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Introducing School-Wide Digital Citizenship Practices with iPads

Introducing School-Wide Digital Citizenship Practices with iPads
An elementary school in our district recently got 30 iPads and asked for some advice implementing them with students and teachers. In addition to suggesting some starter apps, I recommended that we have conversations with kids around the appropriate use of these devices. While almost every child has used an iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone, the exciting learning opportunities these mobile, Internet-connected, media creation devices create also open the door to new challenges. Cyberbullying or inappropriate web publishing happens more through the camera than regular computer use does; the mobility of the device combined with the reality that multiple users are using the device with no personalized, password-protected, network-tracked accounts makes it more challenging to keep track of who is doing what with the device or that the device itself is safe. Rather than tell the students how they should and should not use iPads, I felt compelled to involve the students in the conversation.

Learning and Teaching with iPads Educreations For Assessment Once again I am amazed at how well students can perform on a homework assessment, but when asked to explain the process for solving a problem, they struggle. The Situation: WHAT THE STUDENTS WERE INSTRUCTED TO CREATE We finally found something that will work for us. We created an account that all students can use to upload their content. This really opens some doors for us as we have tried to enhance student's understanding of apps that we previously used.

iPads in Primary Education 80 Apps to Learn a New Language You’ve been telling yourself for years that you’ll learn a new language or at least dust off those high school Spanish skills. How about starting when you’re in line at the grocery store or waiting for the bus? Having language lessons on your iPhone means you can learn at your own pace, wherever and whenever you have the time. Below you’ll find 80 apps for learning a number of different languages: everything from Chinese to sign language! A few of the apps come in multiple language variations so if you find one you like in a given language, keep scrolling to see if there are other versions. Spanish Spanish! Spanish! iStart Spanish! FREE Spanish Tutor – 24/7 Tutor Spanish goes beyond the simple talking phrasebook or flashcard programs, providing a set of engaging, interactive study tools that help you really learn the language. Basic Spanish For Dummies – Whether you want to take up Spanish from scratch or brush up on your existing skills for work or travel, this practical app is for you!

iPad Curriculum 14 Ways To Store And Share Files On The iPad iPads are neat little devices that can pretty much do it all: play music, support interactive content, reshape how we think of textbooks, produce high-quality videos, and even take a step back and function as a good old-fashioned typewriter. The iPad does, however, have its share of flaws ranging from those hardware related (proprietary connections that work with Apple and only Apple products), to software (if you want an iPad, you must go through iTunes). And one of the educators’ biggest gripes with the iPad is its lack of storage space. While PCs and laptops are now measuring their size in terabytes, and Android tablets play nicely with PCs–offering drag-n-drop support and USB integration, among other supporting features, iPads have an uphill battle here. And worse, they come in flavors (e.g., 16-64 GB) that are now rivaled or surpassed by your average thumb drive. Identify Your Needs There are a variety of explanations here for why Apple knowingly went for such small storage spaces.

Teaching like it's 2999 A Great iPad Manual for Every Teacher A few weeks ago I posted here a poster on iPad basics which many of you have downloaded to use with their students in the class. Today, I am sharing with you another great resource on iPad. This is not a graphic but a quick reference card on everything you and your students need to know about iPad. From the hardware to networking features , this little manual can serve as a leading guide to a better manipulation of your iPad. I am not sure how much iPading you are doing in your classroom but whether you use iPad just occasionally or you adopt it as a consistent learning and teaching tool, the reference card below will definitely give you a hand in improving your iPad use. I suggest that you share it with your students and go through it with them section by section and make sure they understand it before they start using their iPads again. Click HERE to download the reference card.