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Quilt Blocks Galore!

Quilt Blocks Galore!

Ideas for Quilting How to Quilt: Scrap Quilts How to Quilt>Scrap Quilts Bonnie Hunter is a quilter who specializes in scrap quilts using fabric from thrift shops or donations from friends' closets. Recently she visited with us for our Eavesdrop on a Telephone Conversation, and the specific topic was how to choose the garments at a thrift shop that will make great fabric for a quilt. Here is a sampling of her answers: Penny: How do you know whether a particular garment would make a good fabric for a quilt? Bonnie: I look for garments the same way I look for fabric. If it says 100% cotton, then that’s the first thing I’ll look for. The next thing I check is how the fabric feels in my hand. I look for the same kinds of things when I look for articles of clothing to cut up for fabric. Penny: You don’t use polyester? Bonnie: No, I don’t. Men’s shirts, so far, have not incorporated spandex. Penny: How do you estimate how much fabric you’ll be able to get from a particular garment? Bonnie: The size of the garment will give you an idea.

The Last Piece Take my Craftsy Class!Learn from me any time of the day or night by taking my classes, Big Techniques From Small Scraps, and NEW class Word Play at Sarah is available for teaching both within Australia and internationally. If you are interested having Sarah teach for you during any of her scheduled tours or at other times, please email for information. Upcoming Teaching Venues:* Tour of NZ - Cushla's Fabrics Devonport and Nelson, Cottage Flair Rotorua and The Apple Basket - May 2016. Scrap Quilts - Free Quilt Patterns - Learn How to Make Quilts Red Pepper Quilts Fun with stripes- Quilting Tutorial Probably many of us like using strip piecing in our quilts. But how about using striped fabrics ? Instead of piecing strips use some striped fabrics... Lately I have played a little more with such fabrics and I love them. And I love even more what I can make with them. The fabric I used for this tutorial is a heavy cotton canvas from Ikea. I always prewash these fabrics because they shrink. So, what can we do with these fabrics ? ------------------------------------------------- Cut a square then cut it on both diagonals From two squares we can make two blocks like these Using 2 green squares and 2 red squares from half of the triangles we can make these 2 blocks or these ones and using the other half ( see the placement of the white stripes on these triangles) we can make one of these three blocks ( hard to choose just one ! ---------------------------------------------------- The next two methods apply for fabrics with stripes of the same width. I used this method for this quilt Geta

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p.s. i quilt Turn Denim Pockets into Fabric Art Gift Bags - Cloth Paper Scissors Today If you follow this blog, then you know I have an abundance of denim pockets culled from my husband's jeans, and I'm always looking for fabric art projects to make with them. One of my favorite denim recycling projects was this Patched Pocket Panel that combines art with storage. Another way to use denim pockets creatively is to turn them into gift bags. You can make them as simple or as elaborate as you like. My colleague Barbara Delaney fell in love with this project, created by Melony Bradley, when it first came out in Cloth Paper Scissors Gifts 2011. Barb described her adventures in pocket art in a post last year about starting holiday projects early. Barb says, "While I was making these holiday pockets, I realized they can really be designed for just about any occasion and, dependng on the size of the pocket, can hold a variety of goodies. If you backed these pockets with felt, you wouldn't even need to press and turn the fabric edges (I'm always looking for shortcuts.) P.S.

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