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Infographicjournal Infographicszone Videoinfographic Infographic Expo - Free infographic Submission Infographicsinspiration Nerdgraph Infographicbee Infographicpics Investments in US real estatehave their own specificity, which makes such investments particularly attractive. First of all, it is cheap lending, which makes housing affordable for every employed resident of the United States. To buy a home loan is usually enough 20% down payment and annual income allows you to pay the debt with interest. The US residential real estate market is probably so balanced that the loan payments are approximately equal to rental payments for such real estate. Those. the market price of real estate on average is equal to the 15-year potential profit from it. At first glance, the yield is low. But that is not all. To bring the debt back to the proportion of 80% of the value of the property, the bank will have to pay us a part of the value in cash. According to this investment strategy, we can buy every 3-4 years for a new property, improve it with repairs, go to the bank for recalculation, return our investments and buy a new property again.

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