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Flipping my Spanish Classroom

Flipping my Spanish Classroom
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Emails y cartas en inglés: reclamación - hotel. Página principal...Índice de cartas y emails... Sir I have just returned from my holiday in Greece at the Hotel Athens in Hania, Crete that you expressly recommended. Firstly, the hotel was not "alongside the beach" but in a very seedy and run down area of the city. Secondly, there was no "good-sized swimming-pool shaded by palms" but a dirty, deep hole in the ground with no water in it and not one palm tree to be found! Lastly, the hotel room did not "boast an ample balcony with views of leaping porpoises in the bay", in fact; I could not see anything from my bedroom window except the stone wall of the block of flats 5 metres from my invisible balcony! As you may imagine, due to the obvious distress these revelations caused me after embarking on this holiday with such high expectations (raised by you), I trust that you will not be surprised that I shall be consulting my lawyers about taking further action against you. Yours cordially Vanessa Wilmott-Smythe En español... Señor: Cordialmente,

Teaching Español ¡Vámonos! Attempting to Teach Digital Citizens about PLNs, Teaching the (non)Controversy part III This was originally going to be a blog about how kids communicate based on my reflections of the last two weeks of the #BYOTchat (Thursdays 9pm...where all the cool educators hangout). I was going to talk about the increase in students using twitter over facebook. How a huge factor in this seems to be the adoption of facebook by the students' parents. This was going to branch into a decision making matrix about distinguishing when we are trying to reach out to kids (in which case, be where they are) from when we are teaching kids to be attentive to their communications responsibilities (in which case, set the expectation and don't coddle). This will not be that blog. Teaching the (non)Controversy, Revisited Note: this is part three, but can be read without the other two. I thought that would probably be the end of the discussion (for the time being). [Interlude One] One of the assignments I give in the last month of the #digcit class is a weekly analysis of a technology article. Indeed.

Inspiratie activerende didactiek moderne talen by Evelien Hoekman on Prezi Reflections of a Spanish Teacher Spanish Is Your Amigo — Everything you need and nothing you don't. In Memoriam: Google Reader -- Why This Matters to Digital Citizenship Note: The top half of this will be about Google Reader -- the best product that few people new about. Feel free to ignore it. The bottom half will tie this product and the philosophy behind it to Digital Citizenship and Information Literacy. If you are a non-tech Educator, skip to the picture of the three girls. So Long and Thx for all the Well-Organized, Pre-Selected Push News If you were reading any blogs about...well almost anything or on social media...just about any of them. The reason that the cry was so loud, in part, is because so many of the non-traditional news sources (blogs, website reporters, active tweeters, etc.) used Google Reader on a daily (and in some cases hourly) basis. What is Google Reader? The reason the reader was so popular was because it did what it was designed to do very well. Why Shut It Down? From a Social Studies teacher: What am I supposed to do? From Hitler: What? ...and that is ultimately the issue. 1. 2. 3. Why not Social Media?

Handige tools #1: werken met digitale prikborden | Tumult Een paar maanden geleden zag ik de uitzending 10x beter onderwijs van de NTR, over nieuwe media in het onderwijs. Nieuwe media zouden het onderwijs interactiever en effectiever kunnen maken. Wie wil dat nou niet? Digiborden, iPads … Een groot aantal digitale leermiddelen kwam voorbij. Maar een leermiddel wordt pas effectief door de manier waarop je het gebruikt. Wil je je lessen interactiever en effectiever maken? Hoe, waarom, wat? Sommige van onderstaande lesideeën kunnen natuurlijk ook op papier of mondeling uitgevoerd worden. Deze lesideeën kunnen met de meeste van deze tools uitgevoerd worden: Ik ga nu in op de specifieke mogelijkheden van twee verschillende tools. Padlet Op Padlet maak je ‘walls’ aan. Doelen stellen Maak een wall aan en zet er een opdracht op. Tip: zet het scherm van de beamer even uit wanneer de leerlingen aan het typen zijn. Presentatie of werkstuk voorbereiden Laat leerlingen hun presentatie of werkstuk op Padlet maken. Klaar voor de start?

Teaching & Learning Spanish Teaching Spanish w/ Comprehensible Input Confessions of a Jesuit School CIO