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Applying Visual Storytelling to Website Designs Design Throughout history, storytelling has been an important communication tool - it’s how people connect with one another through means of entertainment, education, and even to instill moral values in one another. While the earliest forms of storytelling were parlayed through oral communications with gestures and expressions, the landscape for storytelling has shifted with the advent of digital technologies. The role of the visual message in our communication processes has transcended mediums, not only helping people relate to a theme but allowing us as designers to intertwine content in presentation. In our quest to create the perfect design, we often analyze components like style, layout, mark-up, usability, and the flow of content, that it’s easy to overlook a key element of design: storytelling. Creating a Tale Online "In every culture all around the world, storytelling is how people connect with one another. Image credit: marcwathieu Message Semiotics Iconic Symbolic Indexical Moodboards

38 Good Logo Designs From The First Two Months Of 2011 Two months from 2011 have already past and logo designers have been active in this period, creating and/or submitting their beautiful logo designs to inspirational galleries to get critiques or simply appreciation. It’s been a pleasure searching for these logos through a batch of over a 100 pieces cause I could see a lot of creative and full of vibrant colors logos. Enjoy! Heaven Chicos Chicken FatCat coffee Tortensucht Libra GulfCoast Capital Skinny’s Animal Rescue Quote Clips Cheeseeki Watercolor Lunch with me Wriking Hippo Tubs Boston Digital Simcha Creative Clouds Lalalove Worq Chiron Oracle One Empire Dentistry Iconik Franz Bernard ECCE Femina The Caleb Companies Mobsicle J. Robin nomade Handy Andy Fetcher Circumo Twyst Handel getwithIT

Tech blog | A chaque nouveau billet sur ce blog, un chaton est sauvé. A chaque nouveau commentaire, un chaton est enfermé dans une boîte hermétique. Media Queries Visual Storytelling Awards 2014 Closed for entries. Winners will be announced in late November 2014 Show Us Your Story This is an international call to discover the best visual storytellers today — from all corners of the world! We are searching for photography in Documentary, Personal Stories, Photojournalism, Fictional Narratives, and any other photography that tells a story. You are invited to participate. We believe photographs tell stories that can reach the broadest audiences — across all cultures, languages, political borders and age groups. Most of all, we want to be surprised and delighted: learn things we didn't know; understand situations from different points of view; see stories that sear themselves into our imaginations and become unforgettable. Visual Storytelling 2014 International Jury James Estrin Lens Blog Co-Editor The New York Times New York City, USA more about James Magdalena Herrera Director of Photography Geo France Paris, France more about Magdalena Dewi Lewis

How to Design a Logo: A 5-Step Process An experienced logo designer knows that designing a great logo requires an equally great design process to ensure that the outcome is outstanding. I have broken down the logo design process into five steps that will create an effective pathway from initial brief to final presentation. Though each designer will have his or her own process, I would like to discuss a process that has worked for me and other logo designers. There are no shortcuts to a great logo design; if you don’t put in the work at each step of the design process, you won’t get the most optimal results. You owe it not only to your clients, but also to your design portfolio, to follow a judicious logo design process so that you can complete the project efficiently and effectively. Here’s a visual that summarizes the five-step process that I will discuss: Step 1: Design Brief Some clients know exactly what logo they want and give you all the information you need to produce it without you having to ask. Step 2: Research Summary

Julien Coppola - Blog sur le Web Design, les nouvelles technologies et l' Emarketing Threebar est un outil très pratique pour mettre en avant un message d’accroche, une promo, une nouveauté ou n’importe quelle phrase en haut votre site. C’est bien car ce n’est pas trop intrusif. L’autre avantage avec ce système c’est que vous avez accès à un tableau de bord d’analyses de statistiques. Si vous voulez essayer, […] Read More Voilà un excellent petit site , collez l’url du site à analyser et Web Colour Data vous donnera les résultats des couleurs utilisées. En tant que web designer, je dois régulièrement faire face à des contraintes de poids des images que j’exporte. [Edit] il semblerait qu’en France ça ne fonctionne pas. Avec Sprite Machine, générez en deux temps, trois mouvements, votre fichier sprite. [Edit 29/07/2013 Je suis à la recherche uniquement d'une personne ayant au minimum déjà géré une page Pro Facebook et ayant ouvert un compte Twitter.

Modern Web Design Styles: A Comprehensive Analysis & Showcase Written by Abe Ekbatani Modern Web Design Styles: A Comprehensive Analysis & Showcase Part One: Prelude What is a ‘Modern Web Design’? It seems that we have got an extensive subject on our hands; these, and a few more, are the questions that I intend to answer in this introductory article. The advancement of technology in the IT industry, particularly the web, in the last decade has resulted in important changes in web design area. 1- Simplicity: Modern websites, regardless of the style applied, are basically intended to be simple and clear. 2- Content- & Data-oriented: In order to address the desired target users effectively, modern websites – particularly business sites – have become more informative. 3- Print Inspiration: In order to emphasize on the above mentioned feature through taking inspiration from the real world, modern web design takes good advantage of the printing industry. 10- Responsive Design: Last but not least, is the emergence of responsive technique in modern web era.

Osady i kamień w łazience. Jak je usunąć? - Dom - WP.PL Kamień zalegający w toalecie, zabrudzone płytki czy ścianki prysznica to nie tylko problem estetyczny, ale i sanitarny. Na kamieniu osadzają się bakterie. Bardzo zaniedbane i nieodkamieniane urządzenia mogą się psuć. Na rynku dostępnych jest szereg gotowych proszków, past i płynów, które mają za zadanie poradzić sobie z problemem kamienia i osadów z mydła. Tyle, że większość z nich zawiera w składzie silne kwasy, w tym chlorowodorowy, sprytnie zakamuflowane dodatkami zapachowymi i innymi substancjami. Naturalne środki kontra kamień, zacieki i osady w łazience Znacznie lepiej, prościej, bardziej ekologicznie i przede wszystkim taniej można pokonać kamień, zacieki i osady z pomocą naturalnych środków, jakich nie brakuje w lodówce czy spiżarce. Zobacz wideo: Do czego można stosować w domu sól Twarda woda to codzienność w polskich domach Jak walczyć z kamieniem W toalecie, gdzie kamień zbiera się najczęściej, doskonałym rozwiązaniem będzie ocet. Też warto wiedzieć: Jak dbać o domowy sprzęt AGD

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