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How To Design for Viral Growth [Infographic] Viral growth is the holy grail for Web-based companies. Entrepreneurs spend late nights thinking of tactics like funny videos, PR stunts, Facebook quizzes and other mechanics that can make their product “go viral.” Viral growth is alluring because it 1) can generate a ton of users quickly, 2) the follow-on viral-acquired users are typically free, and 3) it generates press and buzz which in turn fuel the viral loop. Free users and lots of buzz? Looking for a primer on designing for viral growth? Click the image to see the full-size version. You should embed this infographic on your site – click to copy the embed code below.

The creative Suitcase TheWorld as100 People multimedialab “Flux des agences de presse - création d’information par la méthode” est le mémoire de fin d’étude présenté par Lionel Maes en 2008 à l’Erg (École de Recherche Graphique). Lionel Maes a terminé l’an dernier son cycle d’études à l’Erg en finalité “Arts numériques”. Son mémoire, intitulé “Flux des agences de presse - création d’information par la méthode”, s’intéresse aux conditions de diffusion et d’usages des flux d’informations produits par les agences de presse. En parallèle, cette réflexion théorique a fait l’objet d’une recherche pratique, concrétisée par la réalisation d’un programme de visualisation de l’information et d’un prototype d’installation multimédia interactive. Visualisation de données. C’est dans ce contexte que Lionel Maes aborde la notion de visualisation de données, discipline graphique engendrée par l’informatique, dont la tâche consiste à conditionner graphiquement l’information brute dans le but d’en permettre une lecture. Homeostatic. Image = code. Marc Wathieu.

Píldoras de Comunicación Blog | Cada día, ideas creativas de todo el mundo sobre publicidad, comunicación, marketing e innovación. Get More Out of Google Have you ever spent hours searching Google (or any other search engine for that matter) for documents, articles, or information you desperately needed for that research paper you have due soon? With thousands of results in a matter of seconds, trying to find worthy, citable information can be a challenge. And if you’re anything like me, you waited until the last minute to start your paper and since it’s now crunch time, that precious hour should not be spent looking through search engines. The secret to a good Google search lies in the wording. Although this infographic shows tips and tricks for students conducting online research, you don’t have to be a student to take advantage of the help it offers. Share This Infographic Get Free Infographics Delivered to your Inbox

Smashing magazine Advertisement Data visualizations and infographics can make complex datasets easier to understand and comprehend. By creating a graphical represenatation of data and statistics, complicated concepts and information can make more sense in less time. Many visualizations focus on representing a specific set of data or statistical information. But visualizations and infographics can be used poorly, too. Also consider our previous articles: Data Visualizations and Infographics which lists examples and types of infographics and data visualizations.Data Visualization: Modern Approaches showcases modern examples of data visualization and infographics. 1. Here are some blogs and website that provide great information for information designers, including how-to articles, visualization showcases and galleries, and other resources. Strange Maps Strange Maps features only map-based graphics, both modern and historical. Wall Stats Visual Complexity Cool Infographics Data Mining Edward Tufte Infographics News

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