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It's all about the Jaw!

It's all about the Jaw!

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5 Important Focal Lengths to Know and the Benefits of Each Please note: all focal lengths mentioned in this article are in reference to 35mm full frame sensors. There are photographers that favor the convenience and flexibility of zoom lenses, and those that favor their sharper, lighter and cheaper counterpart, the prime lens. Note: some modern zooms do have prime-like optics. Often, it’s your line of work that will make that decision for you. Whichever variant you favor, you owe it to yourself to experiment with different focal lengths to learn where they each excel, and which ones mesh best with your style.

Introduction To Making Games Part 1: Picking A Game Framework Whether you are a seasoned game developer or just getting started making your own game, chances are you are going to need a good game framework to build upon. A game framework could be as simple as a collection of code packed up into a library in a specific language, like JavaScript, or a more complex system of scripts, tools, and workflow built on a specific platform. Both types are designed to help speed up your game’s development. The last thing you want to be doing, especially when getting started, is reinventing the wheel. Here is a quick rundown of things to look for in a good game framework: Speeds up development by including collision and physics, and handles input Has good documentation and an active community to help answer questions Is easy to pick up and matches your skill level (drag and drop for non-coders and low-level access for seasoned developers) Easy multi-platform distribution, allowing you to get your new game on as many platforms as possible

Two Simple Steps to Improve Portrait Photography Here is a photography article outlining two VERY simply steps to improving your portrait photography. Have you ever seen a portrait where the subject is lost in the background because everything is in focus? There are times when having a focused background is what one is looking for, of course. Last year I did a shoot with models against graffiti-filled walls and kept the background in focus as it offered an added dimension to the shoot.

ACE - Skills Overhaul at Skyrim Nexus "This mod is amazing. Most balanced and fun at same time.To make it even better there is optional downloads of each part.The compatibility with other mods is also remarkable.Details and installation guide covers everything a player needs to know.This mod is just pure win. :)"- DigitalPrinceX (A happy ACE user) ACE - Athyra's Comprehensive EnhancementsACE is a collection of mods which can be run independently of each other.ACE aspires to brings more depth and balance Skyrim while maintaining its original feel.It does so by adding depth to the skill trees and adding new functionality.Below is a list of each module with an explanation of how it alters Skyrim. I hope you enjoy ACE! ( In its entirety or in parts :] ) -Athyra

An Exercise For You to Practice Depth of Field Without Going Outside Many photographers, especially when starting out, have a difficult time understanding depth of field. I also hear quite often that photographers are waiting for nice weather to get out and shoot. So, here’s a fun exercise you can do at home, in any weather, that will help you understand the finer aspects of depth of field. Depth of field is determined by which aperture you choose, what focal length you’re using, and the distance between the camera and the subject. Computer Man-Caves That Make This Writer Drool And Cry Steven On May 14, 2012 Ever since I first managed to start using a dual monitor setup I was hooked and really couldn’t see myself returning for any long period of time to some piddly laptop or tablet screen especially considering my workflow. There are time that I wish I could even expand beyond those two monitors but that probably won’t happen for some time. So, like you I will have to make do with this awesome collection of computer man-caves with screens galore and make sure my drool towel is close at hand.

Good Crop Bad Crop - How to Crop Portraits All images © Gina Milicia 2015 “Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.” ? Pablo Picasso When it comes to knowing what is right for me there are a few things I know for sure: First, garlic and ice cream are never meant to be mixed together. Secondly, even if I colour my hair blonde I’m never going to look like madonna, and finally when my mechanic warns me that the timing chain in my car should be fixed as soon as possible, I need to listen up and act. If who have read my other articles or ebooks, you will know that I’ve also learned many lessons in my photography career from stupid mistakes, or lapses in judgement. The Hunter of Blunders: Chapter 6: Imperial Blood Chapter 6: Imperial Blood The Hunter sat down on a hard wooden chair within his jail cell and reflected upon his failures on the streets above. He stared down at a loaf of stale bread and a block of mouldy cheese as the melancholoy sounds of jail shackles continued to echo the Castle Dour Dungeon. The dullness of prison life soon set in and the occasionally bite of bread did little to uplift his sadness. The Hunter of Blunders soon realised he must escape.

The 5 Elements That Can Help You Make a Great Photos Often a great photo relies on a combination of factors coming together to produce the final result. On a few rare occasions, all of these elements present themselves in perfect harmony by chance. However, the majority of the time as a photographer, you have to research, plan, and put a lot of effort into capturing a photograph that has these elements in it. #1 – The Subject