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35 Great iPad Apps for Designers, Geeks and Creative Individuals - Creative Can Creative Can

35 Great iPad Apps for Designers, Geeks and Creative Individuals - Creative Can Creative Can
Because of its mobility and large array of useful apps available, iPad has become very popular these days, and this trend is not likely to end anytime soon. With the capability that almost rivals desktops, iPads, have also become the gadget of choice of designers while on the go. With the help of some iPad apps, designers, geeks and creative individuals can now do their job while away from their workstations. Here, we are showcasing some of the great iPad apps for designers and other creatives to use while on the go. You will find here apps for mock-ups, sketching, social media, web development and etc. that you can use to accomplish varied tasks. If you like this article, please share this to your friends. Wireframing, Mind Mapping and Productivity Apps iMockups for iPad iMockups for iPad is the premiere mobile wireframing and mockup app for your web, iPhone and iPad projects. OmniGraffle Need to create a quick diagram, process chart, page layout, website wireframe, or graphic design?

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10 iPad Apps for Web Curation Curation vs. Aggregation? Curation is such a necessity these days. Taking iPad art to schools - Arts & Leisure - Sleaford Standard A DISABLED iPad artist will soon be in classrooms across the region teaching digital art to young people after receiving arts funding. Sleaford artist Jason Wilsher-Mills has received a grant from Arts Council England to educate youngsters in the skills of using an iPad for creative art. He will also be showing his work at an up-coming exhibition at the National Centre for Craft and Design in Sleaford. Jason revived his passion for art 18 months ago when he had to give up work due to a neurological condition which left him in a wheelchair. He uses a special iPad app, inspired by David Hockney, to create visual art works. The idea for his courses came about when Jason met with the team at the craft and design centre (formerly The Hub) in May last year to discuss the possibility of holding a show there.

Innovation's Secret Sauce: Friendship As a business owner, I’m always looking at how to structure relationships. I’ve joked that a sense of humor is our main concern when evaluating new clients at Karten Design. But when I really think about it, compatibility and the ability to have fun with your clients is a serious matter. iPad Note Taking: iPad/iPhone Apps AppGuide Notes are, by definition, snippets of information— more like a fragment than a whole sentence. Note taking apps, then, are apps designed to help you capture thoughts or ideas quickly and easily, not edit or compose long form documents like your favorite text editor or write daily journal entries. There are a large number of apps that could potentially fall under the umbrella of “note-taking”; however, this AppGuide is for apps devoted to text notes, not text editors (e.g., IAWriter, Pages, or DocumentsToGo), handwriting apps (we covered those in a different AppGuide), or apps designed for use with Dropbox (those were also covered in a separate AppGuide).

Five Best Tablet Drawing Apps It seems to impress passers buy when you edit video with your fingers in iMovie on the iPad. It still impresses people when I edit photos on an iPad. I'm not so much out to impress people with what I'm doing, but what the end result may be. Though I do agree that it was skewed away from windows tablets. There are plenty of Android options up there, too. Not just Apple. No Idea Left Behind: 25 Tools for Capturing Ideas Anywhere As a serial entrepreneur, I’m addicted to ideas. I feed off of ’em. And nothing makes me more upset than having a great idea… and losing it. Ideas never happen at opportune times, and having the proper idea capture tools can make sure that you’ll capture all your ideas for later processing.

7 Free iPad Apps for Educators and Students If you haven’t noticed, we’re a bit obsessed with the iPad here. Our recent survey results show that the use of iPads in classrooms is majorly on the rise. So, here are seven of our favorite apps that every educator should have – and students too! 1. Edublogs 10 creative iPad apps for aspiring artists Ever wonder how to use your iPad to expand your creative potential? Whether you're an amateur doodler or the next Picasso, there are a variety of phenomenal iPad apps out there to help you paint your masterpiece. We've separated the best from all the rest to compile a list of apps sure to help you unleash your inner Van Gogh (ear cutting not required). 1.