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“The road had to be closed to remove [Jackson Pollock’s] Blue Poles from Ben Heller’s apartment in New York in 1974.″ ( + @wesdelval) “Preparator shirt” (submitted by Robert) “At Taus Makhacheva’s instigation, students from a Moscow circus academy repeatedly hoisted each other into acrobatic poses, holding up paintings for 10 seconds each—just long enough for a smartphone snapshot.” ( [At the 6th Moscow Biennale] “Andy Warhol’s ‘last supper’ had to go back to the depot, in order to make way for the works of our next highlight-exhibition ‘Painting 2.0: painting in the information age’. “To meet your expectations before the imminent reopening of the museum, we will teach you a few visuals (suggestive) clashes of the new rooms, starting with that of the altarpiece of issenheim” (Musée d'Unterlinden) “Behind the scenes: Isa Genzken” (Stedelijk Museum) “’Notations/Joseph Marioni: Paintings, 2000–2015,’ a new installation by artist Joseph Marioni, is now open. Related:  ARTS_CULTURE

Manetas Websites Adeline Rapon whoworeitbetter Mocha Café Série l'Art en question - 10 oeuvres passent aux aveux ! - 10 chefs-d'oeuvre vous réservent plus que vous n'attendez Soutenez la production et la diffusion de cette nouvelle série. En savoir plus.Objectif: Montant déjà donné: 21880€ (109.4%) Claude : 100€ le 22 janvier 2018MARIA IGNEZ : 25€ le 16 mai 2017Francois : 1€ le 6 juin 2016Bouillard : 10€ le 31 mai 2015Nicolas : 30€ le 12 mai 2015

Goodreads | Recent Updates Poe's Mistress Cindy Sherman Sherman’s history portraits (1988–90) investigate modes of representation in art history and the relationship between painter and model. These classically composed portraits borrow from a number of art-historical periods—Renaissance, baroque, rococo, Neoclassical—and make allusions to paintings by Raphael, Caravaggio, Fragonard, and Ingres (who, like all the Old Masters, were men). This free-association sampling creates a sense of familiarity, but not of any one specific era or style. The subjects (for the first time for Sherman, many are men) include aristocrats, Madonnas with child, clergymen, women of leisure, and milkmaids, who pose with props, costumes, and obvious prostheses. Theatrical and artificial—full of large noses, bulging bellies, squirting breasts, warts, and unibrows—the history portraits are poised between humorous parody and grotesque caricature. A handful of Sherman’s portraits were inspired by actual paintings.

Poe's Mistress Body Worlds by Gunter von Hagens“[The aim] is to awe, enlighten, and educate its visitors with the beauty and science of the human body.”“The bodies – or “plastinates” – are dissected in order to show all inner parts of the human body, from bone to skin, including reproductive organs and the human brain. They have been preserved by a method called plastination, invented by the German anatomist Gunter von Hagens in the 1970s and improved over the past century.Plastination of a cadavre involves four steps, which allows for elaborate dissection so that every sinew, tissue and organ is visible. First, the body is fixed in a certain position. Next, all bodily fluids are extracted using acetone. That substance is then replaced by liquid polymer — this is the final step; it hardens the body at leaves it preserved, so it may be displayed openly.” 9:15 pm • 19 August 2013 • 547 notes The Jacksons (feat. 8:23 pm • 19 August 2013 • 47 notes via filmsploitation: 6:14 pm • 19 August 2013 • 1,512 notes

Connections Connections The Metropolitan Museum of Art Share Share Facebook Twitter StumbleUpon Email Chic Jared Goss “I can't explain why unicorns aren't chic, but they're just not.” August 31 Books Ken Soehner “I think it's going to be many years before there's a formal portrait where the sitter is clutching his or her Kindle or iPad.” October 19 The Edge Thomas P. “Sometimes it's easier to come to an object from the outside in.” September 28 White Andrew Bolton “I think even when it comes to pure abstraction I look at art and I see fashion. January 12 War and Conflict Dirk Breiding “One of the questions that doesn't seem to let me go is whether war is some kind of human condition.” February 23 Endings Chris Coulson “I like that moment in the movies when the screen goes black and you’re suspended between the world of film and the reality that’s going to return when the lights go up.” December 28 Interpretation Rika Burnham “I believe that I open the eyes of the people I teach, but I believe they open my eyes, as well.”

The Wandrlustr — Forest House, West Cornwall, Connecticut, 1976 —...