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Vert.x- Effortless asynchronous application development for the modern web and enterprise

Vert.x- Effortless asynchronous application development for the modern web and enterprise
Save the following in server.js Run it: vertx run server.js Save the following in Run it: (note no compile is needed!) vertx run

How To Write A Dead-Simple Online Network Drive using Java & WebDAV There are a variety of ways you can enhance your application with WebDAV access which we will be going into in a latter part of the WebDAV series. For now we will show you how to create a basic online network drive using WebDAV via Milton, a Java WebDAV Server library. Example We will write the logic to create a network drive containing just one file, scratchpad.txt, which can be modified at will from any location where the drive is mounted. You may want to load the project into your IDE so that you can follow along.

Spring Ecommerce Software & Ecommerce Platform Solutions Warby Parker Eye wear, innovation, strong results, strong brand, great story Harpers Bazaar Fashion industry, recognizable brand, scalability, and flexibility Microservices "Microservices" - yet another new term on the crowded streets of software architecture. Although our natural inclination is to pass such things by with a contemptuous glance, this bit of terminology describes a style of software systems that we are finding more and more appealing. We've seen many projects use this style in the last few years, and results so far have been positive, so much so that for many of our colleagues this is becoming the default style for building enterprise applications.

Web Framework - Learn About Cappuccino and Objective-J What is Cappuccino? Cappuccino is an open source application framework for developing applications that look and feel like the desktop software users are familiar with. Cappuccino is built on top of standard web technologies like JavaScript, and it implements most of the familiar APIs from GNUstep and Apple’s Cocoa frameworks. When you program in Cappuccino, you don’t need to concern yourself with the complexities of traditional web technologies like HTML, CSS, or even the DOM. The unpleasantries of building complex cross browser applications are abstracted away for you.

Hibernate. Everything data. - Hibernate Mina Mina lets you build and run scripts to manage your app deployments on servers via SSH. $ gem install mina $ mina Really bloody fast Microservices Guide "Microservices" became the hot term in 2014, attracting lots of attention as a new way to think about structuring applications. I'd come across this style several years earlier, talking with my contacts both in ThoughtWorks and beyond. It's a style that many good people find is an effective way to work with a significant class of systems. But to gain any benefit from microservice thinking, you have to understand what it is, how to do it, and why you should usually do something else. This is a guide to useful resources to find out more about microservices. It's a personal choice of articles, videos, books, and podcasts that can teach you more about the microservices architectural style.

Fixing SSD Performance Degradation, Part 2: Page 3 For IOzone the system specifications are fairly important since they affect the command line options. In particular, the amount of system memory is important because this can have a large impact on the caching effects. If the problem sizes are small enough to fit into the system or file system cache (or at least partially), it can skew the results. Comparing the results of one system where the cache effects are fairly prominent to a system where cache effects are not conspicuous, is comparing the proverbial apples to oranges. For example, if you run the same problem size on a system with 1GB of memory versus a system with 8GB you will get much different results. For this article, cache effects will be limited as much as possible. The Software Industry IS the Problem Related Content Understanding DRM The explosive growth of the Internet and digital media has created both tremendous opportunities and new threats for content creators.

Java Reference Guide Last updated Mar 14, 2003. Performance tuning your application code can be a difficult task because it requires that you obtain deep performance information about where your application code is spending its CPU cycles. Doing this within your application is nearly impossible, or at least cumbersome to maintain. For example, you could track your method response times by creating a PerformanceTuner class as follows: And then you could implement all of your methods as follows:

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