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BOTIZE - Tu Bot en Twitter

BOTIZE - Tu Bot en Twitter

40+ usuarios de Twitter para aprender una lengua extranjera « Sociología Contemporánea En este blog insistimos frecuentemente sobre el uso de aplicaciones web con fines educativos. El caso de Twitter, enfocado en el campo de enseñanza y aprendizaje de las lenguas extranjeras, es otro claro ejemplo. Así pues, nos dimos a la tarea de recopilar más de 40 usuarios de Twitter que podrían ayudarnos a reforzar el aprendizaje de un idioma. Español @spanishblog. @HolaQueTalUK. @blogdelengua Alberto Bustos es un blogger cuya principal pasión radica todo lo que tenga que ver con la palabra. Italiano @learnitalian. @italianlanguage. Ruso @russianlanguage. Francés @frenchlanguage Aprende langue française con útiles recursos. Japonés @japanesepod101. @LearnKanji. Alemán @germanlanguage. @germanheit. Esperanto @GoEsperanto. Chino @EcuaChina. @Chinese_Courses Lecciones de chino con profesores profesionales desde Beijing. Comunidades @lenguajero. Comentarios

Twitter and Archaeology Now I know Twitter is not everybody's cup of tea, but I was poking around today and discovered some very interesting projects in Twitter. If you've been interested in seeing what different archaeological groups are up to on Twitter, or contemplating running a Twitter feed for your own group, this blog is for you. It took me several hours, but I found a lot of professional archaeologists and students who were tweeting about archaeology; and I also found a lot of creative use of Twitter by organizations, archaeological sites, museum, magazines—even a handful of CRM firms to get news out about their organizations. Each of the following links should take you to a Twitter page, where you can cruise at your own pace and see what others are doing. If I missed your organization's Twitter feed (and I very well might have, searching Twitter has a needle-in-haystack quality), add it in a comment and I'll add it to the list. Specific Archaeology Projects Archaeology News Servers CRM Firms Museums

Quedadas en Paratweet :: A practical twitter tool for live experiences Filter Tweeps - Advanced Twitter Search Twitter Unfollower Tracker :: Twitter App :: Who Unfollowed Me? undefined twootles! search Google & Twitter What's Your Tweet Worth Twitdom » The Twitter Applications Database 100 Ways to Use Twitter In Your Library Twitter is a free social networking and communication tool that lets you send short messages of up to 140 characters to your group of friends via the Twitter website, SMS, other Twitter clients, email, or IM. An increasing number of libraries and librarians are now using Twitter to engage readers, spread information, and banish the conception of dark, silent buildings staffed by stuffy introverts. So if you want to see how Twitter can be a dynamic way to connect with patrons, students and other library professionals, then the list below should definitely get you started. Here are 100 tips that can help you effectively use Twitter in your libraries. > Reference With many online tools, the reference sections of many libraries have been overlooked. 2. 3. [more] > Discussion Use these tips to create communication as well as a feeling of community at your library. 10. 11. 12. > Announcements & Updates Highlight new materials, group meetings, current news, and more with some of these suggestions.