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~ ~ Ruffles and Stuff: dames Tutoriels

~ ~ Ruffles and Stuff: dames Tutoriels

tutorial Oh, man... have I missed posting tutorials! I'm serious, folks. I really have. Have Fall illnesses been kicking anyone else's butts? Or is it just our little clan. But speaking of Fall, here's a great little number for your little guy (or girl, really... it's gender-neutral) that's soft and comfy for those brisk days! Materials: shirt that fits your tyke knit fabric double needle (though it's not necessary!) Instructions: Grab a shirt that fits your little one and fold it in half. You're going to cut a straight line from about halfway to the neckline to the armpit. For the sleeves, you want that same angle that you had for your main piece. Here are your pieces, shown on the fold and opened up. Place one body piece right sides together to the sleeve pieces and sew up. I just fold in half like this and trim away. Whew. Cut a 2-inch wide piece of stretchy knit fabric (I used the same that I had for the sleeves... ribbed knit is good for this, too!). Fold the strip in half and press.

elm street life: Flower Child DIY It's been a whiiiiile since I've posted any sort of DIY, and today's rain prompted me to open my craft room door and get creative. So we've all seen (and probably have at least one) the flower headbands that are so popular right now. THey can be made of fabric, feathers, or all kinds of materials. I, personally, am a big fan. So on that note, I've been making some of my own. It all starts with an artificial flower. Next, pull the hard center of the flower out and pull the petals apart so your flower looks like this: You want the loose petals on top of one another. In between the petals you'll find these little plastic pieces: Go ahead and pull those out and throw them away. Next, find some buttons. You don't have to add a button to the center, but I think it makes it a little more unique. You can lay different buttons on top of your flower to see which one might look best. Once you find one you like, hand sew the button onto the flower. In the mean time, grab some elastic. Happy crafting. :)

Simple Projects Week: Roundup! There are SO many ideas out there that I love and would love to try. It would take pages and pages to share them all. But not all projects are simple, and as I was searching through my favorite websites, I soon discovered that projects that are really quick and simple are not as readily available as I thought! Still, here are a few that I found and loved. I hope they provide some inspiration! (Links to the tutorials are under the photos.) I love these simple home decor ideas. And how cute are these funky autumn pumpkins and leaves? A few tee refashions for the beginner sewer: I'd love to do crayon art just in shades of green or pink. A mouse pad cover is a serious "to do" for me, you should see mine. And of course, there are always more of my own ideas!

Tutoriels «A Moment Diva Tutorials In an effort to make it easier to see the tutorials, I’ll be organizing them here. Just click on the link below the pic to get to the tute. Boxing corners tutorial 7 minute no sew gift bag Making dryer balls Mini duffel bag Purse tutorial Recycled wool longies Somewhat waterproof trainers Like this: Like Loading...

Coupe Couture - Celebrity Wardrobes Demystified! Commentaires en ligne : La Couture. Faire son patron, couper, réaliser {Tutorial} Notebook Tee This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support. It's almost that time {here in NY at least} for back to school! You will need: fabric paint in light blue and reda foam brusha t-shirt, onesie, or tankcardboard or old cardsa new folder {or a old one in super condition}iron What to do: Step one: Wash, dry & iron your shirt. Step two: place cardboard or a couple cards between the shirt so the paint won't leak through {sometimes I forget this step and end up with an un-giftable shirt...or one for keeps} Step three: Spread light blue paint along the folded edge of your folder & starting with right below the bottom of the arm, press in as straight a line as you can. Step four: Use something as a spacer or measure even spaces and continue down the shirt with the lines. Step five: Wipe the blue paint off the folder edge as much as you can {or use a second folder} and on to the red paint. And there you have it.

DIY: Le headband des vacances! Des headbands de toutes les couleurs à assortir à toutes ses tenues et à porter tout l'été! C'est en rentrant de Rio, que j'ai eu l'idée de réaliser ces headbands qui faisaient fureur au marché hippie d'Ipanema. Une chute de tissu, un bout de fil de fer et quelques points de couture suffisent pour réaliser, en moins de temps qu'il n'en faut pour le dire, ce headband! Bain de soleil, balade, ou soirée improvisée, noué en un clin d'oeil, sur le dessus ou sur le côté de la tête, dans le cou, ou bien autour du chignon, il domptera les cheveux les plus fous!!! Portrait d'une bachelière en vacances... Headband en tissu imprimé Dots de chez Anna Ka Bazaar, lunettes Mango et tee-shirt Petit Bateau Et pour vous remercier de votre fidélité et de tous les petits mots que vous venez régulièrement déposer ici (et que je lis chaque fois avec plaisir!) De gauche à droite: Pour participer, rien de plus simple: Trois gagnantes seront tirées au sort et j'annoncerais lundi prochain leurs noms! Matériel: Astuce:

Macaron Coin Purse Just can’t help for not making these sweet little macaron coin purses when one of Craft Passion’s Facebook fans showed them to me. Thanks to XYZZhandmade for her inspiring handmade and some tutorial links in Japanese, this, this, this and this. No, I can’t read Japanese but I can guess from the pictures on how to sew it. Here is the English version of tutorial on how to sew this macaron coin purse where I add more details in the sewing. The space inside the coin purse is quite limited but good enough to place some small jewelries like ear rings, rings; may be to keep some small coins, folded money; a place to keep small piece of note that wrote your shopping list and reminder etc. I have tried both nylon and metal zipper, each gave different feel and effect on the macaron coin purse. {Get full details on next page.} Pages: 1 2 Get all updates via email: Highlights from Our Partners

玮晴的店 XYZZ HANDMADE DIY Earring Holder K, so every night when I take my jewelry off, I tend to pile it on a shelf in my closet. I generally wear the same pieces over and over, so I like having them out and easily accessible. Except it’s making a bit of a mess on my shelf. And I like organization. Enter a shopping trip to Hobby Lobby. I snagged some sassy coordinating fabric that was 30% off…making it $1.68. The bulletin board and new cute fabric were going to make my earring organizing issues a thing of the past. Once I got home, I grabbed a few more supplies: scissors, glue gun, glue stick, and spray adhesive. The fabric was cut to the size of the cork board. Then the edges of the cute fabric were hot glued to the frame. Once I was done, the board was returned to the frame. And here’s the completed look: My earrings are just poked through the cork. If you’d like to add necklaces or a bracelet, a picture hanger with a nail would hold things nicely. Home Depot Pretty pieces could also hang well on pearl corsage pins. Amazon

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