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Using Comics and Graphic Novels in the Classroom (The Council Chronicle, Sept. 05)

Using Comics and Graphic Novels in the Classroom (The Council Chronicle, Sept. 05)
While Americans tend to view comics as “fodder for children,” people in Europe and Japan have a more positive view of the medium, explains John Lowe, who is chair of the Sequential Art Department at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia. Lowe thinks comics deserve more credit, especially since they launched his interest in literature. “I started reading comics, and then I got into other types of fiction and literature. I stopped reading comics a little later, but I don’t think I would have made the leap [to literature] if it weren’t for comics.” In his case, Lowe says, he literally went from reading “Batman to Faulkner.” Now he works with students who are interested in cartoons, graphic novels, and manga—Japanese comics and graphic novels—which Lowe notes are especially popular among female students. Storytelling is the program’s primary focus because this skill prepares students to work in any genre, Lowe explains. Bridging Literacies Focus on Graphic Novels Sharon F.

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Teaching the Graphic Novel Teaching the Graphic Novel Editor(s): Stephen E. Tabachnick Pages: viii & 353 pp. Published: 2009 ISBN: 9781603290616