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Jean-Baptiste Mondino : Photos

Jean-Baptiste Mondino : Photos
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View Photo Gallery and Lighting Diagrams on Strobox - Create, Share, Learn Message from the Strobox team In 2009 we created a unique iPhone app to document your photography lighting setups. Our bigger vision was to one day create a community where photographers could share their knowledge, experience, and learn from those on the front lines. Today, we have more than 38,000 unique monthly visitors - from all corners of the globe - we never expected Strobox to grow so quickly and are now facing the need to seek additional support. We believe in our community, the talent pool we have, and how we can become better when we share information. Sincerely, Janis Lanka Strobox Founder

Cristina Altieri Analogue. Polaroid. Fuji Digital. About Cristina Altieri Following (3) Analogue. Polaroid. Fuji Digital. My / Folio Photography by Tertius Alio Amazing Photography by Tertius Alio. Tertius is a photographer based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. View the website Feaverish Edwin Tse Photography Portraits by Maykel Lima Maykel Lima is a photographer based in Madrid, Spain. With his outstanding photographs which show alienated faces, bodies and sculptures, he expresses his futuristic unique style. His photographies show mainly plain sceneries which focus on the centre of the picture. It features a motif which Maykel Lima manipulated via digital postproduction. They seem to be static and agitated at the same time, the pixels blur and melt before the eyes of the audience, or appear like a stream flowing down the surface of the image. All images © Maykel Lima

Kate Rentz | Photographer