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Sock Monkey

Sock Monkey
How To Sew Sock MonkeySewing Pattern: Download pattern here. It contains the eyes, ears and pattern for drawing the sock.Materials: Make: 1 (adult size) 1. Sock (crew length), 1 pair (I used striped sock so that it is easy to get the alignment right.) 2. White felt 3. Button eye 7/16″ [11.5mm], black, 2 (for toddler monkey, use 3/8″ button) 4. Embroidery Floss, yellow 5. Preparation Prepare all the materials needed as described above. Turn the sock to wrong side, align sock as per photo below. Draw pattern on the sock with erasable fabric marker. 1. Body There will be an opening created between the legs. 1. Finally, turn the body out. Stuff the legs with poly-fill stuffing material. Fill the body round and to the firmness you like. 1. Arms Stuff the arm with poly stuffing material until about 1/2″ from the opening. 1. Both arms waiting to be assembled to the sock monkey. Ears 1. Tail Fold the batting three times and sew the end to the seam line of the tail end (wrong side). 1. Assembly 1. 1.

Recycle Tutorial: Woven Rag Rug Thank you for all the great feedback for liking my Braided Rag Rug. I understand that not everyone has a sewing machine or/and able to sew, so I created this no-sew version for the non-sewer who like to recycle their bed sheets or de-stash their fabrics to make this feet cozy Woven Rag Rug. This tutorial doesn’t require any loom for weaving; just use a sturdy corrugated carton box from your recycle pile. I hope everyone can do their part on greening the Earth again and reduce the rubbish that loaded the landfill. {Get full details on next page.} Pages: 1 2 Get all updates via email: Highlights from Our Partners

marble magnets I finally gave in and made marble magnets. Not surprisingly they are quite fun, smooshing the glue out to make a perfect little magnified image is very satisfying. Here, in order of appearance, are the places I referenced: paper candy instructions with pictures (this is the first place I saw this project) dogmestic with instructions and pictures photogeek pictures ugly green chair cute ladybug magnets – pictures with packaging threads at Glitter:onetwothree I bought all of these supplies at Michael’s, including the glue I went back for since I got the wrong kind to start with. These are great packaged in those Altoid-sized tins, I’ve seen them in office/gift shops like that. Adjustable Button Necklace « Trash to Treasure - tutorials | This wonderful tutorial is made by Petronella Luiting specially for our project "Tarbetust tarvilikuks" (Trash to treasure) - in witch we share tutorials of recycling and reusing things. This project is in Estonian language but some of the texts will be available in English as well... There are plenty of fab tutorials in Estonian version of the page - you can check them out HERE. Don't speak Estonian? No problem just crab Google Translate and follow clear and good photos of the instructions. Project is supported by EAA and Norwegian Financial Mechanisms through Fund for NGOs. Click the link and... Do you have old buttons in the house ? Material needed: Step 1: Measure about 150 cm of the cord and cut it off; thread this piece on the needle you are going to use. Step 2: Step 3: Repeat step 2 as long as you like the necklace to be (I made it here about 50 cm long). Step 4: the adjustable closure. Take a button with 2 really big holes (the cord has to go twice through each hole).

project doily: star decorations « the happy home DIY Butterfly Rice Tosser by Posh Paperie + Jackie Wonders SMP Magazine Forgot Password? Join SMP Weddings Vendor Guide DIY Projects Galleries LOOK BOOK SMP Blogs Menu View Posts By: categories tags Categories Posts By DIY Butterfly Rice Tosser by Posh Paperie + Jackie Wonders DIY Favors and Gifts DIY Packaging DIY Projects Tags DIY Project Instructions DIY Projects Vendors Jackie Wonders Posh Paperie The lovely ladies of Posh Paperie, who are always sending us the THE BEST projects, have done it again with one of the cutest DIY tutorials and we are giving them major props for the easy factor combined with a completely adorable aesthetic that could so easily be translated for your big day. Supplies needed to make these pretty, pretty Rice Tossers: Butterflies (found at a craft store) Cardstock: different colors and patterns (thinner works best!) Directions: So stinkin cute, right? These Vendors are members of our Little Black Book. Invitations posh paperie View Portfolio Join The Conversation 112 comments favorite (95) share share (354) tweet (75) pin (22746) [...]

felted wool sweater blanket project 11 more sweaters shrunk and cut. theres another 9 that need another run through the wash to hopefully shrink and felt some more. this is probably as good a time as any for some notes on my experiences with "felting" these sweaters. of course, complete felting doesnt actually occur - not to the extent that it would if i were to, say, take the time to felt by hand in scalding hot water. but, i just dont have time for that. typically what ive been doing is washing in a top-loading washer (better agitation, more banging around - friction is one part of the felting equation) set for whites (hot wash, cold rinse... if i could find a washer with a hot rinse, id be a happy man...) and then into the dryer on maximum heat until the sweaters are complete dry to the touch. for items that dont shrink as much as you would like, a second round can work, but doesnt shrink as much as the first time through.

How to Make Paper Ornaments September 1st, 2008 Email 169 users recommend These whimsical, gem-toned paper ornaments make a handsome addition to any tree. Jeff Rudell If you'd rather recycle materials, many glossy magazine covers are brightly colored and printed on heavy stock. Don't be afraid to experiment with the size (length and width) of the strips you use. Photo: Jeff Rudell 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6next> View all As someone who's folded 1,000 origami paper cranes, made miles of paper garland, and crafted individual paper shades for seven strings of holiday lights, I can say with some authority that if you're planning on creating crafts for the holidays, now is the time to begin work on those projects! The truth is, it's not hard, not at all, but it is time consuming and there's the rub. Not being the sort of person to give up (or listen to reason), I proceeded to increase my production output. By mid-December, as I passed the halfway mark, I realized the task was substantially larger than anticipated. Time consuming!

DIY: Vinyl Butterflies | Our newest moodboard Set Free showcases our awesomely handmade vinyl butterflies. They’re relatively easy to make (relatively meaning possible), but be careful and clear your schedule for the day. Here’s how these butterflies transformed from old vinyl records. (We found our vinyls at a thrift store. We do NOT recommend using any favorites of yours/your bf’s/your parents’. ha.) Materials: Vinyl Records, White & Black Crayon, Butterfly Stencils, Scissors Center the butterfly pattern on the vinyl record. Line a cookie sheet with tin foil and place the record on top. Pre-heat the oven to 400 degrees and place the cookie sheet on the top rack of the oven. Use sharp scissors to cut out the butterfly shape. You’re almost done! Now that the butterfly is completely cut out, begin to softly bend the wings upward for a 3D effect. Ta-da! If you do end up making any, huge high fives to you, and send us pictures! Check out the rest of our DIYs here! XoXo,ThreadSence P.S.

Design*Sponge » Blog Archive » diy project: paper bag lanterns the bbbcraft sisters love parties! and what’s more important at a party than lighting? with a couple of photographers in our family, we have always had to focus on both indoor and outdoor lighting at parties, making it soft and cozy and above all, inviting. nothing captures this more than a little bit of diffused candle light. we wanted to create an inexpensive way of creating our own indoor and outdoor lighting and came up with these paper bag lanterns. CLICK HERE for the full how-to after the jump! what you need: 1. white paper bags (3.5” x 6.5” we found these , paper bags online on amazon) 2. bone folder 3. pencil 3. stencils and/or stamps and white stamp pad 4. x-acto knife 5. small piece of cardboard 6. 22 gauge wire, cut in to 17” segments 7. grommets and grommet pliers 8. tea lights 9. long matches or long lighter what you do: 2. slide the small piece of cardboard in the flat bag, so you have a surface to cut on without cutting through the other side of the bag. bbbcraft makes it a gift!

Craft, Interrupted: DIY Magnetic Travel Activity Tray I'm going to show you a travel activity tray that I whipped up in the days before our recent road trip. This one is (obviously) geared toward preschooler boys, but you could take the same concept and adjust it for girls. I was rushing this one, and a few bits are not quite up to my usual standards, but it still turned out good and was a successful boredom buster on our road trip. What I used: 11" by 17" metal cookie sheet, with sides metal, hinged book rings (3) 3 sheets of craft felt velcro tabs duct tape clear contact paper circle craft magnets (1/2" diameter by 1/4" thick) scrapbook paper & computer print-outs What I did was make several layers of play mats that my Little Man could use cars, trains, and dinos on. To keep everything together, I had the Hubs drill three holes in the vertical edge of the tray - these had to be filed smooth after drilling to get rid of sharp edges that might scratch little hands. The different activity layers can then be flipped up and over the front like pages.

SNOWFLAKE BALLERINAS for Little Hands We decided to follow up on the previous article with similar ballerinas that would be easy enough for children. They are just as beautiful as the others but much simpler to do. The basic shape is symmetrical, so you can fold the paper in two and only do half the cutting. Our house is already full of snowflake ballerinas… and I certainly didn’t cut any of them Print out the template. The skirt is easier, too – you only fold 3 times (instead of 4) so there would not be too many layers that would make cutting difficult. After the skirt has been cut out, fold it in two and make a slip to insert the ballerina.