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Add live, face-to-face video with the OpenTok platform

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Miranda IM - Home of the Miranda IM client. Smaller, Faster, Easier Free online photo editor - The CELT ultra-low delay audio codec FuzeBox Instantbird Opus Codec omNovia Kopete Instant Messenger - Kopete, The KDE Instant Messenger Video Conferencing Software | Virtual Mediation Lab If you are interested in Online Mediation and believe that the “visual” component is crucial for gaining the parties’ trust in you and in the mediation process, you’ll soon be faced with two questions: Which video conferencing software shall I use?And how can I try different software, test them, and pick the one I like the most? In order to help you answer those questions, in the last 3 months a group of Virtual Mediation Lab mediators have done the following. First, we prepared a list of 14 basic criteria that, in our view, a software should meet in order to work well for you and, more importantly, for the parties, who will participate in your online mediation in any way they prefer: with their PC, Mac, Ipad, Iphone, Andorid tablet or smart phone (or even a landline phone). Second, We began to test some video conferencing softwareWe discussed how each of them met our 14 criteriaWe video recorded our tests – so you can watch them and judge for yourself Thank you.

Manage Events Like A Pro With Wordpress If you’ve ever tried working with, coding for or just thinking about anything to do with events, you know they are a total nightmare in every possible way. Repeating events, schedules, multiple days, multiple tracks, multiple prices, multiple speakers, multiple organizations, multiple payment options — the list goes on on for quite some time. Today we’ll show you how to make event management an easy — nay, enjoyable — task by making WordPress do the grunt work for you. We’ll be looking at out-of-the-box WordPress features, plugins and themes and a DIY approach to managing events. Please do let us know if you have more or better ideas. In A Nutshell Link I know some people don’t like to read lengthy reviews, so here are my recommendations in the shortest possible form. If money is not an issue or you just want the best possible combination of products, I recommend using Event Espresso1 to manage the events and Eventure2 from ThemeForest to display them. Event Management Features Link (al)

10 Chat Widgets to Consider Embedded chat in a website provides the ability to more closely connect with your readers or customers, depending on the instance. Chat widgets provide real-time feedback and spur thought-provoking discussions - features lacking in e-mail. However the disadvantages should be acknowledged too. In some cases, widgets may slow down the page load or take away from the overall site experience rather than enhance it. However I encourage everyone to give some of the following chat widgets a try and make your own conclusions. MeeboMe MeeboMe is the leader in the space. Plugoo Plugoo is a slick little chat widget that enables you to talk with site visitors via your IM client. Mabber Mabber is a simple, basic chat widget. Pladeo Formerly InCircles, Pladeo is beautifully designed Flash chat widget. Userplane Userplane is a more sophisticated chat offering. Geesee Geesee is highly functional and robust, yet it's also a cumbersome service. Gabbly Gabbly is a slick, multi-user chat widget. Chatango ParaChat

Thera-LINK Webinartrainer Jour-Fixe von R.Wytek Besuchen Sie jeden ersten Mittwoch im Monat unser Jour-Fixe für Ihren Webinar-Erfolg - kostenlos! Tipp des Monats im Mai 2014: "5 Dinge die Sie direkt nach Ihrem Webinar tun sollten!" Sie wollen Ihre Webinare verbessern? Darüber hinaus stellt Webinartrainer Ronald Wytek seinen dreiteiligen Webinar-Kurs (inkl. Nach Ihrer Anmeldung steht für Sie ein spannender Webinar-Artikel bereit unter: (mit freundlicher Genehmigung von The presenter has decided that the participant list is not visible to the public. Trillian