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Easy 3D Home Design

Easy 3D Home Design

Dress Up Games ~ Doll Divine Web 2.0 Suicide Machine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - StumbleUpon - Pentadactyl The "Web 2.0 Suicide Machine" has, as of January 2010, assisted with more than 1,000 virtual deaths, ending more than 80,500 friendships on Facebook and removing 276,000 tweets from Twitter.[6] How it works[edit] Rather than deleting user accounts, it removes private content and friendships. To start the suicide process, the user has to provide their login credential for the social network from which they want to be deleted, and then "watch your life passing by and reflect upon your real & virtual friends", while private content and friend relationships are removed. Capabilities[edit] "Web 2.0 Suicide Machine" has listed the functions of which the service is capable thus far as the following:[1] (The Facebook option is no longer available on Web 2.0 Suicide Machine as Facebook sent a cease and desist (C&D) letter on the 6th of January 2010 demanding that stop their actions. Facebook Myspace LinkedIn Twitter Controversy[edit] See also[edit] References[edit] External links[edit]

DIY Marbled Glassware When graphic designer and artist Joanna Bean Martin shared with us her technique for marbling the bottoms of glassware with nail polish, we couldn’t wait to try it ourselves. Who knew it would be such an easy way to add color and pattern to your next tablescape or party? Remember, the brighter and bolder colors you use, the more the glasses will radiate and glow. Have fun! You’ll need:flat bottomed glasswarevariety of colorful nail polishclear nail polisha disposable plastic containernail polish removerpainters tapetoothpicks Mask off the bottom of the glass with painters tape. Fill a disposable, plastic container with water. Layer the colors one on top of the other. Submerge the bottom of the glass into the polish. Allow to dry completely before applying a layer of clear polish. Once everything has dried, remove the painters tape and touch up with nail polish remover and a cotton swab. Your glowing glasses are finished! Bottoms up!

Missangest Games - Creators and dress up games Missangest Games - Pentadactyl Mod Podge Shoes My husband jokes every time I get the bottle of Mod Podge out that I’m going to Mod Podge fabric to our computer keys or Mod Podge our kids clothing to their bodies. Hey, don’t tempt me. I know, I may go a little overboard with this stuff…….but I just had to try it on some shoes. Originally, I saw the idea on a site my sister showed me. And using some of my favorite fabric. How fun would these be if you matched them to a cute skirt you’ve made? Anyway, this is my first time applying fabric to shoes with Mod Podge and I am in no way claiming that this will last on here forever. Edited To Add: Emilee left a comment and mentioned outdoor Mod Podge… Sure enough, I found some online here. Do you want to try it out yourself? Grab a pair of your old flats or buy a nice inexpensive/clearance pair to try it out on. (I cut the bows off.) Just lay a piece of fabric over the shoe, big enough to cover the entire thing. Trim around the edges, just so there’s not tons hanging over the edge.

Vintage Western ~ Wild West Dress Up Game Game by: Dress Up Games Another smash hit from the artist ummmmandy, courtesy of Dress up a traditional western cowgirl in jeans, chaps, cowboy hats and all the classics! Design your character with endless possibilities. Craft a gorgeous hairstyle in many colors, mix and match your own postcard-worthy background, and even apply filters! Tags: dress up games - fashion - retro - historical - 20th century - mobile - meiker - americas - north america - cowgirl - traditional dress - character creator

Video: How To Get Thousands of Visitors From Google - StumbleUpon - Pentadactyl by Guest Author This is a guest post by Erica Douglass. If you want to guest post on this blog, check out the guidelines here. It’s easier than ever to get Google to send your blog thousands of visitors a month. Forget complicated terms like “keyword density”–let’s keep it simple. Video Highlights: [0:20] First step: Go to Google and type in “Google keyword tool”. Have you had good results from using the Google Keyword Tool to rank your blog posts well in the search engines? About the Author: After selling her online business for $1,100,000.00 at age 26, Erica Douglass “temporarily retired.” Wanna make money with your own website?

Weekend at the Overlook ~ The Shining Dress Up Game by: Ummmmandy for DollDivine A chill and spooky retro character creator inspired by Stanley Kubrick's cult horror classic, The Shining, based on the novel by Stephen King. Artwork by reknown artist, Ummmmandy. Dress up male, female, trans and non-binary characters and mix and match their clothing to create an endless spectrum of masc and femme avatars! Layer blouses, plaids, vests and sweaters with fantastic 70s and 80s coats and cloaks. Tags: ummmmandy - dolldivine - sponsored - fashion - 20th century - 1970s - 1980s - retro - afro hair - mobile - meiker - picrew - the shining - male - non-binary - trans - seasonal - winter - halloween - stephen king - dark - post apocalyptic - weapons - fandom - movies - book - historical - fantasy - LGBTQIA - character creator

Project - StumbleUpon - Pentadactyl Marionnet is a virtual network laboratory: it allows users to define, configure and run complex computer networks without any need for physical setup. Only a single, possibly even non-networked GNU/Linux host machine is required to simulate a whole Ethernet network complete with computers, routers, hubs, switches, cables, and more. Support is also provided for integrating the virtual network with the physical host network. History Marionnet was born in April 2005 as a simple textual interface to Netkit, written in OCaml by Jean-Vincent Loddo at the Paris 13 University for his own networking course. The code has since been completely rewritten and redesigned in September 2005, in order to remove the dependency from Netkit and to ease the construction of a graphical interface, partly built on DOT. Current development Marionnet has reached a fairly stable state and is being successfully used for teaching networks in several universities around the world. Design Features Performance

Gothic Heroine | Dark Femme Character Creator Game by: elequinoa An absolutely enchanting classic from Elequinoa, this doll maker lets you make female characters who are as beautiful as they are sinister. Choose from fantastic genetics options to perfectly craft your original spooky character. Tags: elequinoa - vampires - magicians - witches - meiker - picrew - mobile - fantasy - seasonal - halloween - dark - historical - gothic - zombies - victorian - steampunk - edwardian - regency - rococo - gowns - dance - addams family - character creator - afro hair Terms of Service; Didnt Read - StumbleUpon - Pentadactyl