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Ingeniously re-used products

Ingeniously re-used products
Design is not always about expensive branded items. At times, it is about human ingenuity which surprises us occasionally by finding use in what appears useless. We hope this post inspires you to seek new ways to ‘Reduce, Re-use and Recyle…’ Mieulin believes you can make a box out of used plastic bottles. Fazendo Arte does not like to throw away old floppies. Infact, old computer accessories can be creatively used in different ways: (Key necklace by Susan) by Audrey & Max by Mario Langer and if you have been following this blog regularly you would remember the Mac Aquarium from our post about awesome aquariums. CDs can be used as lampshades… by Essellarr Ana Pomars shows us used plastic cups and cloth pegs would work fine too… and so does old tubelights… or old bulbs… Jelene‘s pal thinks you can even make lampshades out of used cans… …and lampshades aren’t the only things you can make out of used cans. a symbolic pot? Photo by Bob008 Atleast those bikes wouldn’t be causing any pollution! Related:  Recyclage récup bricolage

Dew" It Yourself Jewelry Stand Given that title and my penchant for puns, I'm guessing it will take you guys exactly 3.7 seconds to guess what my new jewelry stand is made from: Aw, you only needed two seconds, didn't you? I knew it. Yep, this pretty green number is made from four plastic Mountain Dew bottles and exactly $3.72 worth of materials from the hardware store. First, collect your bottles. If you happen to have a Diet 'Dew addict for a spouse like me, this will take less than three days. I found it easiest to cut the bottoms off my bottles with a strong utility knife, and then trim them down further with scissors. Other than the bottles you will need: One 12-inch length of threaded rod (no cutting necessary; they come this size in the hardware store) and one baggy each of a coordinating size nuts and washers. Drill holes that are the same size as your threaded rod in the center of each tray: Cut as far down into the plastic as you can with scissors, and then use a Dremel to smooth the jagged bottom edge.

Free truetype fonts - downloadable fonts for windows and mac at Creative Chairs from Odd Materials It is chairs, this time! We take a look at some of the most creatively recycled chairs out there. There is no argument that some of these may not be the most comfortable ones to sit on, but there is also no denying the genius of their designers in thinking of new ways to add function to these objects. First up, a chair made from gun shells! Alexander Reh was dead serious when he said he would make a chair out of gun shells. You have seen the gunshells. Spoons. by Osian Batyka-Williams And if you happen to have those old wooden playbricks that you used to play with when you were a kid, how about shaping that into a chair? by Pepe Heykoop[Via] If you thought the last 2 may not be comfortable to sit on, how about the Pencil Chair? The meltdown chair: No, it’s not the financial one, but we are talking about plumbing tubes. Tom Price has apparently got more up his sleeve. Chair made from clothes Chair made from crumpled polypropylene sheets Chair made from PVC hose Chair made from rope wine corks…

Office Supplies Blog » packaging templates from japan I’m not sure how I discovered this awesome collection of packaging templates but I’m glad I did! Some professor or student at a japanese univeresity was nice enough to share all their packaging templates with the world! These are a few of my favorites and you can see all of them on their website. Every situation is covered! You sell Bon Bons? P.S. stumbleupon 25 Handmade Gifts Under $5 If your gift list is long and your budget is small here are some great Handmade Gifts that you can make. Keep in mind that handmade items are not just beautiful but special… I love to give them and I love to receive them. Jersey Knit Bracelet Lovely! This would make a perfect gift for any of your girlfriends. You can choose the colors and recycle t-shirts that you have around the house. Cheap and cute! tutorial Paper Clip Earrings Tutorial This is a brilliant idea… and the possibilities are endless. Love it! Printed Candles Who doesn’t love a candle? Think about how many different stamps you could use to customize this project. tutorial Hot Chocolate Art! What a great gift for neighbors and teachers… I am personally a hot chocolate lover so this would make a great gift for me tutorial Tile Coaster You can buy these plain tiles at Home Depot for under a dollar. I’ve seen them with family pictures also… Way cute! tutorial Bow Belt I was amazed how easy this tutorial was. So Pretty! tutorial Paper Plate Clock Cheap?

diy {jenga keychain} A while back ago I purchased a Jenga wood block game on sale for just $3.99. I thought to myself, "I'm sure there's something cool I could make with all these wooden blocks..." So I brought them home and began to think of a way to use them and this is what I came up with, Jenga keychains! These make great gifts and are sure to liven up any old set of keys. Here's what you'll need: -wooden block -decorative paper (scrapbook page, map, sheet music, pretty wrapping paper, pages of a book, ect...) Use the pliers to screw the screw eye into the top of the block. Trace the sides of the block on to the paper and cut them out. Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge to the back of each paper and place them on the Jenga block. Allow a few minutes to dry completely and then apply a thin layer of Mod Podge around all the sides. Now just attach the key ring, throw on a few keys and admire your lovely new keychain! I made this one from a map that we used when we went to Yosemite last summer

Blow It Up! Exploring Gas with Balloons, Baking Soda & Vinegar Pin It The Lil Divas LOVED, LOVED, LOVED they also adore balloons (I always have to keep some on hand) so I knew they would get a kick out of this one! Exploring Gas w/Balloons, Baking Soda & Vinegar What You Need: baking soda vinegar plastic bottle balloon funnels (we used 2) What To Do: 1. You only need to fill about 1/3 of the bottle. 2. Fill the balloon approx. 1/2 way. 3. Make sure you don't let the baking soda spill into the bottle prematurely. 4. 5. 6. 7. It was lots of fun for the Lil Divas to watch the ingredients combine and form a reaction that was so visual - blowing up the balloon. The science behind it - Baking soda and the vinegar create an ACID-BASE reaction. ** Due to lots of comments left below I feel the need to add (for clarity) that this does NOT produce helium. Go ahead have fun inflating some balloons! Bern

Paper Trash or Recycled Furniture? That is the Question! « Scout Network Blog Patrick B. | March 6th, 2014 Hong Kong produces roughly 1.8 million tones of paper trash each year. Landfills are running out of space, and only a few people bother to recycle amid a consume-then-throw-away culture. Imagine if you could take all this paper trash and turn it into fully-functional and eco-friendly furniture using the art of papier-mâché. HK+1, a social enterprise in Hong Kong led by a group of fresh graduates, does exactly that. They firmly believe in the power of community engagement and want to solve the problem of waste before it becomes a crisis. The paper material used to create these products are collected by hundreds of jobless senior citizens, who sell paper trash and cardboard boxes they find on the streets for a couple of Hong Kong dollars per kilo. The good thing is that setting up a recycling business of this kind is fairly cheap– all you need to do is to collect a bunch of paper and cardboard boxes and you’re on a roll! Paper trash or recycled furniture?

DIY Party Animal Candles Hi there, it’s Jenny from Hank + Hunt with a fun and super easy diy today! As soon as I thought of making these I got a huge kick out of naming them Party Animals. Hilarious, but if you hear groaning…it’s coming from my house. Regardless of how cheesy the name is, these turn out awesome. Your kid’s favorite animal holding that birthday candle minus those red eyes that are oh so typical for plastic creatures, awesome. Supplies - plastic animalsplastic candle holdersdrill with 1/8″ drill bitpliersgold spray paint For the plastic animals, you can use any kind you can find. Hold the animal with the pliers and drill a hole straight down, being careful not to pop out the other side. Spray paint the animals in a few light coats, rotating them to cover all sides. I also painted the candle holders to match. That’s it. {Photos by Hank + Hunt for The Sweetest Occasion.}

SLIME Don't you LOVE it when your little one is over the moon about an activity you shared together?! I do!! This morning we made RAINBOW SLIME and Biscuit was beside herself with excitement. There are a few ways to make slime, however I found this recipe works best ~ 1 1/2 cups of CLEAR glue and 1 1/2 cups of liquid starch. You mix it all together, separate the slime into a few small bowls and add food coloring to each bowl. You only need a few drops of food coloring!!! Making her slime All ready to go! "Stretchy" "Eeeeeew." "I squish it!" Deep in thought.... By the end there was just one big ball of slime. She played with this stuff for thirty minutes ~ uninterrupted. *High-fiving myself* Happy Playing & Exploring!!

Festive Stars made from Recycled Drinks Cans November 1st, 2011 I’m preparing for a couple of craft fairs (details coming soon) at the moment and decided to have a go at making some Festive decorations by recycling some drinks cans I’ve been collecting. I found this tutorial the other day and thought I could adapt it to me own needs. So here goes… What you will need: - Empty drinks cans - Scissors - Craft Knife - Ball point pen or an embossing tool with a fine point - Sharp pointy thing – not sure what the name of this tool is! Step One First you need to get a star shape printed onto paper or card and cut out. Step Two Next you need to cut the tops and bottoms off your drinks can and give the insides a good clean – I used a craft knife to do this as well as scissors – be careful of sharp edges! Step Three Put a bit of sticky tape (rolled up) onto the back of your cardboard star and stick this to the silver side of your can and draw around it – I use my sharp pointy tool to do this but you could also do it with a fine permanent marker.

Recycled shotgun shell art Browning by SilverThornDesignArt Recycle Your Books Into Great Lighting! - Lightpublic | The latest in Lighting and Interior Design Posted By Lightopia on Dec 8, 2012 | 0 comments Use those classics for creating fabulous art pieces. If you’ve read it once you may not need it anymore, so why not make something memorable out of your favorite books? Artsy fashionable designs made from books! Books To the Ceiling by Arnold Lobel Books to the ceiling Books to the sky My piles of books are a mile high How I love them How I need them I’ll have a long beard by the time I read them

Everyday Mom Ideas: Scrap Paper Tree Centerpiece Tutorial (Featured guest blogger) Hi there! I'm Sharon from Two Girls Being Crafty, and I am so delighted to be today's guest blogger on Everyday Mom Ideas! Thank you so much, Julia, for having us. My co-blogger, Tristin, and I create fun and inexpensive crafts that anyone could do. Our goal is to inspire. Today I would like to share with you all our newest craft. This simple project uses scrapbook paper leaves to create a bright and cheery Spring ambiance for your home. First, drag out your unseemly healthy assortment of scrapbook paper scraps. Cut out a template of your leaf from the cardboard (you can also use chipboard or card-stock). Take your floral wire and cut strips anywhere from 5"-8" long. Lay down some newspaper next to your workspace. Now for the fun part! ...or make them funky. And you're done! Thanks again, Julia, for having us here today!

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