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101 Awesome Free Blogger Templates. Blog Amuki is one of the most astounding Blogger based designs I have ever seen! I was awestruck to discover this hugely talented designer has released some Blogger templates for free! This is the first template by Amuki, which features a very interesting effect to hide the sidebar. Be sure to check out the demo to see this effect in action! View Demo | Download Papeles y Color Paper Wall Originally designed for Wordpress by Indezigner, this theme has been converted for Blogger three times, by BloggerThemes, Blogger FAQs and Deluxe Templates. View Demo | Download from BloggerThemes | Download from Blogger FAQs | Download from Deluxe Templates Showcase This is a perfect template for anyone wishing to showcase images/templates and the like using Blogger. Created by the talented Dante araujo, this showcase-style design works almost right out of the box and even includes javascript-based summaries so that text is hidden on non-item pages. View Demo | Download Showcase Blogger Template Eden's Garden

FONDOS DE ENSUEñOS Créer des codes QR Single Dad Laughing: The disease called "Perfection" As a warning, the following post was written in complete desperation. I have recently learned some very sobering truths from people that I love dearly. These truths have set in motion a quest within me to do whatever I can to make a change. Today is not geared at funny. Today is geared at something much greater. I have to wonder. And chances are it’s hit you too. What is the disease called ”Perfection”? We live in communities where people feel unconquerable amounts of pressure to always appear perfectly happy, perfectly functional, and perfectly figured. “Perfection” is a wife who feels trapped in a marriage to a lazy, angry, small man, but at soccer practice tells the other wives how wonderful her husband always is. “Perfection” is a husband who is belittled, unappreciated, and abused by his wife, yet works endlessly to make his marriage appear incredible to those who surround him at the water cooler. ”Perfection” really does keep people from being real about the truth.

Free Cursors 4U, Tumblr Cursor, Download, Mouse Pointer 30+ Free and Inspiring Blogger Templates Showcasing the designs of Blogger template designers has been a regular feature on Blogger Buster. Each time I compile a collection of Blogger templates, I am fascinated to see the variety of free designs available. But after seeing some of the free designs available in 2012, this time I'm truly awed. Having discovered (and of course, bookmarked) some truly amazing Blogger template designers, I present more than 30 of my favourite templates for 2012 with full template screenshots and links to the designers' sites. P.S. 1. A clean minimalist template which is customizable through the Blogger Template Designer. Demo | Download 2. Designed by Compartdisimo, this is a stunning template in which images are automatically transformed to be circular in appearance. Demo | Download 3. A stunning design by Loefa-Cebook which includes an integrated slider on the home page. Demo | Download 4. Demo | Download 5. Demo | Download 6. Uses a photo image as a background to generate this striking effect. 7. 8.

❤As if by Magic...⊱✿◕‿◕✿⊰ Les créations de Stéphanie Lost Realist Aitokawaii Blogger Templates, WordPress Themes, Tricks, Tools, News Hot Bliggity Blog: Free Blog Backgrounds

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