE TO UPDATE IT? ✖ HOW MUCH REQUESTS CAN I SEND? ✖ HOW WOULD I GET NOTIFIED IF THERE IS AN UPDATE AND I BOUGHT IT THROUGH PAYPAL? ✖ WHAT DO I NEED TO GIVE YOU WHEN MAKING A REQUEST? ✖ STILL HAVE QUESTIONS? 1. ◙ Do not re-upload◙ Do not mirror◙ Do not claim as your own◙ Do not modify it◙ Do not sell

My Dressing - Penderie & Mode CoordiSnap, where people share fashion tips, hair styling skills and what they wear today! (ootd)♥♥The fashion SNS now used by over 3,500,000 people around the world!Having trouble figuring out what to wear or what you should arrange your hair style? Come to our community in CoordiSnap! In our community, you can ask, check about styling questions by tapping the 『Community』 button on the upper left corner on the MENU page♪♪ Any topics related to outfits, hair styling tips, beauty or shopping might do you a big favor in styling. ■The fashion app being used by over 3,500,000 people■CoordiSnap is the app where people share their fashion outfits and hair styles with others. Of course, never miss the trendy items of this year! ------------------------------■CoordiSnap = Outfits & Hair ------------------------------Like a fashion magazine and a styling lookbook, CoordiSnap shows you the latest trends, shopping info, enabling you to share your own styling concept with other fashion lovers.

Fractal: Make Blooms Not War Come be enthralled by Fractal’s music puzzler experience. Push, Combo, and Chain your way through a pulsing technicolor dreamscape while expanding your consciousness at 130 BPM. Three game modes let you explore this hexagonal universe: • Campaign Mode takes you through a world of discovery, with each level offering new possibilities of play and expanding on challenges. • Puzzle Mode pushes the game’s mechanics to the limit in 50+ intense scenarios that will melt your brain. •Arcade Mode breaks down boundaries and turns on the timer, testing your reactions and ability to play as quickly as you possibly can. "Fractal is a refreshing puzzler. CIPHER PRIMECipher Prime is an award-winning Philadelphia game studio; we also made Auditorium, Splice, and Pulse: Volume One. Venez conquérir par la musique puzzle expérience de fractale. "Fractale est un casse-tête rafraîchissante.

Monday Makeover: An extensive look at Nova Launcher There is a plethora of apps out there that allow you to customize just about every single thing on your android smartphone without even rooting. That is why we have started the weekly series “Monday Makeover.” Each week we will take one of these customization apps and talk about setting it up, discuss the features of it, and show you how you can make your android device truly one of a kind. This week we are taking a look at the popular homescreen replacement Nova Launcher. Getting Nova Launch up and running on your phone is fairly simple. You will be presented with the basic Nova Launcher set up: a search bar at the top, two selections for backup and restore (we will talk about that later), a folder, and a few icons. The first thing we are going to dive into are Nova Settings which is where most of the setup will happen. Desktop Under the Desktop menu, you will see a plethora of options to choose from and we are going to take a look at the most important ones. Drawer Dock Folders Ok Google

Algeo graphing calculator Algeo is the most beautiful scientific graphing calculator available on the Play Store. It's fast and powerful and you'll never have to carry around a large physical TI calculator anymore. The intuitive interface shows your drawn functions as you would write them on paper rather than squeezing everything on a single line. And you don't need an internet connection unlike other graphing calculators, it works offline as well! Wolfram Alpha users love using Algeo! As a calculus calculator• Symbolic Differentiation• Calculate Integrals (definite only)• Calculate Taylor-series• Solve Equations• Draw function• Function plotting and finding roots of functions As a scientific graphing calculator• Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions• Radians and Degree Support• Logarithm• Result History• Variables• Scientific Notation• Combinatorial functions• Solve linear equations (x+y)• Do everything what you can do with a ti graphing calculator• Number theoretic functions (modulo, greatest common divisor)

ChefSteps Cut down on the cooking time with these quick and easy to make recipes. All recipes use simple ingredients that are easily available and inexpensive. We are confident that there is something for everyone and we are constantly adding new recipes articles and other food and cooking related material. All recipes are published for your convenience and are both suitable and tasty enough to be eaten by anyone without food allergies, as part of a normal diet. If you are interesting in learning how to cook healthy and yet simple recipes, you are in the right place. IMPORTANT NOTE: This app contains hundreds of recipes and does NOT require internet access. There are all kinds of recipes, though, including healthy Morning Muffins and all recipes have full instructions and ingredients list. Now, cooking any dish means you have to know all the ingredients and condiments that are required for preparing them. "All recipes for cooking anything are based upon the use of Kosher salt not table salt."

DraStic DS Emulator Speccy is a Sinclair ZX Spectrum home computer emulator. It will run software written for Spectrum 16k, 48k, 128k, +2, +2A, +3, Timex Sinclair, Pentagon, and Skorpion home computers. Features: * Specifically optimized for Android devices, using ARM assembler and running at the same speed as a real Spectrum.* Full screen portrait mode emulation, with options for simulating TV scanlines and fuzzy TV display.* Records soundtrack to MIDI files.* Includes both physical and touch screen keyboard support.* Includes NetPlay functionality for playing over local network or Internet.* Includes software archive browser. * Supports snapshots (*.sna, *.z80).* Supports loading from tapes (*.tap, *.tzx files), with authentic tape sounds.* Supports TR-DOS and a variety of other disk image formats (*.trd, *.scl, *.fdi, *.dsk).* Supports 128k and Fuller sound chips. Speccy package itself does not contain any Spectrum programs. Please, do not run any software you do not own with Speccy.

20 Online and App Resources to Help You Boost and Improve Productivity You probably have a smartphone in your hand, or really close by, and somewhere near, your email client is open. You are constantly on the lookout for the newest email, tweet, like, invite or any other kind of notification that can give you the latest info on your current project. Being this busy comes with its own drawbacks, as it can be pretty tiresome which all can lead to a big decrease in productivity. Because of this, true professionals are constantly trying to find the newest, most effective shortcut that will make their day a bit easier. There are so many different productivity apps that are already available on the market, both for Android, iOS and the still developing Windows Phone. 1. 1Password (Android, iOS, Windows PC, Chrome Extension, Website) First and foremost, it is your duty to protect your accounts with a strong password, and use different ones for each account. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.

Music Maker Jam #1 application spéciale composition - Rejoignez la révolution musicale ! Des millions de gens utilisent Music Maker JAM pour créer, partager et découvrir des pistes hallucinantes des genres EDM, hip hop, dubstep, house, pop, rock entre autres. En toute simplicitéFaites votre choix parmi des milliers de boucles, rythmes et mélodies de qualité professionnelle, puis démarrez le mixage de votre nouvelle piste – partagez-là instantanément au final avec une audiance mondiale ! Présentez vos compositions à un public international - pour être suivi, être découvert, ou connaître un simple moment de gloire ! Plus de dix Packs de style GRATUITS disponibles dans notre boutique. Des possibilités illimitées - Faites votre sélection parmi plus de 200 packs de style de musique avec trap, hip hop, dubstep, rock, pop, funk, drum and bass, techno, house, ambient, jazz et musiques de films inclus ! La communauté Music Maker JAM a engendré plus de 2 millions de chansons à ce jour.

Learn Bengali - 50 languages FunEasyLearn is the easy and fun new way to learn Italian - whether you like listening music from other countries, travelling abroad, working for an international company, or chatting with foreign friends. Our app encourages your kids to learn speaking Italian quickly. Get the FREE vocabulary app right now! Fun* Select from 7 fun games to learn in a uniquely entertaining manner.* Built-in "Spin Categories" feature allows the app to choose a random topic, subtopic and game for you to enhance your learning experience.* "Review Manager" allows you to review all the words you've learned during each game. Easy* No internet connection is required to use the app.* 3 difficulty levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced.* Choose your preferred tuition language from 51 pre-programmed interface languages: Italian, English, German, French, Turkish, Russian, Korean, Arabic, Thai, Japanese, Spanish, etc. Learn Italian app is absolutely FREE! Dinner Spinner Store all your favorite recipes in one place! My CookBook is a recipe manager with search and import features. My CookBook lets you create your own digital cookbook. Build your own recipe database by gathering recipes on the web and using the import features.It is you and your own cookery! You are looking for a new recipe ? You already have a cookbook ? You want to share some recipes with your friends ? My CookBook also includes these features :• Create shopping lists using your recipe ingredients• Synchronize your recipes on different devices using dropbox• Scale the ingredients to serve more or less people• Use the speech feature to read recipes• Customize various parts of the app such as theme, font size, categories.• Earn Kiip Rewards by adding new recipes• Open recipes on your Android Wear watch My CookBook is also available on your desktop: More details here : We support more than 200 websites.