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Dare to DIY

Dare to DIY
¡Hola mis DIYers! Por si os perdisteis mis últimos talleres en Madrid, hoy os voy a enseñar cómo hacer el bolso hiper-fácil del que os hablé. Lo creáis o no, todo sale de una sola pieza ¡un simple rectángulo! La clave está en ciertos materiales muy versátiles, como las tachuelas de tornillo y los ollaos manuales, que facilitan enormemente el trabajo. Con un poco de imaginación conseguimos un DIY fácil, rápido y "resultón"... ¿Quién da más?

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Make a Maker Faire - Maker Faire Mini Maker Faires are independently produced celebrations of local maker culture. Our Mini Maker Faire program provides tools and resources to help others to make a Maker Faire event that reflects the creativity, spirit and ingenuity of their community. The first Maker Faire started in 2006 in San Mateo, California, organized by the editors of MAKE magazine.

Sock Bun Tutorial in 5 Easy Steps! I am not a hair person. Meaning, I can barely do my own hair in a ponytail. I also have very fine hair, so the topknots just point out the super fine strands. Lately, I’ve been seeing these hair donuts around, wondering what they could be used for, and after going to London, and having flat iron issues, I just said to heck with it and took a chance on the hair donut, and see if it a simpleton such as myself could figure it out. Project Re-Style #45 Pom Pom Scarf Happy Monday Everyone.! I hope that all of you in the States are enjoying the beginning of Thanksgiving week. I, for one,have tons to do, but I am looking forward to this day off to get everything in order. I have so much to be thankful for that I could never cover it all in one post. Let's just say I am thankful for everything.!! I did a really simple Re-Style project for this week,

Build Your Own Murphy Bed for $275 - LifeEdited One of the bigger challenges to starting your edited life is reasonably priced transforming furniture. While we believe the high quality and versatile Resource Furniture used in the first LifeEdited apartment is worth every penny, many of their large pieces are several thousand dollars, putting it outside the price range for many people. Perhaps no piece of furniture is more important to an edited home than a transforming bed. make something monday The ombré trend has stolen my heart this year as it has with so many of you I am sure. I can't resist the subtleness of it, so bohemian and soft. I bought some Rit dye earlier in the summer and had fun experimenting with a few projects and came away with this easy infinity scarf using only dye and an XL white t-shirt.

Bookbinding University: How to Make a Hard Cover - Damask Love Bookbinding University is in full swing! If you missed the last lesson on “How to Make a Text Block,” you’d better study up because today we’re moving on to the fun part! Today we’re making the covers for our text blocks and this is where you get to tap your creativity and personalize your notebook. If you are like me, you have a stash of 12 x 12 patterned paper that would make Hobby Lobby jealous. Well, today’s tutorial will have you searching through your collection for the perfect “statement” pattern for your notebook. Anthropologie Pratia Tank Top Tutorial February 6, 2010 1:59 pm Per popular demand, here is the Pratia tank tutorial! Start off with a t-shirt or tank top. What I did was get a larger t-shirt so I could gather it at bottom like the pratia tank.

Non daily diary — Le Lapin dans la Lune Working on watercolors after 25 years of CG art, then publishing illustration books, I discovered one thing : there’s gazillion of ways to create colors, but only one to see them. I know a lot of people won't believe it , but here is the truth about colors. Red is not really the complementary of green, and blue isn't always the complementary of orange, but purple is the complementary of green.

Flower Lavender Sachet Tutorial {Sewn By Hand} I love lavender and I’m always finding new ways to use it around the house, car, dryer…wherever! I created a sweet little flower lavender sachet that would be a perfect topper for your Mother’s Day gift, hostess gift, or thank you for watching my dog gift. You get the idea, right? Make lots of them to keep on hand! Feel free to sew away on your fancy sewing machines, but this is sewn by hand to keep it simple. Hand Embroidery Tutorials How-To: Dark Fabrics Part 1 How-To: Dark or Stretchy Fabrics Part 2 How-To: Tracing Paper & Transfer Pens