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Virtual Field Trips

Virtual Field Trips
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Try Pathbrite for Creating Academic Portfolios Pathbrite is a free service for creating digital academic portfolios. Pathbrite provides an easy-to-follow template for creating your portfolio. There are ten parts to the template, but you can skip parts that you don't think you need. Applications for Education About a month ago someone asked me if I had a standard digital portfolio template to use with students. Virtual Field Trips—LDS Homeschooling in California—and everywhere! These links feature wonderful sites that explore places in the world that you may never be able to visit in person. Even if you have been able to visit some of the places in person, you will still enjoy re-living the experience and sharing it with your families through the text, photos, videos and live web cameras on these websites. It is my hope that parents and children will sit down together to explore the world through these virtual field trips, whether or not they homeschool. Museums and Other Buildings LDS Church History and Art MuseumLDS Temple Square TourHistoric Cove FortMissionary Training Center Virtual TourPassing Through St.

An OOPS Virtual Field Trips Page! The "OOPS" Virtual Field Trip Page! A virtual field trip is the next best thing to being there! Choose a destination below and click your trip into action. Vacation Planner So You're Planning A Trip Planner Happy Travels! Return to the OOPS Web Page: Iroquoi Longhouse Jet Propulsion Lab Virtual Field Trip Kennebunk, Maine WebCam Kid's Guide to the Smithsonian Kids Dig Reed: Reed Farmstead Archaeological Site,West Virginia Kokomo Opalescent Glass Co. Return to the OOPS Web Page Science Learning Network Online Science Exhibits Scholastic Field Trips Seven Wonders of the Ancient World (New) Seven Wonders of the World Ships of Travel Sistine Chapel Skyscrapers The Smithsonian Museum Sonora Desert Hottest Desert in North America South Carolina's River Venture Spain St. Teaching Tips for Taking Field Trips:1. OOPS is: Our Overnight Planning System Email your great ideas for inclusion on this page! Last Update: 4/4/2012

s Guide Virtual Fieldtrips Virtual Fieldtrips, Virtual Tours Virtual Tours of Museums and Exhibits Tour The American Museum of Natural History You can find 360 degree tours of dioramas, pictures, and video. Tour an Ancient Roman Villa In this virtual tour, you can see the villa from all sides and enter the inside rooms. Tour The Collection at The National Gallery of Art You can perform a search by artist, title, or subject. Museo Galileo Institute and Museum of the History of Science The Online Catalogue of the museum presents the more than 1,200 objects on permanent exhibition through color images and detailed descriptions. Holocaust Museum Tour Find pictures, video, and art from the Holcaust Museum. Tour The Museum of Unnatural Mystery Tour the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, learn about geology, and some strange things. Online Exhibitions from the Natural History Museum in London Explore art themes, botanical illustrations, and save images of your favorite exhibits. Virtual Gettysburg

WHAT IS BUBBL.US? for Web 2.0 Research Tools - A Quick Guide The Vampires of the real world.....TVD_fanatic The 70 Best Apps For Teachers And Students Ready for school? Let’s examine some of the featured apps that you should be using this year. From time-saving tools to reading helpers, there are apps that do just about anything. Rather than have you sort through the endless parade of app icons, we’ve done the hard part for you. Most are available for both iOS and Android operating systems, so don’t sweat that part. However, most of these apps are free so they’re at least worth downloading and trying. A Visual Cheat Sheet To All The Apps A compilation of apps in the iTunes Store. Some of the Best Apps We’re Using Productivity Apps Clear ($0.99)Flipboard (Free)WolframAlpha (Free)Dropbox (Freemium)Edmodo (Free) Start Reading Writers’ Corner Math Madness Make Science Fun History & Geography Art & Creativity These are just a few of the selected apps that we like in each category.

Floating University 10 Good iPad Apps to Facilitate Students Collaboration January 15, 2014 Below are some good apps that can facilitate your students collaboration in learning projects. The first 5 apps has been been featured in a slideshow created by Monica Burns from Class Tech Tips and are particularly useful for classes where there is only one iPad or where students have to share the same iPad. I have also added more apps that I personally think are idea for collaborative team work. Check out the titles below and have a look at the accompanying slide for more illustrations on how these apps are being used. 1- ScreenChomp ScreenChomp is a grat tool for creating tutorials and flipped lessons. Combining screencasting, desktop control, and an interactive whiteboard in one app, you’ll never have to turn your back to the class or audience again. 3-Whiteboard Lite This is a collaborative whiteboard app that provides the following features : • Lots of fun and colorful Stickers to make your drawings even more exciting! 4-Funny Movie Make 5-Toonastic 10- Edmodo

5 Design Tips to Boost Blog Conversions Educational and inspirational content has a powerful impact on your audience, but design plays a huge role in your blog's performance. How your readers experience content on your site directly affects social shares, newsletter subscribers and even sales (if that's your goal). If you’re serious about building an audience through blogging, it's important to optimize your blog to convert visitors into regular readers, subscribers and customers. Quite a few design considerations come into play when optimizing your audience’s experience on your blog. This article covers five design tips to help you improve the overall blog experience and, in turn, increase conversions. 1. If you aren't already collecting email addresses through your blog, you should be. Most blog owners place a callout to their newsletter signup at the top of the sidebar, which is a good idea — that's where most visitors will expect it to be. Image: HitTail 2. Don't go overboard. Image: Buffer 3. 4. Image: Nathan Barry 5.