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The 9 nastiest things in your supermarket

The 9 nastiest things in your supermarket
1. "Pink slime" The gross factor: The meat industry likes to call it "lean finely textured beef," but after ABC News ran a story on it, the public just called it what it looks like — pink slime, a mixture of waste meat and fatty parts from higher-quality cuts of beef that have had the fat mechanically removed. Eat this instead: Organic ground beef is prohibited from containing pink slime, per National Organic Program standards, so it's your safest bet. 2. The gross factor: Hankering for a burger? Eat this instead: Look for beef from a local grass-fed beef operation that rotates the animals on fresh grass paddocks regularly, and inquire about medicine use. 3. The gross factor: Sugary and calorie-laden, those convenient instant-oatmeal packets all have one thing in common. Eat this instead: Buy yourself some instant oats, which cook in less time than it takes to microwave a packet of the sugary stuff, and add your own flavorings, like fresh fruit or maple syrup. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Related:  Lifestyle, Diet, and Wellnesssamtakydomconflict and balance (knowing is half the battle)

Removing Gluten to Heal Seasonal Allergies I've been after Mike, my husband, for a while already to go off gluten to see if it'll help him with some issues that he has... but you know how men are. "Me? Health issues? Wait a second. Why have I been after my husband to go off gluten as well? I changed my mind. But back to my husband. Ever since I went off gluten, I've pretty much been stomach ache free. My husband has had seasonal allergies for many, many, many years. My father in law, though he suffered from allergies for years, this year hasn't had any issues with seasonal allergies. Why am I sharing this? From the article: The truth is that seasonal allergies are much more than a nuisance. Makes so much sense! The article gives suggestions how to help the gut heal to deal with seasonal allergies, and said that many people have success minimizing their allergy symptoms by eliminating pasteurized dairy, removing grains- especially gluten, and removing sugar. Good luck Mike! Do you have seasonal allergies?

Millions Of Dollars Worth Of Supercars Meet Up At This New Jersey Coffee Shop Twice A Month Travis Okulski/Business Insider Every other weekend, our local coffee shop clears out the parking lot for one morning and invites a very different clientele: supercar owners. Informal gatherings like this for owners of rare or interesting cars happen across the country every week. Frequently called Cars and Coffee, it is a chance for car guys (and gals) to lose the formality of shows that are full of pristine machinery that arrived on a flatbed or in a trailer. Instead, they can enjoy a cup of coffee, some good conversation, and a great morning drive in their exotics. Every car that is at our local gathering in Chatham, NJ, Cars and Croissants, was driven there under its own power; no garage queens here. While it was chilly, we got out for one last show this past weekend and were incredibly impressed.

A massive, "unprecedented escape" of genetically-modified crops into the wild "Because if the transgenic canola starts swapping genetic material with weed populations - something that is not unlikely..." Ok, so do we really need to review what a "species" is, or how reproduction works? Genemod Canola Strain A is in the field, and genemod Canola Strain B is nearby. They swap pollen with each other, and with baseline Canola, which can result in a new Canola strain with the properties of both A and B. This can be dangerous, because then that new Canola (lets call it Strain AB) can effectively become a weed ("weed" defined here as "something growing where its not supposed to, and out-competing what you're trying to grow there") that is resistant to both those types of herbicide. However, if genemod Canola Strain A is in the field, and is near, I dunno, Ragweed, they will... not do much. High School science- the gift that keeps on giving!

Excess Protein and Fat Storage - Q&A Question: I have done a lot of study in diets and nutrition but to this day I have not been able to get any concrete evidence on what happens with excess protein in the body and I’m hoping you can help. To make things simple, lets take a theoretical diet consisting of 5000 calories of pure protein for a 60kg, 175cm female. Many people claim that excess protein will get wasted while others say that all excess calories eventually end up being stored as fat. I have done my own research on the breakdown of protein into amino acids and I understood it as: some of the amino acids are wasted while others will go through the cycle of conversion and will still be used by the body for energy. Answer: Ok, first things first. Let me put this in perspective. At least one of those is when daily carbohydrate intake is just massive, fulfilling over 100% of the daily maintenance energy requirements.

No Words The Rain Deficit Continues … By: Chris Stachelski, General Forecaster, Las Vegas Region. Although much of Northern California received a soaking in December 2012, precipitation totals across the Golden State have been on the paltry side so far this water year (October 1– September 30). Since October 1st, 2012, precipitation totals statewide have been mostly below normal, with some areas across California generally 10 inches or more below normal. Overall, the period from December 20th through December 29th, 2012 was the wettest period during the first half of the wet season across California. Why has this wet season started so dry in California? “Since October 1, 2012, precipitation totals statewide have been mostly below normal…”

Static Stretching and Refined Grain Intake by Paleo Man - Research Review Taylor KL et. al. Negative effect of static stretching restored when combined with a sport specific warm-up component. J Sci Med Sport. (2009) 12(6):657-61. There is substantial evidence that static stretching may inhibit performance in strength and power activities. However, most of this research has involved stretching routines dissimilar to those practiced by athletes. The purpose of this study was to evaluate whether the decline in performance normally associated with static stretching pervades when the static stretching is conducted prior to a sport specific warm-up. My Comments: As I discussed recently in The Importance of Context, people these days seem to love them some absolutes and there tends to be no shortage of them to go around, especially when it comes to training. And a recent never is that you should never ever static stretch before high-intensity training of any sort with endless coaches and gurus repeating that idea. And the results? Mercader J.

سيد قطب.. المفكر الإخواني على مشانق العسكر قبل 46 عاما، في 29 أغسطس 1966، رحل الكاتب والمنظر الإسلامي سيد قطب، العضو السابق بمكتب إرشاد الإخوان المسلمين، والرئيس السابق لقسم نشر الدعوة في الجماعة، بعدما صدر حكم بإعدامه شنقا في عهد الرئيس الراحل جمال عبد الناصر بتهمة التآمر لقلب نظام الحكم، بعدما كان أحد الكتاب المؤيدين لثورة 23 يوليو. ولد «قُطب» في قرية «موشة» إحدى قرى محافظة أسيوط، وهو الابن الأول لأمه بعد أخت تكبره بثلاث سنوات وأخ من أبيه غير شقيق يكبره بجيل كامل، كانت أمه تعامله معاملة خاصة حتى يحقق لها أملها في أن يكون متعلما مثل أخواله، كما كانت ظروف النضال السياسي والاجتماعي الممهدة لثورة 1919 أثر شديد في حياته السياسية بعد ذلك. والتحق «سيد قطب » بكلية دار العلوم، وبعد تخرجه عمل مفتشا بالتعليم الإبتدائي، ثم موظفا في وزارة المعارف بوظيفة مراقب مساعد بمكتب الوزير إسماعيل القباني، ولخلافاته مع رجال الوزارة قدم استقالته على خلفية عدم تبنيهم لاقتراحاته ذات الميول الإسلامية. «سيد قطب».. كما ارتبط قطب بعلاقة وثيقة بـ«عباس العقاد» في فترة انتماءهما لحزب الوفد، الذي استقال منه «قطب» سنة ١٩٤٢. «سيد قطب» وعلاقته بـ«الإخوان المسلمين»

Will the U.S. be a desert in 50 years What happens when climate variations and human actions such as land clearing, urbanization and unsustainable agricultural habits mix? The combination results in an ecological crisis: land degradation. When land degrades, it can no longer properly absorb, store and recycle water, nutrients and energy. Water Image Gallery Seventy percent of drylands worldwide are degraded, and one-third of the world's land surfaces are threatened -- lands become more prone to flooding, wind damage and erosion, the quality of soil becomes poor, and productivity plummets [sources: UNCCD, UNESCO]. In dryland a­reas, soil is fragile, vegetation is thin and the climate is merciless. ­While you may think this problem affects only areas we consider hot and arid, such as Southern Africa, desertification affects every continent except Antarctica.

Organ Meats: The Departure From Nutrient-Dense Foods: Impacts & Implications “You’re telling me I should eat more liver? Gross!” Such is the response from so many people today living in modern society. Long before the industrial revolution of food brought twinkees, processed junk foods, hydrogenated oils, margarine and factory farmed meat, the cuisine among cultures around the world included organ meats as a primary staple to the human diet. Furthermore, research into epigenetics may corroborate this and even lead to the hypothesis that the departure from nutrient dense foods has resulted in genetic damage through generations of nutritional deficiencies. Organ meats such as liver, heart and kidney contain the highest concentrations of several nutrients. How Prized Were Organ Meats To Traditional Cultures? All that is needed is to read the ingredients of cultural cuisines from around the world and you will learn what foods have been staple to the human diet since time immemorial. Excerpt from Weston A. The robust health of the native cultures that Dr. Bone Marrow:

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