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A List of the 613 Mitzvot (Commandments)

A List of the 613 Mitzvot (Commandments)

Judaism 101 Judaism 101 is an online encyclopedia of Judaism, covering Jewish beliefs, people, places, things, language, scripture, holidays, practices and customs. My goal is to make freely available a wide variety of basic, general information about Judaism, written from a traditional perspective in plain English. This web site has grown continually for more than 10 years and continues to be updated periodically. The information in this site is written predominantly from the Orthodox viewpoint, because I believe that is a good starting point for any inquiry into Judaism. Everything in this web site is free to use or distribute in any way, with three conditions: 1) if you use text, graphics or sound from this site, please credit this site; 2) do not redistribute this information for profit; 3) do not "mirror" this site or copy pages from this site for use on other web sites. Where to Start Just browsing? Looking for something specific? Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced? Want to see what's new?

Jewish & Other Imperial Cultures in Late Antiquity - Introductio An Online Exhibition from the Center for Advanced Judaic Studies 2007-2008 Fellows at the University of Pennsylvania Introduction This year has been the Center's first sustained focus on Judaism in Antiquity, and we aimed to study in a decidedly interdisciplinary mode. Instead of a year on the rabbis and their world, we have focused instead on the imperial context of which Judaism was but one small piece. How does this perspective change the sort of evidence and questions we bring to this era of seminal transformation in Jewish culture, law, society, art, and practice? The idea has been to foster vibrant reciprocity. Natalie Dohrmann

Where did the Genesis Flood waters go? - ChristianAnswers The whole Earth was covered with the Flood waters, and the world that then existed was destroyed by the very waters out of which the Earth had originally emerged at God's command (Genesis 1:9; 2 Peter 3:5-6). But where did those waters go after the Flood? There are a number of Scripture passages that identify the Flood waters with the present-day seas (Amos 9:6 and Job 38:8-11 note “waves”). If the waters are still here, why are the highest mountains not still covered with water, as they were in Noah's day? Psalm 104 suggests an answer. After the waters covered the mountains (verse 6), God rebuked them and they fled (verse 7); the mountains rose, the valleys sank down (verse 8) and God set a boundary so that they will never again cover the Earth (verse 9)[1]. Isaiah gives this same statement that the waters of Noah would never again cover the Earth (Isaiah 54:9). That is why the oceans are so deep, and why there are folded mountain ranges. A Mechanism? Could the Water Cover Mt. Footnotes

Messiah Truth: A Jewish Response to Missionary Groups Messianic Judaism: A Christian Missionary Movement Messianic Judaism is a Christian movement that began in the 1970s combining a mixture of Jewish ritual and Christianity. There are a vast and growing numbers of these groups, and they differ in how much Jewish ritual is mixed with conventional Christian belief. One end of the spectrum is represented by Jews For Jesus , who simply target Jews for conversion to Christianity using imitations of Jewish ritual solely as a ruse for attracting the potential Jewish converts. On the other end are those who don't stress the divinity of Jesus, but present him as the "Messiah." The movement has received criticism from mainstream Christian leaders, for these groups claim to believe in the New Testament and yet gloss over the distinction between the two communities instituted in that work, and for the deceptive tactics used to gain Jewish converts. Like the Christian Missionary, one of the major roles of the Messianic Jew is to proselytize others.

Ark of the Covenant Press here for video. One day, in 1978, Ron decided to go sightseeing near the Damascus Gate, in Jerusalem. Walking along an ancient stone quarry, known to some as "the Calvary Escarpment," he was talking with a local authority about Roman antiquities. Without warning, Ron's left hand pointed to a site being used as a rubbish dump and said, "That's Jeremiah's Grotto and the Ark of the Covenant is in there." Even though these words had come from his own mouth and his own hand had pointed, he had not consciously said or done these things. So he returned home to the US, and began to research as to whether or not the Ark could be in that area. Therefore, the Ark of the Covenant most probably remained within the Babylonian siege wall. The first find that they uncovered were recesses cut into the cliff face, three 'bookshelf-like' cut outs. Further excavation revealed an altar stone protruding from the cliff face like a shelf. Human cells normally have 46 chromosomes.

Jewish Roots of Eastern Christian Mysticism The interdisciplinary seminar on the Jewish Roots of Eastern Christian Mysticism is designed as the internet version of an ongoing research seminar of graduate students at the department of theology of Marquette University (Milwaukee, USA). The seminar is directed by Andrei Orlov, a professor of Judaism and Christianity in Antiquity (Marquette University). The seminar started in March 2002 as an attempt to investigate Jewish mystical traditions in the eastern Christian theological and liturgical texts. It was thought that the seminar would help initiate and inspire the discussion about the Jewish influences on eastern Christian mysticism among a broader audience. The internet version of the seminar was constituted on April 17, 2002. It is a regular text seminar consisting of scholars and graduate students of ancient languages, systematic theology, philosophy, patristics, biblical exegesis, and Judaism. Themes are announced and resources pertaining to them are posted on this webpage.

Evolution and Mathematics Mathematics and especially the sub-field of statistics, is an area of study that has given the evolutionists trouble over the years. It is a primary focus area where the lie of evolution can be readily exposed. What statistics do is predict with great accuracy the odds that an event will occur. As you can see while a good baseball player hits at .333, he stills makes an out two out of three times, so that a hit is not a sure thing. Another area of probability that has been taken into mathematics is the field of biblical prophecy. Scientific Creationism, Dr. A Scientific Analysis of Genesis, Dr. The Collapse of Evolution, Scott Huse, 1995. (This article comes from Rocky Mountain Creationist Ministries and we offer them sincere thanks). There are MANY MORE articles which challenge evolution HERE. free hit counter

Pentateuchal Targumim at NTCS International Organization for Targumic Studies Bylaws 1. The International Organization for Targumic Studies (hereinafter IOTS or the Organization) is constituted for the study of the targumim, ancient Jewish translations of Hebrew Bible into Aramaic, from any academic approach, methodology or purpose. It also includes the study of subjects related to research into the targumim. 2. 3. Business Meetings 4. 5. 6. 7. The Officers and the Executive Committee 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. Miscellaneous 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. acts17 The Shroud of Turin Website How Accurate Is the KJV 400 Years Later? - Online Bible Study Tools EDITOR'S NOTE: The following is an excerpt from The Legacy of the King James Bible: Celebrating 400 Years of the Most Influential EnglishTranslation by Leland Ryken (Crossway). This section is taken from Chapter 4, "The King James Bible of 1611." The King James Version . . . is greatly cherished. For generations, Christians and lovers of fine English have read the Bible in this version. —David Daniell, The Bible in English The preceding chapter has given account of how the King James Bible came into existence and what happened after it appeared. A Synthesis of Earlier Translations The first thing that we can say about the King James Bible is that it is an amalgamation of the English translations that had preceded it in the sixteenth century. The King James translators themselves made no attempt to conceal their indebtedness to the past tradition. We should not overlook the significance of that statement. A Refinement of the Received Tradition