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Sparklines for Excel®

Sparklines for Excel®
"Thanks so much for this constructive comparison. Little frenchy VBA amateur vs. almighty MSFT coder team … I am thrilled. Lets review quickly your comparison table. Number of charts : XL2010 also offers VariChart() in the conditional formatting menu… in the other hand, the win/loss is nothing but a column chart with 1 ; 0 or -1. This limited number of charts does not reflect MSFT’s Business Intelligence ambitions… at least when it comes to Excel. Let’s assume it’s a start.

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XY Chart Labeler A very commonly requested Excel feature is the ability to add labels to XY chart data points. The XY Chart Labeler adds this feature to Excel. The XY Chart Labeler provides the following options: Add XY Chart Labels - Adds labels to the points on your XY Chart data series based on any range of cells in the workbook. SparkLines Download source code - 4.41 KB Introduction Spark lines is this really cool way to visualize information. They are small high resolution line charts that show you where things are heading. Note that they don't show any detailed data, but only the general trend.

Custom Functions in Excel: Part V, XLL-RTDs Introduction Why would you want to call an RTD from an XLL? Recall that the way to call an RTD is through the RTD function in Excel, so the user needs to somehow remember how many parameters your function takes and in what order to supply them and even what the function is called. Health InfoScape When you have heartburn, do you also feel nauseous? Or if you're experiencing insomnia, do you tend to put on a few pounds, or more? By combing through 7.2 million of our electronic medical records, we have created a disease network to help illustrate relationships between various conditions and how common those connections are. Take a look by condition or condition category and gender to uncover interesting associations.

How to Make a Donut-Pie Combination Chart We’ve been dissing pie charts and donut charts quite a bit. So why then would we want a donut-pie combination chart? In Jorge Camoes’ How to create better pie charts, he showed a chart like this one. Custom Functions in Excel: Part IV, XLLs Introduction We’ve looked at VBA, Automation Add-ins, and RTDs in previous posts. XLLs are significantly faster, and allow the developer to define the names/parameters of the functions. They’re also not that difficult to implement, although setting up the definitions of your functions can be a bit tricky.

Getting started with visualization after getting started with visualization It's easy these days to get started with visualization. There are a lot of resources — books, tutorials, blogs, and classes — to help you learn, and the many new and old software applications let you work with data right away, point and click. You don't have to stop here though. Multi-level Pie Charts By: Jeff Clark Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2006 I promised a few months ago to describe something I call a Multi-level Pie Chart or Radial Treemap. I spent some time developing the idea as an alternative to the standard Treemap a few years ago before discovering that it had been done before. Despite the fact the idea has been around since 2000 it seems to be little known. Guide to Writing Custom Functions in Excel: Part III, C++ RTD add-in Introduction In the previous article we developed a custom function in Excel using an Automation Add-in. It was fairly straightforward and didn’t take long but performance isn’t one of it’s strengths and there is no way to properly document it within Excel for the user. The RTD is an automation add-in that implements the IRtdServer interface so creating it is similar. The RTD add-in is different from the other options in that it allows asynchronous calls which is a huge advantage when the function needs to make a call to a database or web service. Because RTDs are asynchronous, the user can continue to work in Excel while the function is calculating.

Clement Levallois - Teaching and training This course is offered to Bachelor students from all departments at Erasmus University. An initiative of the Erasmus Studio, it is coordinated by , with and me as co-teachers of three separate modules in it. Franciska de Jong, Renske Jongbloed and Kees Mandemakers also participate in the lectures.

Slavery Footprint - Made In A Free World Made in a Free World - A solution for business. Омогућава Преводилац Amazing Excel Add-ins XLTest Free Edition XLTest helps you to check the integrity of your spreadsheets far more quickly than with tedious cell-by-cell inspection. Its colour maps of the worksheets give you a visual overview that enables you to very quickly see inconsistencies. Its detailed listings are ideal for audit record purposes.

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