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FileGuru.Com Your One Stop Shop For Great Software Downloads
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Critterding Top free troubleshooting tools for Windows | Windows No computer runs perfectly forever. Somewhere along the line, something will go wrong. While each successive version of Windows has been that much more reliable and self-healing, that's never been an argument to forgo a good collection of software tools. Over the years I've accumulated a slew of third-party troubleshooting apps that have proven their value again and again, so much so that they're among the very first programs installed in any system I use. If something goes wrong -- a Blue Screen of Death, a slow-booting system, a recent program install that's made everything slower than molasses going uphill in January -- I turn to these tools to set things right. All of them are free for personal use, some are open source, and each of them deserves a place in the toolbox of the savvy Windows user. [ There's no shortage of great free tools for Windows. Move over, Task Manager.

Free File Downloads and Software Discussion - Fileforum ASCII TABLE & ASCII CODES : HEXADECIMAL TABLE, DECIMAL TABLE, OCTAL TABLE, BINARY TABLE, KEYBOARD CORRESPONDENCES, EXTENDED ASCII TABLE, ... Software on | System Explorer - Keep Your System Under Control Web 2.0 Sites & Applications | FeedMyApp Test des navigateurs internet méconnus ! Pourquoi? Pourquoi tout le monde se bat tout le temps pour savoir quel navigateur de Chrome ou de Firefox est le meilleur ? « C’est Firefox ! - T’as craqué c’est Chrome! - Moi je te dit que… (Personnellement je pense que c’est Christophe Colomb (ne vous inquiétez, pas je connais la sortie >>>>>>>[ ] ) ) Nous allons tester plusieurs navigateurs peu connus, ayant moins de 1% de part de marché et les noter selon différents critères (sur 10), à savoir : L’aspect visuel Vitesse La compatibilité (flash, javascript, etc.) Les plus Les moins Si vous êtes un original vous pourrez vous la péter devant vos potes avec votre nouveau navigateur. D’autre essais de navigateurs seront effectués, cet article sera régulièrement mis à jour et re-posté. Yeah Browser ! Aspect Visuel:10/10 Vitesse: 7/10 Compatibilité: 10/10 Les moins: une partie encore en anglais alors que tout le reste du navigateur est en français. Verdict:une présentation très Gnome pour ce petit navigateur très sympathique et très intuitif. Vitesse: 8/10

ASCII ART To explore and enjoy the many ASCII art pictures on this site, just pick an Art Category from the menu on the left. The 10 Most recently updated files: (The rest can be found here.) Christopher Johnson's ASCII Art Collection was revealed to the Internet in November of 1994, back when Netscape 1.0 was "soooo much better than Mosaic" and Internet Explorer didn't exist yet. Here we are 22 years later, and if my web-server traffic statistics are any indication, ASCII art is more popular now than it's ever been. Shameless begging starts now: Running this site for the last 22 years hasn't been cheap. Important note: I am not an ASCII artist.

Get an Overview of Windows Shortcut Keys with ActiveHotKeys | The Windows Fix Most people don’t know it, but there are dozens and dozens of Windows shortcut/hotkeys out there for you to use. Whether it be using the Win, Ctrl, Alt or Shift, there are plenty to choose from. The issue that most have with it though, is that none of us really know what they are and some of us want to create our own with the available ones. ActiveHotKeys is a simple and free application that can give you a quick and easy overview of your entire plethora of shortcut keys. Whether it be a couple key strokes with the Win key, or a few with Ctrl-Alt-Shift, this application will display them all and help you take advantage of the ones that you’re not using on a regular basis. This program does not however list what particular application a shortcut key may be registered for, and it also does not allow you to create your own. via Elite Freeware Related posts: 7, Freeware, shortcuts, software, vista, windows shortcut keys, xp This post was written by: T.J. Contact the author

Faster, PC! Clean! Clean!  | Free Tips for Old PCs Community Management : L'essentiel à savoir avant de se lancer - Le terme « community management » n’est plus qu’un simple terme à la mode. Comme pour les medias sociaux, la gestion des communautés en ligne fait partie intégrante de la conception moderne du marketing mix. Certaines entreprises vont même jusqu’à embaucher un community manager. Malgré le fait que les offres d’emploi pour ce poste fleurissent sur linkedin, de nombreuses entreprises n’ont toujours pas compris ce qu’est le community management. Nous avons décidé de répondre aux 4 questions essentielles que vous vous posez surement avant de vous lancer dans le community management : 1. Certains pensent que le community manager se contente uniquement de mettre à jour la page Facebook d’une entreprise. Les 3 principaux rôles du community manager sont : S’occuper de vos clients. 2. Que vous embauchiez quelqu’un ou que vous désigniez l’un de vos salariés, il est important que la personne comprenne que c’est une position dans laquelle elle sera en relation directe avec les clients. 3. 4.

How to Always Win an Argument: 7 steps | wikiHow Edit Article Choosing Your ArgumentStructuring Your ArgumentAttacking their ArgumentStyling Your Argument Edited by Ben Rubenstein, Jack Herrick, Glutted, Sondra C and 47 others The rhetorical art of persuasion is a subtle and useful set of skills to master. Whether you like to debate for fun or are constantly being drawn into complicated arguments, these guidelines will help you negotiate an issue and convince your opponent. Get started with Step 1 below or find more specific advice by checking out the sections listed above. Ad Steps Part 1 of 4: Choosing Your Argument 1Brainstorm reasons a particular claim may and may not be true.[1] For any particular topic, whether you've chosen it, been assigned it, or just feel like arguing it informally for no particular reason, generate as many arguments for and against a particular claim as possible. 4Evaluate the reasons. Part 2 of 4: Structuring Your Argument 4Conclude your argument by drawing out the implications of your reasoning into an action.