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AnkiDroid Flashcards
Memorize anything with AnkiDroid! AnkiDroid lets you learn flashcards very efficiently by showing them just before you would forget. It is fully compatible with the spaced repetition software Anki (including synchronization), which is available for Windows/Mac/Linux/ChromeOS. Study all sorts of things wherever and whenever you want. Make good use of idle times on bus trips, in supermarket queues or any other waiting situation! Create your own flashcard decks or download free decks compiled for many languages and topics (more than 6000 available). Add material through the desktop application Anki or directly through Ankidroid. ★ Key features:• supported flashcard contents: text, images, sounds, LaTeX• spaced repetition (supermemo 2 algorithm)• text-to-speech integration• more than 6000 premade decks• progress widget• detailed statistics• syncing with AnkiWeb• open source

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ZipGrade Grade multiple choice tests, quizzes, and assessments instantly in the classroom by using your Android device's camera as a grading scanner. ZipGrade is a grading app that makes grading effortless while capturing, storing, and reporting with useful data on assessments. No need to wait for the Scantron machine or sheetfed scanner to grade papers quickly. Students receive immediate feedback and can see their score on a test as soon as they're done. Música relajante Meditation relax music sleep offers you 15 sessions of meditation sounds without repetition to be used how: ambiance music, massage music, music to sleep and calm music. Meditation relax music sleep is your perfect relax aid and help to stop anxiety and stress daily, relieve headache, cure insomnia and how a substitute for white noise. Why waste your time creating a mix with relax music? Our deal with you: We create cool relax melodies, you only play and relax. Create a perfect ambiance and relax melodies to sleep free.

Quizlet Quizlet makes studying fun, easy, and effective. Create your own sets of study material or choose from millions created by other Quizlet users, then master your subject with powerful interactive learning tools: - Make your own flashcards- Put your memory to the test with Learn- Race against the clock in a game of Match- Share with classmates or your students- Listen to automatic pronunciations in 18 languages- Enhance your studying with images and audio What students and teachers are saying about Quizlet: "I cannot live without Quizlet anymore, and I assume it's the same for my students :-) Quizlet is a must for every language learner.

Tapucate Grades. Mobile. Easy. Scientific Calculator free This is a user friendly scientific calculator which can be used for your mathematical tasks. This has following features * All Basic Mathematical Operations* Trigonometric operations* Hyperbolic operations* Logarithmic operations* Complex number operations* Matrix Operations* 10 variables* HEX,DEC,OCT,BIN operations* Fractions Support* Degree,Minute,Second Calculations* Degrees, Radian, Gradient Support* Solving Linear equations* Plot Graphs* Common unit conversions* Predefined Scientific Constants* Samsung Multi Window Support This Calculator is totally free and please report any improvements required in future releases to

Pixton This free app is a companion to your Pixton account on the web, so you can get creative on your mobile device. If you don't already have a Pixton account, sign up now. HOW THE APP WORKS:- Log into Pixton in your browser- Tap to edit a comic or character, launching this app- Tap 'Done' when finished editing, returning to your browser to publish, share, print, or download your comic Choose a background and characters, add speech bubbles, and you're done! Or, use Pixton in advanced mode and control every element of your comic. USE PIXTON TO:- Write a book report or other school project in the style of a graphic novel- Explain a concept or idea in a concise format- Tell a story with words and pictures- Depict nuanced emotions with customizable characters- Make a joke as a comic strip or cartoon- Storyboard a movie script

Relax Melodies ★ Amazon's Top Best Apps of 2012 ★★ The BEST & MOST popular sleep aid app ★★ Beautiful, Simple & Complete ★★ UNBEATABLE bank of 52 sounds & music ★★ Over 8,000,000 people now sleeping better ★ Also FEATURED in People Magazine, Health Magazine, Knowyourmobile, Mashable, Autism Pluggedin,,, & many other websites and magazines! Relax Melodies is the LEADER in personalized relaxation and sleep assistance. No more lacking of sleep or insomnia for you! The sleep that you need and want is waiting for you. Relax Melodies and its many features such as high quality white noise sounds, music melodies and complete customizable mixes will help you sleep like never before!

WavePad Free Audio Editor WavePad Free sound and audio editing application. Record, edit, and add effects, then send audio to yourself or others to share or continuing editing on another device. WavePad Free allows you to record voice or music, then edit the recording and add sound effects, clean up background noise and more to achieve high quality audio recordings. Easily edit your own recorded files. Tunable From the creators of NodeBeat comes Tunable, the most intuitive visual toolkit for musicians. Tunable is a chromatic tuner, tone/chord generator, metronome, and recorder that helps you learn to play steadily, in tune, and on beat. Featuring a unique “tuning history” display for visualizing pitch over time, Tunable is the perfect toolkit for beginning to professional musicians.