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Do You Want To Live Forever? Documentary | WatchDocumentary.Tv <a href=" feed</a> British biomedical gerontologist, Dr. Aubrey de Grey dispute one of the fundamental assumption about the human being, that aging is inescapable. Humans have been seeking to claim that we can take control or stop getting old since the beginning of time. This documentary follows the radical life-extension as well as immortality concepts of Dr. Also watch Extraordinary People – A Hundred Orgasms A Day and Stress: Portrait of a Killer Watch Do You Want To Live Forever? John Pilger Documentaries "We were sold this war on the basis of Iraq possessing a massive arsenal of weapons of mass destruction, which was never found, and won't be found, because there was no massive arsenal of weapons. We were also promised a need for war on the basis of active cooperation between Iraq and Al-Qaeda and the fact that it was just a matter of time before some of these weapons from this massive arsenal were passed to this terrorist group...There was no hard intelligence to establish there was a link between Iraq and Al-Qaeda." John Pilger dissects the truth and lies in the 'war on terror'. Award-winning journalist John Pilger investigates the discrepancies between American and British claims for the 'war on terror' and the facts on the ground as he finds them in Afghanistan and Washington, DC. In 2001, as the bombs began to drop, George W. Please visit the official website for more information:

USS Liberty BBC Video Dead In The Water Dead in the Water How Israel committed the cold blooded murder of US sailors. June 8, 1967: USS Liberty attacked by Israel in international waters During the Six-Day War, 06 08, Israel attacked and nearly sank the USS Liberty belonging to its closest ally, the USA. BBC Four Investigative Report: Broadcast Saturday 17 May 2003 Video Runtime 69 Minutes Israel claimed that the whole affair had been a tragic accident based on mistaken identification of the ship. For more than 30 years many people have disbelieved the official explanation but have been unable to rebut it convincingly. Interviews include President Lyndon Johnson's Secretary of Defence Robert McNamara, former head of the Israeli navy Admiral Shlomo Errell and members of the USS Liberty crew. New charges vs.

Home Browse Documentaries. | Watch Documentary Films Online. | Promote Consciousness. Promote Humanity What Black Is, Really “Excuse me,but um…what are you?......No, I mean what are you, really?.... Yeh, but what else?” Lists and Limits Bow when meeting someone (even if you’ve met them already.) Caring for a World with a Soul “There is now a single issue before us: survival. These days everyone seems to be a film-maker. Must Watch Documentaries | Watch Free Documentaries | - Spread the Word Real Scientific Evidence of Controlled Implosion "The preconceived notion of NIST is that there's no evidence for explosives, as in there is no point in looking. That is the most unscientific thing which you can possibly think of. Not to look because you don't expect to find evidence and in fact the evidence is overwhelming. They state these conclusions for which there is no evidence and then they ignore conclusions that can be drawn from the evidence." -Lynn Margulis, PH.D, Scientist/Professor, University of Massachusetts Open-Sourced Blueprints for Civilization "We know that open source has succeeded with tools for managing knowledge and creativity and the same is starting to happen with hardware. Inspiring Spoken Word On Freedom "This is my voice. War is All About Money and Control "There is a machine here that wants to go to war. Dr. "When the Nazis gased the Jews, the world was silent. Hitler Had the Help of Corporations We Need to Rethink the Human Narrative A Brief Look at the New TSA

vous Gauthier Bros from Aix-en-Provence ? Votre télé live sur Facebook Untitled from Jean Michel Billaut on Vimeo. Gauthier a créé sa société Label-internet (réalisation de sites Internet et d'applications Facebook). Et il vient de mettre au point une application permettant de réaliser votre station de télévision live sur votre page Facebook... Quels sont les utilisations possibles ? Gauthier a mis au point d'autres applications pour Facebook : un skype like, un formulaire de contacts, etc.. Quel est le business model des apps Facebook de Gauthier ? Nouvelles fonctionnalités dans les cartons ? Y a-t-il beaucoup de startups à Aix-en-Provence ? PS. Pour contacter Gauthier Bros : gauthier.bros(arobase) © Une production du Billautshow - the video for the rest of us - the e-billautshow : the french worldwide hub

The Habits Of Supremely Happy People Martin Seligman, the father of positive psychology, theorizes that while 60 percent of happiness is determined by our genetics and environment, the remaining 40 percent is up to us. In his 2004 Ted Talk, Seligman describes three different kinds of happy lives: The pleasant life, in which you fill your life with as many pleasures as you can, the life of engagement, where you find a life in your work, parenting, love and leisure and the meaningful life, which “consists of knowing what your highest strengths are, and using them to belong to and in the service of something larger than you are.” After exploring what accounts for ultimate satisfaction, Seligman says he was surprised. The pursuit of pleasure, research determined, has hardly any contribution to a lasting fulfillment. Instead, pleasure is “the whipped cream and the cherry” that adds a certain sweetness to satisfactory lives founded by the simultaneous pursuit of meaning and engagement. They smile when they mean it. They unplug.

Farmageddon — The Positive Path - Because there is nothing more powerful than an open mind « Entire Video Library Overview Americans’ right to access fresh, healthy foods of their choice is under attack. Farmageddon tells the story of small, family farms that were providing safe, healthy foods to their communities and were forced to stop, sometimes through violent ac-tion, by agents of misguided government bureaucracies, and seeks to figure out why. Filmmaker Kristin Canty’s quest to find healthy food for her four children turned into an educational journey to discover why access to these foods was being threatened. Farmageddon highlights the urgency of food freedom, encouraging farmers and consumers alike to take action to preserve individuals’ rights to access food of their choice and farmers’ rights to produce these foods safely and free from unreasona-bly burdensome regulations.

BitTorrent Live apporte du streaming en direct et en P2P BitTorrent Live est désormais une réalité. Bram Cohen, le génial créateur du célèbre protocole de partage de fichiers, a fait une démonstration publique de son protocole de streaming en P2P lors du MusicTech Summit de San Franciso. Comme il l'avait annoncé en septembre 2009, en dévoilant son projet, BitTorrent Live offre un outil de diffusion en streaming entièrement décentralisé, avec un temps de latence très faible, qui permet à chacun de diffuser des contenus vidéo de qualité avec un coût en bande passante quasiment nul. "Mon objectif est de tuer la télévision", a-t-il expliqué sans nuances lors du sommet. Plutôt que d'être diffusés à partir d'une seule source à laquelle accèdent l'ensemble des internautes qui veulent regarder le même programme, le contenu streamé sur BitTorrent Live est diffusé par autant d'internautes qu'il y a de spectateurs. Un protocole propriétaire, payant pour une utilisation commerciale

Sanskrita - Sanskrita What is Sanskrit? Why Sanskrit? History, Meaning and Philosophy Sanskrit is the eldest of the Aryan languages. The exact location of the cradle of the Aryan civilisation is not known, although most scholars agree that it was somewhere in Central Asia, in the vicinity of the Black Sea. The Aryans migrated in many directions, leading to the diversification and evolution of the language into an Indo-European family, with various subgroups such as Indo-Iranian, Italic, Celtic, Germanic, Greek, etc. from which many of our modern languages such as English, Spanish, German, Hindi, Farsi etc. derive. Sanskrit is considered to be the "elder sister" of all these languages and other now extinct ones, it has probably been in use for the last four to seven thousand years! Structure and Grammar Its structure is made up of simple verbal monosyllabic roots, which are expanded using prefixes and suffixes according to precise grammatical laws, with an infinite capacity to expand and adapt. Breadth Texts Today

Koch Brothers Exposed: 2014 Edition Full Film Please click the Youtube player below to watch the film. If you have any technical difficulties, please e-mail Enjoyed the film? Sign the petition demanding Congress to support and pass a constitutional amendment that would overturn Citizens United and Mccutcheon. Donate what you can so that we can continue our work and create more content. Get your friends involved by sharing segments of the film with them.

vous Alain Rosset et Olivier Pfe Untitled from Jean Michel Billaut on Vimeo.</ Alain et Olivier nous présentent la plateforme PUMit que leur entreprise (UBICmedia) met actuellement sur le marché... "Un film, une vidéo .. doit circuler librement sur l'Internet...Mais ce n'est pas une raison pour oublier les favoriser le piratage. " Qu'on se le dise ! Alain nous explique en détail le mécanisme de PUMit.. basé sur une technologie purement française qu'avait mis sur pied en son temps, notre ami commun Daniel Lecomte, aujourd'hui décédé... UBICmedia a ajouté le mécanisme complet de gestion des films qui se promènent librement sur l'Internet (ou sur une clef USB, un DVD..). Très astucieux me semble-t-il... Pour contacter Alain Rosset : alain.rosset(arobase) © Une production du Billautshow - the video for the rest of us - the e-billautshow : the french worldwide hub

Swami Vivekananda Swami Vivekananda (Bengali: [Bibekanɒnɖo] ( ), Bibekānondo; 12 January 1863 – 4 July 1902), born Narendra Nath Datta (Bengali: [nɔrend̪ro nat̪ʰ d̪ɔt̪t̪o] Norendro Nath Dot-to), was an Indian Hindu monk and chief disciple of the 19th-century saint Ramakrishna. He was a key figure in the introduction of the Indian philosophies of Vedanta and Yoga to the Western world and is credited with raising interfaith awareness, bringing Hinduism to the status of a major world religion during the late 19th century. He was a major force in the revival of Hinduism in India, and contributed to the concept of nationalism in colonial India. Early life (1863–1888) Birth and childhood (left) Bhuvaneswari Devi (1841–1911);"I am indebted to my mother for the efflorescence of my knowledge Vivekananda was born Narendranath Datta (shortened to Narendra or Naren) at his ancestral home at 3 Gourmohan Mukherjee Street in Calcutta, the capital of British India, on 12 January 1863 during the Makar Sankranti festival.