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Amazon Rainforest Facts for Kids

Amazon Rainforest Facts for Kids

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AMAZON RAINFOREST ANIMALS Caiman lizard eye. Amazon Rainforest - © Steve Geer/Istockphoto Amazon rainforest is home to many strangest looking, largest and smallest, loudest and quietest, more dangerous and least frightening animals on Earth. In fact, both the Andes mountain range and the Amazon rainforest are home to more than half of the world's species of flora and fauna. The following list of Amazon rainforest animals - in no particular order - is an introduction to some of the most beautiful and, in some cases, most dangerous creatures of the jungle. Your next adventure travel to South America or jungle trekking experience will be better prepared and more enjoyable overall by getting acquainted with them. Amazon Rainforest Animals: Golden Lion Tamarin. Tremendously reach in animal life, the Amazon rainforest ecosystem is populated by insects, arachnids, reptiles, amphibians, birds and mammals. Spider monkey: Inhabits the canopy of the rainforest eating fruits, seeds and leaves. Photo Credits: Choose Your Language

How to use a semicolon 10 Bizarre Creatures of the Amazon Rainforest Animals The fast-disappearing Amazon rainforest harbors some amazing creatures. Most of us have heard of vampire bats, piranhas and the anaconda, but among the forest’s inhabitants are weird and wonderful animals just as bizarre as the more famous ones, if not more so. This relative of the raccoon has golden fur and a tail that can grip branches. Dwelling in murky rivers, the electric eel delivers hundreds of volts that can stun a human. These brightly colored frogs are among the most toxic creatures on earth. The world’s largest ant grows to the size of your pinky and has a bite to match. When fleeing from predators, this reptile runs along the surface of water such as a pond or stream. Eschewing the typical bat diet of insects, the world’s largest species of bat has claws like an osprey’s. The glass frog’s flesh is entirely transparent, allowing you to see the internal organs, including the heart pumping away.

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Rainforest Animals The Teacher’s Quick Guide To Pinterest The following article is by Julie Delello of the University of Texas at Tyler. She can be reached at jdelello[at] if you have any questions or comments. Children learn social skills by interacting freely with peers. Playgrounds provide an opportunity for children from different classrooms to interact and enhance skill development. What if there was a place for the teachers to play, learn new skills, and network with others? For some, the relatively new social network site Pinterest has become a virtual playground allowing users to “pin” inspiring images from around the web. As a new teacher, it’s easy to become overwhelmed trying to create motivating lessons while managing the responsibilities within the classroom. Pinterest, created in 2009 and launched in March of 2010, has been ranked 10th out of the top visited social networking sites across the world, allowing users to search for pins with a specific theme or subject. Getting Started Set up an account. References