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How To Style Maiden Braids Last month I did a makeover story with Kelsie and had many requests for a maiden braid tutorial. Yesterday she came in and we photographed these simple step by steps. Kelsie has extremely long and thick hair, but anyone with shoulder length or longer can do these braids (see my photo below for an example). Steps 1-2: Braid two strands on each side of a center part. Steps 3-5: Wrap braids around the crown of your head and pin in place with one pin each. Step 6: Arrange braids so that they cover the front of your head like a headband. Steps 7-8: Pull the rest of the hair into a ponytail and pin it into a cute messy bun. Step 9: Add final pins and spray.

sIBL Archive Installation Each thumbnail links directly to an archived sIBL-set. Watch out, these are big downloads. Click to download, then expand the zip achive as a folder and place the folder in your sIBL-Collection. Starter's sIBL-Collection Including 4 sets: apartment, empty room, backlot, office-eden Update Pack Already collected the sets as they came out monthly? License All sIBL-sets on this page, including the images within, are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License. Remember: Do what you want with them, but always mention where you got them from...

Psychedelic Ambient Trance Psychill desconvencida "Supongo que todavía seguirán existiendo los tumbados, aunque sospecho que ahora, con la televisión y los muebles bajitos, quizá estén confundidos entre los espectadores inermes y carezcan, por tanto, de la identidad patriarcal y excéntrica que siempre tuvieron. O acaso pervivan como signo de una mentalidad que, al extinguirse, los ha convertido en una curiosidad psiquiátrica o, para mayor ironía, en un producto del paro o de la sociedad del ocio y la opulencia. En cualquier caso, es probable que muchos de los que hemos vivido en el sur hacia 1950 guardemos de ellos una noción tan imprecisa como indiscutible, pero lo seguro es que sólo algunos habrán tenido el privilegio de conocer de cerca a un tumbado; esto es, no a un holgazán, a un neurótico o a un simple enfermo imaginario, sino a un auténtico e irrepetible ejemplar de tumbado: a un hombre que una mañana opta por suspender su actividad social y se abandona espléndidamente a la inacción. Una vez vi a un tumbado.

Beautiful Chaos: Watercolor Paintings by Lora Zombie Lora Zombie calls her bright, color splattered watercolors “grunge art” but I’m fairly sure you could label it anything from “magnetic” to “uplifting” and be right on. Her speech bubble heavy works, mix diverse linear characters with perfectly placed splashes of paint, giving the pieces a happy mix of perfection and chaos. If you cruise by her website, or DeviantArt, you’ll find a plethora of other work with new pieces from her latest show at Mart Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia. See the bottom of this post for an intimate look at Lora creating her piece “Love Shock.” If you like this art, see our post on watercolors by Conrad Roset. Below, Lora Zombie creates Love Shock. Love Shock. The artist herself. Via: Known in some circles as the most amazing man in the universe, he once saved an entire family of muskrats from a sinking, fire engulfed steamboat while recovering from two broken arms relating to a botched no-chute wingsuit landing in North Korea.

Exposed muscle halloween makeup It is the first week of October!!! It is starting to feel like fall… pumpkin flavored everything is in full swing, leather jackets and sweaters are being dusted off and…….Halloween will be here soon! I decided last month that I wanted to do some Halloween makeup tutorials because not only will it possibly be able to help some of you wanting to concentrate heavily on your makeup this year but it also gives me the chance to branch out, try some different techniques and have some fun! I decided to have my first look be a bit gory which is why I settled on this exposed face muscle look. I also wanted to introduce some latex techniques in because the possibilities with it are endless and it is soooo easy to use. This look actually only required three things: grease paint, latex and tissue. Products Used: Grease paint in red, white and black, latex or eyelash glue, not pictured: tissues Clean the skin. Step 1: Rip up your tissue into some jagged pieces, make different sizes. Step 2: Step 3: Ok.

Eventos CFMAB True Islam "You would think they were awake, when they were in fact asleep. We turned them to the right side and the left side, while their dog stretched his arms in their midst" Dogs Are they dirty, prohibited animals? It is traditional among Muslims all over the world to regard the dog as a dirty animal that when touched would void the wudu (ablution) and infect the one who touched it with "nagasah" (dirty impurity)! Sadly, this concept comes from fabricated hadith which claims that the Prophet ordered the killing of dogs and gave numerous hadith that prohibit the keeping of dogs except for hunting and guarding, due to their dirty status! However, by studying the Quran we find no such truth. 1- God tells us in the Quran about the story of the dwellers of the Cave (Surah 18). Now if dogs are prohibited and dirty, would God speak of those dwellers of the Cave (who had a dog) as good believers? 2- In 5:4 God tells us that it is okay to eat what the trained dogs catch (dogs are used in hunting).

snowce Truly Design - Spectres - Paintings - Rems 182 Rems182_80x160_2011 Rems182_Ninja1_80x160_2011 Pixelpancho, oil and Spray Paint on canvas, 80x100cm Galo, oil and Spray Paint on canvas, 80x100cm Wens, oil and Spray Paint on canvas, 80x100cm Reser, oil and Spray Paint on canvas, 80x100cm Piove, oil and Spray Paint on canvas, 80x100cm Corn, oil and Spray Paint on canvas, 80x100cm BR1 oil and Spray Paint on canvas, 80x100cm