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101 Awesome Free Blogger Templates. Blog Amuki is one of the most astounding Blogger based designs I have ever seen! I was awestruck to discover this hugely talented designer has released some Blogger templates for free! This is the first template by Amuki, which features a very interesting effect to hide the sidebar. Be sure to check out the demo to see this effect in action! View Demo | Download Papeles y Color Paper Wall Originally designed for Wordpress by Indezigner, this theme has been converted for Blogger three times, by BloggerThemes, Blogger FAQs and Deluxe Templates. View Demo | Download from BloggerThemes | Download from Blogger FAQs | Download from Deluxe Templates Showcase This is a perfect template for anyone wishing to showcase images/templates and the like using Blogger. Created by the talented Dante araujo, this showcase-style design works almost right out of the box and even includes javascript-based summaries so that text is hidden on non-item pages. View Demo | Download Showcase Blogger Template Eden's Garden

Free Cursors 4U, Tumblr Cursor, Download, Mouse Pointer Une déco sous influence celte “ Le triskell est un symbole de l'art celtique ” La civilisation celtique a plus que marqué l'Irlande ! Alors pour donner à la maison une ambiance irlandaise on mise sur une déco sous influence celte. Voici quelques clés qui vous aideront à fêter la Saint-Patrick, le 17 mars. Il faut savoir que l'Irlande est le pays où la civilisation celtique a perduré le plus longtemps car l'île était difficilement accessible au peuple romain. Ainsi l'empreinte de la religion et du folklore celte est encore très présente en Irlande. Côté déco, les Celtes ont évolué durant l'âge du fer alors on mise sur un intérieur qui fait la part belle au métal et au fer forgé. Et surtout, on n'oublie pas le triskell qui est un symbole fort de l'art celtique. Il ne reste plus qu'à trouver une branche de gui, plante sacrée que les druides allaient cueillir en début d'année.

Aujourd'hui comme hier Make a Memory {Summer Sponge Bombs} Here we are, week 4 of the Make a Memory series. Each Monday now through the end of August I will feature a special family tradition from one of my favorite bloggers. It is so important to create lasting memories with our families and this will be a fun way to get ideas for fun traditions we can start with our own families. We are soooo excited to be participating in Make a Memory Monday at A Little Tipsy today!! A few years ago I was planning an activity for our youth at church and I came up with our version of water dodge ball. … and thought it would be a fun addition to our water dodge ball tradition. The girls and I then cut up the mop, sponges and drawer liners to make our components for the sponge bombs. You then decide how big you want your bombs to be… I cut each sponge into thirds {tall thirds} and used two sponges per bomb. and then randomly added the color strips. We then gathered them and wrapped them with a cable tie. Cinch the cable tie down really tight… Aren’t they cute?!?

30+ Free and Inspiring Blogger Templates Showcasing the designs of Blogger template designers has been a regular feature on Blogger Buster. Each time I compile a collection of Blogger templates, I am fascinated to see the variety of free designs available. But after seeing some of the free designs available in 2012, this time I'm truly awed. Having discovered (and of course, bookmarked) some truly amazing Blogger template designers, I present more than 30 of my favourite templates for 2012 with full template screenshots and links to the designers' sites. P.S. 1. A clean minimalist template which is customizable through the Blogger Template Designer. Demo | Download 2. Designed by Compartdisimo, this is a stunning template in which images are automatically transformed to be circular in appearance. Demo | Download 3. A stunning design by Loefa-Cebook which includes an integrated slider on the home page. Demo | Download 4. Demo | Download 5. Demo | Download 6. Uses a photo image as a background to generate this striking effect. 7. 8.

Aitokawaii Biodeug : cours de Biologie et Géologie en ligne (L1 à Maîtrise) - Les cours de Licence 1&2 (ancien DEUG 1 et 2) Simply me Felt Your Sweater!: A Felted Wool Tutorial Wherever you might normally stand on the felt controversy, I think that we can all get behind the claim that felted wool? Is awesome. Felted wool has all the benefits of wool for crafting–it’s sturdy, can be shaped, holds a dimensional structure well, is durable, and has an appealing texture–and has the eco-friendly attributes of being natural and second-hand. And yet, the wool sweater you take home from the thrift store requires some work before it becomes that versatile wool felt. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Now that you’re finished, make cupcakes! Tags: felted wool, recycling, remaking clothing, Sewing, thrifting About the Author Julie Finn I'm a writer, crafter, Zombie Preparedness Planner, and homeschooling momma of two kids who will hopefully someday transition into using their genius for good, not the evil machinations and mess-making in which they currently indulge.

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