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The encyclopedia of painting

The encyclopedia of painting
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El Anatsui: Shimmering display of the African sensibility If you are already exposed to the astonishing wall hanging sculptures of El Anatsui, then you will need no further introduction of him. But if not, here is a brief introduction about this legendary Ghanaian sculptor who lives and works in Nigeria. Brahim El Anatsui was born in 1944 in Anayko, Ghana. After graduating from Nkrumah University of technology in Ghana, he moved to Nigeria in 1975 to take up a teaching job at Nsukka where he is lecturing at the University’s art institute on sculpture till today. Trained as a sculptor, earlier Anatsui worked with wood, found objects, iron, clay and paint. He established himself and got recognition for his free, unrestricted style of mixed media sculptures. The ‘Anatsui’ that the art world now cherishes and values immensely is through this recent work in particular. Anatsui’s work has achieved the rare feat of holding on to its innate roots and then going on to transform it into a work of indisputably universal appeal.

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Open Culture Johann Georg Meyer von Bremen (1813 – 1886, German) (Part II) The New Baby The Honey Eater Little Brother Sleeps Sunday Best Girl Knitting By A Window Homely Peace Afternoon Amusements The Sleeping Child The Little Goat Herder Young Girl Standing In A Doorway Knitting Family Happiness The Young Mother Motherhood Woman And Children Before The Hearth The Chatterbox Siesta Young Girl Knitting Peasant Girl Carrying Wood And Flowers Making A Bouquet A Young Girl At The Well Knitting Girl Mother With Children Little Girl Saying Her Prayers Little Girl Saying Her Prayers In Bed The First Visit To The Newborn (See also: Part I) Mi piace: Mi piace Caricamento... Questa voce è stata pubblicata in MEYER von BREMEN Johann G. e contrassegnata con Johann Georg Meyer von Bremen.

Some Cool Stuff They’re Alive: Carnival of the Animals Presenting our 2011 Holiday Windows The BG Holiday Windows are a most welcome institution — they give a lot of pleasure to us while others do the hard work. We have the easy part—we show up marvel and take pictures. Well the work is over and the windows are here: The Carnival of the Animals have arrived. Photograph by Ricky Zehavi The ‘brass menagerie’ is full of tropical metal birds made in the 1970’s by artist Sergio Bustamante. Photograph by Ricky Zehavi The paper window is a favorite — over 300 different papers used in black, gray, and white, used to make zebras, Dalmatians, and other monochrome animals. There are enough inventive details that you’ll easily fill your camera’s memory card. VIEW MORE HOLIDAY WINDOW PHOTOS on GOOGLE+ DECKEDView our 2011 Holiday Ornaments via Google+ HOLIDAY HAPPENINGSSee what’s happening this Holiday season at BG

Leslie's Artgallery : Digital Art - Women in Art par Philip Scott Johnson Women in Art Philip Scott Johnson (2007) La vidéo "Women in Art", réalisée par Philip Scott Johnson, est une hymne impressionnante consacrée à l'histoire de l'art à travers l'image de la femme. La musique est celle de Yo-Yo Ma jouant la Sarabande de la Suite pour Violoncelle n° 1 de Bach. Cette vidéo, téléchargée sur de nombreux sites vidéo collaboratifs, a créé une vraie euphorie sur le web. Rien que sur le site YouTube, elle a été visionnée par plus de 5,3 millions visiteurs et elle a suscité plus de 10.000 commentaires endéans 2 mois. Cette vidéo est un vrai chef d'oeuvre d'art digital sur les plans de la maîtrise technique et de la créativité artistique. Les oeuvres d'art utilisées pour la création du film "Women in Art" ont été répertoriées par Boni, instructrice professionnelle au "Fayetteville Technical Community College" sur son site dédié aux novices de l'Internet.

Edward Hopper Edward Hopper a grandit à Nyach (Etat de New-York). Il s'intéresse à l'Art et commence ses premiers dessins d'après nature très jeune. Il part ensuite pour New-York et suit les cours de Robert Henri à la New-York School of Art. Il rencontre enfin le succès en 1923. Hopper est attentif à l'évolution de la société américaine. Contrairement à beaucoup de ses contemporains, qui se délectait dans la monumentalité de New York, Hopper a su éviter les attractions pittoresques de la ville.

Origami Masks and Tessellations by Joel Cooper Paper artist Joel Cooper folds these astounding masks and tessellations from single pieces of paper. Given the right conditions I might be expected to fold a piece of paper in half, and on a good day even into fourths, but I simply can’t fathom the patience and understanding required to transform paper into three-dimensional objects like this. You can see more of his work here and some of the pieces seen here are available on Etsy.