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Easy 3D Home Design

Easy 3D Home Design

11 Beautiful Home Interior Design Styles Decorating styles have evolved over the centuries in response to the changing tastes of various groups of people. Every style has benefits to the people who will enjoy the home for many years to come. Many styles were born out of previous styles and have evolved into a distinct type of decorating for a certain feel. Each of the following designs expresses personality and taste specific to an era. 1. British look that incorporates all-white interior walls, floors, and ceilings accented with vintage items resting on distressed furniture. 2. An eclectic look is created through a trendy approach called maximalism, which means to make the most of a small space. 3. Noticeable design features include solid colours with contrasting properties against a blank slate of walls and floor. 4. Softer colour contrasts highlight the art on the walls as the visual emphasis. 5. Bulky, comfortable chairs set against the stark lines of tables with metal legs. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.

Interior Decorating 101 Dress Up Games ~ Doll Divine Mental Math Tricks to Impress Your Friends One thing that fascinates me is performing mental math. Being able to quickly perform additions, subtraction, multiplications etc is a good way to impress your friends. The problem is, I’m not a math genius, and I don’t know much behind simple arithmetic. If you’re anything like me, but you’d still like to learn some basic math tricks, I hope you’ll find this list useful. Simple tricks How to multiply any two digits number by 11 Let’s say that you want to find the product of 36 and 11. Example: What happens if the sum of the two numbers is bigger than 9? Square any two digits number that ends with 5 Calculating the square of a number below 100 is extremely simple. Multiply any two digits numbers with the same first digit and the second digit that sums up to 10 Let’s say that you want to multiply 42 and 48 together. Note that if the product of the second digits is below ten, you have to add a 0 in front of it. Multiply by 9 Quickly find percentages Addition Left to right approach Subtraction ie.

Welcome - Orb Picking paint colours for your home An introduction to selecting paint colours Why can some people pick the right colours and and others can't? The answer is simple, they have not read this article and learned the rules! Luckily the rules for choosing paint colours are not that complicated, so let's get started. Paint colour: Basic terms and concepts Primary, secondary and tertiary colours There are only 3 primary colours to choose from: red, blue and yellow. The colour wheel on the right shows how the three primary colours can be mixed to produce the 3 secondary colours: orange, green and purple (also called violet). Mix a primary and a secondary colour and the results is a tertiary colour. Complementary and split complementary colours Complementary colours look great when used together in the right proportions. The four dimensions of colour: hue, value, intensity & temperature Value or tint: Simply the lightness or darkness of a colour (how much black and/or white it has in it). Colour schemes

Missangest Games - Creators and dress up games Missangest Games Muški kalkulator: Izračunajte koliko zapravo vrijedi vaša izabranica! Nedavno su mnoge kineske internetske stranice i forumi objavile 'muški kalkulator' koji izračunava 'stvarnu' vrijednost žene, a bazira se na nizu pitanja, piše China Hush. >> Izračunajte koliko ste privlačni suprotnom spolu! Neki su objavili zavidne rezultate od 9.500 bodova, no bilo je i loših rezultata koji su uzrokovali bračne razmirice. Većina muškaraca ovaj je izračun shvatila kao zabavu, no neke su se žene uvrijedile jer smatraju da veza/brak nije proizvod i da se na to ne može staviti cijena. A evo kako ćete izračunati koliko vrijedi vaša izabranica: - Ako je viša od 160 centimetara - za svaki centimetar iznad toga dodajte po 100 bodova - Ako je niža od 160 centimetara - za svaki centimetar ispod toga oduzmite po 100 bodova - Duga kosa +150 bodova - Ako zna plesati +100 bodova - Ako zna pjevati +100 bodova - Ako teži više od 55 kilograma - za svakih 5 kilograma oduzmite po 100 bodova - Ako teži manje od 55 kilograma - za svakih 5 kilograma dodajte po 100 bodova - Ako puno pije -200 bodova

Computer Man-Caves That Make This Writer Drool And Cry Steven On May 14, 2012 Ever since I first managed to start using a dual monitor setup I was hooked and really couldn’t see myself returning for any long period of time to some piddly laptop or tablet screen especially considering my workflow. There are time that I wish I could even expand beyond those two monitors but that probably won’t happen for some time. Thanks to the team at Caveman Circus for putting together a nice collection of which the above are my favorites. Liked this collection? Then make sure to check out our newest computer man cave post!

Pick Paint Colors For Your House Picking house paint colors isn't just difficult. It's terrifying! Pick colors that are blah, and your house will seem flat and featureless. The best paint colors will highlight the most beautiful features of your home. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Next: More House Paint Tips > How to Ace Your Finals Without Studying & Scott H Young I’ve never been that keen on studying before an exam. I rarely study for more than a half hour, even for big final exams worth more than half my grade. When I do study, I usually just skim over the material and do a few practice questions. Despite what some might point out as horrible studying habits, I’ve done very well for myself in school. It’s very easy to look at my successes and apparent lack of effort and quickly deem that it is an innate gift, impossible to replicate. Webs and Boxes The system I use for learning I’m going to call holistic learning. People who learn through compartments, try to organize their mind like a filing cabinet. Holistic learning takes an opposite approach. When it comes time for exams (or any practical application for your knowledge) compartmentalized learners have to hope that they pounded the information hard enough into their head so it might come up during the exam. Compartmentalized learning is an exercise in insanity. 1) Ask Questions 4) Feel It

m. elle mmmmmmmm ... m. elle. It's easy to see why this mother and daughters design team (Mary Lynn Turner and Marie and Emily Turner) made Elle Decor's 5 to watch list. Sophisticated interiors throughout their portfolio but it was this mountain home that had me from the first picture.

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