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WordPress Crowdfunding Plugin and Crowdfunding Theme

WordPress Crowdfunding Plugin and Crowdfunding Theme
Like standard WordPress child themes, IgnitionDeck skins allow you to modify the IgnitionDeck framework in order to better match your overall web presence. Better yet, you can choose between a skin for a light or dark colored background - both of which also take a cue from the color of your site itself. These skins modify the look of IgnitionDeck, the command center for your fundraising campaign. This highlights all of the statistics related to your campaign, such as goal, amount raised, number of pledgers, end date, and more. Brand New Deck Designs as of IgnitionDeck 1.2!

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Not All White Label Crowdfunding Software Solutions are Created Equal Crowdfunding is a rapidly growing way of financing products, causes, and projects. As (our sister firm) Massolution’s recent 2013CF – Crowdfunding Industry Report showed, the industry grew 105 percent in North America and 65 percent in Europe from 2011 to 2012. It’s hardly surprising, then, that many enterprises, universities, organizations, and governments are exploring ways of using crowdfunding for their own purposes. Crowdfunding Demo Fund some projects Create your project Your Account Register for a new account or recover a lost password.

Gartner: Next, Social Networks Will Sell Insurance, Become Banks A recently published business development analysis by research firm Gartner looked into social networks' need for a more structurally sound revenue stream, and came to the conclusion that to maintain viability and competitiveness, they will soon enter the financial services industry. One Gartner analyst, Juergen Weiss, went so far as to predict that by the end of 2014, one of the major social networks - by implication, Facebook - would enter the business of property and casualty (P&C) insurance. "Offering insurance products to their communities would be a natural extension of social media providers' financial services strategies," reads Weiss' conclusions, "and would allow them to capitalize on their extensive set of information they constantly collect about their users."

Services WealthForge, LLC WealthForge WealthForge is dedicated to building long-term relationships with deal professionals and emerging growth companies. Our unique entrepreneurial culture enables us to tailor our services to meet the needs of our clients, and our professionals have deep relationships within capital markets and an understanding of the unique opportunities that exist today. Capital Raises WealthForge raises capital for businesses that intend to use the proceeds in a variety of ways. Whether the goal is growth capital, project finance, or strategic assignment, we have experience in locating equity and debt capital to achieve our client’s objectives.

Bunking Off Why Crowdfund Bunking Off? It’s a gutsy film, with humour and real heart. It keeps you guessing – and caring right till the shocking denouement of the final 30 seconds. It pulls no punches, asks important questions about our ghettos of single momdom and yet never gets preachy. It may be raw, but it’s just as tender too. To achieve all that I hope to achieve, I need finance over and above the money I have put in myself. Crowds 2.0 On May 9, 2014, the NYU Stern Center for Business Analytics, led by Professors Vasant Dhar and Anindya Ghose, hosted an all-day event to discuss trends and issues related to crowdfunding and crowdsourcing with industry experts and academics, including Stern Professors Ashwini Agrawal, Yannis Bakos, John Horton, Panos Ipeirotis, Natalia Levina and Arun Sundararajan, in the space. Professor Ghose welcomed the packed room and presented his co-authored research about online privacy and crowdfunding, “Online Privacy Controls and Crowdfunding: A Randomized Field Experiment,” which finds that by delaying the privacy controls on a project increases the probability of contribution levels by more than six percent. Professor Arun Sundararajan, who studies the economics of IT, spoke one-on-one with Yancy Strickler, co-founder and CEO of Kickstarter. They discussed the characteristics of a successful crowdfunded project including the framing and humanity of the project, and the spirit of the person.

Joomla PayPal Donations Module JomGive is a powerful new “crowd funding” plugin that enables your members to create fundraising projects; accept PayPal donations; and keep donors updated on the project’s progress directly from their JomSocial profile page. JomGive Joomla Plugin Whether your members need to raise money for personal projects, causes, charities, business ventures, medical bills, musical endeavors, school events or non-profit fundraisers, JomGive plugin makes it possible for them to transform their profile page into a mini-fundraising site! Startup Investing. Simplified. The investment process may be slightly different for each investor, depending on their personal investing preferences, but it can generally be described as follows:Investors must first create an account and register as an accredited investor.Once you identify a potential investment opportunity, you should review the terms of the offering (this information can be found in the respective company's dataroom in the Funding folder); you will have an opportunity to review the investment documents again during the funding process.Once you are comfortable with the investment terms, you can invest by clicking on the Invest button located on the company profile page or the browse company page.This will initiate the funding process under which you will be asked to:Enter your investment amountVerify your identity and accreditation statusExecute the required legal agreementsEnter the account information of your funding account (checking or savings)

Free Premium Wordpress Themes Create & manage Deal portal in WordPress. Let your site visitors buy and sell deals at your website. Daily Deal is by far the easiest and cheapest way to create a deals site. It includes everything that a user would need while creating such a site. Let’s start a visual tour and see what this theme has in store for you.

Digital Banking Gets Personal A bank is a digital business and, as a digital business, can be broken down into pure bits and bytes. More than that, a bank can be seen as three digital businesses in one: a manufacturer of products; a processor of transactions; and a retailer of services. In this context, the digitization of banking becomes more interesting at a strategic level. First, the products have been deconstructed. Every bank product can be deconstituted into its lowest common denominator of components and then reconstituted into new forms of use and structure. GE Embraces Crowd Sourcing For Improving Appliance Products And Manufacturing Processes GE Embraces Crowd Sourcing For Improving Appliance Products And Manufacturing Processes By Richard A. McCormack General Electric's manufacturing division has embraced the idea of crowd sourcing to attract new design, prototyping and production ideas for it product lines. The company has selected Louisville, Ky., home of its GE Appliance manufacturing headquarters, to host its first "micro-factory."

Showcase of Daily Deals websites Want more in less price? Want to save your money and yet want to have all?? Then you are the one who needs to check a deal site!! What are deal site?? Deal site are those where you can great deals and you can purchase wonders for low price. The coming revolution in banking Retail Banking is broken Why and what can we do? This graphic (HT Harold Jarche) tells us most of what we need to know to answer these questions. In the last 100 years we have lived through 2 paradigms for how society and an economy works. We are living in the transition to the third paradigm right now.